be with you;


Listening to: My 2015 sad playlist on Soundcloud lmfao
Food: Pizza

1 year pain + heart ache anniversary;

My boss isn't mad at me :D She said it was okay that I was playing video games tonight. Our lunch date is at 11 tomorrow. I think we're doing that because she's getting promoted again :D I think she's going to be a CEO before December is over. She'll have her own office! I'm so excited!

I feel like I'm going to really push it tho if I ask her if we could go get crepes for lunch lol.

All of my Amazon orders arrived safely! I'll post tomorrow of my Amazon haul. Or I might wait until Tuesday because I added two more orders tonight and it's going to arrive in two days.

Aside: I love doing lazy french nail with gold glitter polish :3

My long, elf, white wig arrived! I can finally look like Thranduil! I can't believe I bought it for $14 and it's amazing quality and fits me securely. But I'm too sleepy to take photos and it's an hour past my bed time ):

Ending this on the note that I am stuck at fighting Lillie's hot mom on Pokemon Moon ):

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