the sun and the moon had a fight a long time ago;


Listening to: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - James Newton Howard OST
Food: Matcha Latte + Salt Grass side dishes

One week countdown;  

12/5 Mon- Throw  wilted roses + sort laundry + water plants + re-schedule license exam on Dec 12
12/6 Tues- Two Amazon Prime packages +   flowers for my boss's birthday
12/7 Wed- White wig + Pink seifuku photoshoot  + nude and gold nail polish
12/8 Thurs- Study Law section + 2016 Favorites + Amazon mini haul
12/9 Fri- Study Law section
12/10 Sat- Study Law section
12/11 Sun - Study Law section
12/12 Mon- Exam @ 1 PM
12/13 Tues - Catch Flight

I did not have a good sleep last night. I think it's how I arranged the blankets? Apparently, arranging them mountain-like instead of the princess spread makes cold air creep in gaps and that triggered my insomnia to act up again. And my boredom was on another level yesterday. Like I would run out of social medias to check. And it was bothersome to the point where I would want to reach out to toxic people and actually open up my imessages. I am so so glad that I didn't tho. I would just get brushed off / ignored so... Just hang in there Maryann. December is almost over o: We have to make it through this year without talking first to the people who hurt us.

Anyway, about my lunch date with my boss. It went pretty well, I guess? The only thing I didn't like is that we had to pick up her son from his swimming competition all the way to the Woodlands which was an hour away. I just got this unwelcome vibe coming from him, and I didn't know if I should have tried harder to be nicer because he's my boss's son, or if I should just stay away and keep conversations neutral. I can't believe they said we looked alike. I mean his features are really carved handsomely and  way more sharper and defined, so I actually kind of understand why he may be so snobby, but I don't know how I feel about looking similar to someone who dislikes me right off the bat. So after picking him up and eating at an Italian restaurant, we went back to my boss's home to review. It felt like a Ghibli moment tbh that I didn't mind that boy being rather rude  to me. That's probably not the right word, but I guess it was sort of an off low-key social rudeness that you can't exactly complain about  because others would just see it as trifling, although the social rejection is there quite  enough to make you feel bad about yourself lol. There was a maroon carpet, in the living room and their dog (boxer breed), would stay close to me so I could pet him. I'd pet him with one hand while reading my law book on the other. It felt like I was inside an English/Howl's Moving Castle parlor what with the rain outside making everything cozier. Other than studying, I also got trained to call appointmentss for the Medical Examiner and submitting paperworks :D And my boss also got me presents for traveling. She's a frequent flyer so she knew exactly what I needed: laundry bag,  three wire-mesh bags for chargers/wires, and a shoe bag.

The cold weather has been really putting me off. Not even the midnight trips on the other side of my room to fill my hands with matcha latte + earl grey could stave off the coldness away.

I'm planning on doing a 2016 Favorites sometime this week, just because I don't think I'll have wifi while traveling and I won't really be back to home until next year.

Other news:

  • Finished the main game story of Pokemon Moon ; ___ ; #Lillie I wish you the best adventures in Kanto. Love you xo 
  • I am actually bringing my laptop with me to the trip. Because I just don't think I can handle the long flight with my phone which refused to store any purchased items. I did dress it up to look with white and gold marble (which reminds me of the Thunderbird from Fantastic Beasts) to make it more secure. 
  • Really wanted to get my Turnbull & Asser Dress Shirt from Casino Royale that Daniel Craig wore for my private island / beach trip and as a 24th birthday present to myself, but maybe I'll just get it for 25th birthday next year when we go to France during the winter holidays next year. 

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