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Listening to: EXO - Twenty Four (For Life - Winter Special Album, 2016)
Food:  Bear Brand Milk (s/o to my favorite Swiss company for making this)

I'm back from traveling. I was in a coma for like a week. I did rest as the doctor ordered. He said to sleep somewhere between three to seven days after crossing so many time zones. At  11 PM last night, I was up making dinner / breakfast. I made egg drop soup using miso base. Then I texted my best friend, Oskr (well, more like my ride or die) happy 23rd  birthday at 2 AM. He said I was right on the dot and that I beat his girlfriend LOL I'm like "Yass binch, I would not be late for this"  But another part of me (the alone and bitter part lmfao) was like, "ok stop mentioning your girlfriend, because some of us don't have girlfriends." I actually made an alarm on my phone and reminder on my Tumblr account because I was scared that I wouldn't actually be on time to greet him because of how tired I was from jetlag. Like for the past few days since I got back, I would dose off somewhere during the day and I would wake up at god knows what hour. So those little steps were taken in case my body decided not to cooperate. I really like how he always appreciates every effort I make to keep our friendship warm.  Thank you for appreciating me. You didn't have ta do that.

I don't know if I'm actually going to post any photos here, just because I'm already behind with updating twitter and instagram. There are still rolls of photos waiting to be edited. Instagram is kind of giving me a headache too with me trying to keep up with my feed o: "Maryann what feed are you talking about LOL"

Food + some of the places I went to  <3 
I've started doing bullet journaling again. Digitally, though this time. It helped me get back up on my feet. I'm not really sure if I want to do a full retelling of the holiday I took. It would take too long and I feel like I might just render it incomplete if I tried to do it chronologically. Three weeks has a lot of ground to cover.  There were only three interactions that stood out to me:

Moment 1: Thank you to the hot doctor who rescued me in the emergency room. I was dehydrated and had lack of sleep under great stress and I honestly did not know if I was going to live or die, but you told me that you could fix everything. Thank you for your concern about my well-being by recommending a psychiatrist appointment afterwards. I'm going to keep our selfie forever. Thank you for healing me and caring for me as your patient. I love your sense of fashion. I love how you spoke. I love your name. Dr. Luna. You really were like the moon shining in my darkest hour.

Moment 2: Thank you to the extremely good-looking boy who worked at SM Aura at The Body Shop stand. You were so pleasant towards me. I actually felt like I was shopping inside Mr. Selfridges. I'm sorry I bothered you with so many questions about some of the products that I was confused about. You even asked nicely to the other staff members because you also didn't know the answers to my questions as well. Thank you for being so gentle towards me. I'll always remember the pink bottle of British Rose that you sold to me. I wish I knew your name.

Moment 3: Thank you to the door man called me madam while I was waiting at the lobby and  was so nice to me when everyone else was treating me like shit. I'll never forget your kindness.

In about an hour, I'm off to buy matcha lattes (I need my fix lol) and practice driving to my dentist's office because they've changed locations 

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