Blonde Retouch Tips



x Pre- shower: brush hair to distribute oil brush to remove tangles (boar bristles)
x Pre-shower: egg + honey + oatmeal oil (20 min) x1 a week
x Pre-shower: cover dry hair with purple shampoo (10 min) x1 a week
Pre-shower: lemon on scalp (5-7min) x1 a week
Moisturize: L'oreal erasing balm to moisturize scalp and ends of hair (3 min)
Exfoliate: brown sugar + oatmeal oil (3 min) x 1 a week
Post-shower: CC Caviar hair cream on ends + Pantene detangling spray + Tsubaki camellia oil
Post-shower: Blow dry (warm settings, switch to cold setting)  + detangling comb
Post-shower: Use silk pillow sheets

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