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x [ Favorite blondes: Serena van der Woodsen |  Lusamine | Tom Felton |  Princess Aurora / Briar Rose Chii and Freya | Candice Accola | Pikachu | Chiara Ferragni Daniel Craig | Daisy Buchanan | Alice Liddell | Hollyannaeree | Olivia Palermo
| Eloise It's comforting to know that either by page or silver screen there are favorite characters that help you get back on your feet. To find yourself, your favorite parts of you. You love yourself again and that's probably the best part  after break ups happen. You feel real again, but the heart ache doesn't.

x [ Re-read 'It' by Alexa Chung (I actually flip through my favorite parts first and it feels like a friend holding your hand). Thank you, Alexa Chung <3 ]The pink cover and the humor that Alexa Chung injects in this wonderful, wonderful book is like an instant get-well syringe. Seriously, I don't know how other girls managed to get over heartbreaks before Alexa Chung published this book. Do this while doing a Korean face mask. It cools you off after your brain starts to overheat from overthinking of why he couldn't stay.

x [ Know that strength is going to find you sooner than you think ]Laughter, dreams, hope, and light are still there. They just have this enormous white blanket thrown over them that hid them for a while. There are lots of cute animals, books, films, food, memes, stuffed animals, pixiv art, and games, all waiting to give you back warmth. 

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