July Favorites ♡


Listening to: Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Emma Thompson
Food: Strawberries

i) Breaking NC on Day 43
ii) Texting JH again and we're being supportive towards each other and enjoying being friends

iii) Synergy with JHI don't know how to explain what I mean by this. I basically feel stronger even though we were separated this whole time and that somehow we are still connected. A more accurate word would probably better but I just can't think of it right now. But I know it lies between the word Synergy and 'Red string of fate.' So we basically had severe anxiety attacks together recently. I don't know why I'm putting this under favorites because it sounds really evil. But it's my favorite because it feels like we're together and we're not alone even though we thought we were ♡♡♡  ]
iv) Disney's Beauty and the Beast (1992) animated film
v) Beauty and the Beast (2017) soundtrack
vi) Finding the strength to navigate around my negative thoughts and coming up with solutions to make my anxiety more manageable
vii) Korilakkuma 20" arrived from Amazon even tho a lot of the details were off I still like him
viii) Safe Trek + Self-Defense kit [ whistles, siren, stun gun, pepper spray ]
ix) Earl grey tea with lavender
x) Blonde hair with streaks of rose gold, lilac, magenta, pink done on accident by using purple shampoo to tone dry hair [ Sunset bae hair ]
xi) Lantern festival coming up in Houston [ I want to invite JH but I'm not really sure how he'll feel about that ]
xii) Finding a car that fits me 'Honda Fit' <3 It feels like Rick's space ship inside there so that I don't have to struggle changing lanes in the highways
xiii) Rick and Morty coming back on July 30th and texting JH about it
xiv) Tous Les Jour Matcha cake
xv) Sushi with roe home made by mama
xvi) Seiwa haul [ Grey cat Ko + Convenience store snacks + picking up only one skincare product and not going crazy at the Cosmetic section ]
xvii) Gold necklace dupe of small lanterns / circles trend for only $5 from SheInside!!!
xviii) A nice and pretty Filipino nurse from the E.R. telling me how pretty I am
xix) Pokeball portable charger
xx) Making JH an anxiety playlist <3 JH liked it and said it was perfect • ᴗ •
xxi) 'About Time' (2013)
xxii) 'Une Femme est Une Femme' (1961) ft. Anna Karina
xxiii) My hair having volume again and becoming more warm blonde
xxiv) J.H. updating his Spotify playlist and having most of the tracks about missing me. I missed him too. And it feels so nice that someone far away is thinking about you
xxv) James Bond (Daniel Craig) returning for the Bond 25 anniversary in Nov 8, 2019 <33
xxvi) B a r a m a - Lim Kim ft. Beenzino
xxvii) Getting my first car from Honda Kingswood <3 The service and the people there were so pleasant, warm, and kind. It was amazing. I fist bumped my dealer while waiting in the magazine area haha.
xxviii) Coconut water
xxix) Evolved Sakura and Caught a Ditto
xxx) My very first Rilakkuma pen
xxxi) Layton Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire's Conspiracy app game on iPhone
xxxii) Layton Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire's Conspiracy complete soundtrack
xxxiii) [ Boxed Lunch ] with their Rick and Morty display window <3 They have Ghibli, Pikachu, Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse, Rilakkuma, DC, Marvel, Slytherin, Bananya and other cute merch. I'm going to check out the sale section next time!

Disclaimer: I am so happy, I have favorites to put down for this month. Because a lot of scary things have happened and I'm glad that I'm not as scared anymore.

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