Period Kit


Part I - This is good for the first line of defense and I so wished that I used this more frequently in my earlier period years because it would have made all of those 'mild' (now seen as mild, compared to how much more worse it can get) 

x Drink green tea with a little bit of sugar early in the morning
x Do light exercises
x Take pain reliever pills two days before period starts
x Press ankles
x Draw circles lightly on your palm
x Don't forget to stock up on dark chocolate
x Have something to look forward to every month (subscription box)
x Eat cherries
x Drink hot water with honey

Part II  - I leveled up. No longer in my early teens. After a decade of being with my period together, I guess game plans need to change. 

x Eat a lot of berries dipped in honeystrawberries, blue berries, raspberries ) because the heavier the period, the heavier the defense should be. Berries are known for being triple threats: anti-oxidants, antihistamines, and natural pain killers. Honey on the other hand is a sweet anti-septic that doesn't irritate your throat.

x Drink lots of cranberry juice use a fancy ass cup if you have to, but you have to down that mf no matter how bitter it is )

x Eat a lot of other fruits dipped in Nutella natural relief and natural medicines are way better than scary antibiotics with serious side effects )

x Drink lots of fluid so that the potential infection doesn't seem contained or stays in one place. you can actually de-toxify the potential infection )

x Increase movement after taking tylenol + iron medicine + vitamins and minerals ( Goes under the same umbrella as de-toxifying )

x Eat heavy meals like pasta and bread and sea food ( My stomach completely shuts down the past few periods I have and it's necessary to have energy for your lowered immune system )

x Meditate ( emotions and  rationality just go awry during your periods and it is fucking disturbing )x Wash frequently ( it sucks getting up after you get into a comfortable position of curling up in bed after writing from pain, but this is a must. Infections are scary )

x DIY heat pad with rice and knee socks ( for sleeping because sleeping is important when it comes to recharging and repairing your body )

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