August Favorites ♡


Listening to: Don't be such a baby - SISTAR 
Food: Lumpia + Squash soup

 x Thursday night with Jordan and Milk shake before the storm came in <3 Wow. I don't know how to describe that night other than amazing
x Listening to SISTAR
x Chicken popcorn
x My mama being here for me every time something scary happens and staying with me! Praying together to Jehovah together made me relax and less stressed. Thank you for everything mama!
x Getting Chubby out of her cage with a new toy i made: green ribbon attached to a chopstick. I twirled it around to get her attention and tickling her with the dust feather from my room. She was traumatized after her nails were clipped and didn't want to leave her cage for a while. She looked like she had fun running around today! The sun even came up while she was too busy getting chased everywhere! We watched TCM together haha
x Bluebberies for my tummy
x Old Wimbledon red tennis racket and yellow Wimbledon tennis ball for light exercises
x Instant Viet noodles from Costco
x Film: Barbara Stanwyck in 'Baby Face' (1933). Whoa holy shit. Heart eyes for her and this film forever.
x Milkshake stomping. Milkshake trying to jump on the bed and missing lmfao
x Being able to see Jordan again after 2 months of our break up!
x 'Tender is the Night' massage bar from Lush and de-stressing with Jordan with it <3
x Jordan sending me Pikachu Parade 2017 photos
x Seeing Jordan more frequently. Like 3 days of us apart instead of waiting 1 week life before
x Texting Jordan while the storm is going on
x Beauty product: my jelly lipstick with gold foils and flowers inside arrived after 2 months of waiting!
x Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire's conspiracy illustrations
x Tom Felton's IG stories: summer acoustic tracks
x Film: Nerve (2016) with Mcdodo snacks
x Got a free shirt at my dentist's place + drove to BN to see a lot of kawaii stuff stocked up + took a photo with Eloise
x Trying food for ancient medicines and side benefits!
x GRE verbal workbook + Daniel Craig marathon to get started with productivity
x Croissants + salami + black diamond cheese
x Nails back to their talon self
x Feast of Fiction channel to calm me down
x Film: Gone With the Wind (1939) ft. Vivien Leigh. This was three hours long but it did not feel like 3 hours at all!

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