Lover's Puzzle - Letter to An Old Lover


Dear ____________, 

     It took me a year to realize this, but I think I finally understand now why you cheated on me with those five other girls that work at a Korean skincare shop. It’s because you wanted to feel pretty.

     Well, let me tell you this, you are pretty.  It only costed me my humiliation and for my heart to be kept intact. 

     I don’t care how sad you are in your profile pictures or how many sad songs you add on your Spotify playlist. You can cry your little heart on your street designer sleeves and I’ll be here not giving a fuck. 

     This is the shortest letter, I’ve yet to write unsent to an old lover. And that’s because… in how many ways are there to say fuck you in one letter? 

Mari xx 

#it’s petty season y’all #through the night by iu #warning: this post may contain a lot of salt 

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