Blog Announcement


Blog Announcement

New Content: 2020

x Reading Fortunes: Love Reading 
x Food Diary with cute floating doodles
x Game Reviews 
x Film Reviews
x Book Reviews 

x Wish List Series 
x Shop my Stash - Rediscover & Revisit Old Favorites | Rotations | Palette Towers 
x Single Spotlight: Holy Grail 
x Fake vlogs // Favorites 
x Try-On Clothes: Zara | XXI | H&M 
x Flip-Thru on Sketchbook and Bullet Journal (Only to the most interesting pages)

I won’t be buying new products next year, so this is a heads up on what content I’ll be posting next year! I tried low-buy this year for 6 months and it felt really good. I think I never really installed discipline on myself. My parents did for me. By telling me I can’t buy  everything that I want. It sort of worked because I would hesitate a lot with spending money on certain items. But I also noticed that it would also fuel my impulse shopping because I felt deprived all of those years lol. I think I’m in a pretty good place now where I don’t feel like I have to indulge on anything. 

When it comes to make up, I want to try asking to be put on a PR List or doing a pitch. I did work on my numbers this whole year and I think I have something to offer for brands, so I want to give that avenue a try. Beauty isn’t going to completely disappear from my blog, it’ll just be making a rarer appearance. 

I’m thinking of doing a series for food diaries. I’ve always wanted to do this. Ofc, it’s not gonna be a fancy food diary by traveling everywhere. But I want to actually explore more food around my area. One part of the series is going to be where it’s just a snack haul and I pretend to be a snack connoisseur lol. And another one where I actually try one popular item from a restaurant. Or whichever sounds catchy on the menu. I’ll do it every two weeks c: 

P.S. I know the photo from Unsplash is dated 2017, but it was the only one I can find from the New Year's search result c: So please don't let the small detail put you off. The important thing is you know what's happening in January 2020. Cheers! 

Thank you for reading! 

Best wishes, 

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