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The long awaited Sept, Oct, and Nov Favorites are here. This is going to be quite the long post. I am going to re-paint my nails after this because November is ending and that means fall is over. Goodbye, vampy and faun-esque colors. It's time to bring out the glitter for the holidays :D
September Favorites; 
I honestly only remember this month as the first time I fell in love with cooking. I remember not having sake around and I had to use bourbon to clean the shrimps and it worked out pretty well. 

Tenmusu + White Peach Calpico + Midnight Blue nail polish 

October Favorites; 

I never liked dark blue as a color because I thought it was the weak version of black? But I ended up liking it more every time I see it, since I have come to associate it with the night sky and astrological signs. Star signs featured in this nail art are:  Capricorn, Pisces, and Scorpio. Second favorite of the month is my newly revived blonde hair. I was trying to go for Rose Gold but it didn't pick up. I was sulking for days. But since I couldn't wear pink on my hair, I just decided to pair up the rest of my items with anything pink. Like Korilakkuma and my pink cat ears. Last favorite of the month is shrimp tempura! I enjoyed making this simple dish so much, I felt like an anime character making this for breakfast every morning before school o:


Astrology nail art + Blonde and Pink aesthetic + Shrimp tempura

 November Favorites; 
Oh boy this is going to be a lot lol. Probably because I spent the most this month and I didn't really regret any of the purchase I've made. Which is a very good thing. This is mostly skincare + make up review. I hardly did any cooking this month, because I found out about Seiwa Market + H Mart, so all my money went to snacks instead of ingredients lol.


Silver hair  + Black velvet choker + Cafe Mori Matcha Latte w/ wafer stick + Pink Melona Ice Cream


Kuro Oolong Tea + Tiny Trapeze Dark Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Biscuits  + Earl Grey + Darjeeling Tea + Cardamon Tea


DHC lip balm + Hadanomy Collagen Mist + Organic Rose Emulsion & Moisturizer + 42 pcs LuluLun face masks + Brow shaper + Perfect whip cleanser + Raquick Hyaluronic cleanser 


Meiji White Chocolate bars + Pink Sakura Clow Cards: The Light, The Dark, The Loop, and The Flower


Korilakkuma Tote bag w/ zipper +Batman Cereal + Glass milk container + Green Tea Bingsu Ice cream + Margarita Pizza from Whole Foods


                                  Pikachu Juice Pouches + Calpico sticks + Onion Chips  


Monochrome fashion More wafer sticks + Winter Essentials: hat & gloves + Vans w/ black socks 

Interior Update + Sen and Mitsuji growing taller + Pink Zojirushi water boiler 


                   Pink hair + Space Tops: Nasa, Illuminati Moon & Stars, Phases of the Moon


Red rose + Fantastic Beast Ticket + Shaggydog and Oyaki Don 

December and January 


Travel: Singapore +  Got7 Fanmeet in Houston  

I've finished packing. I can't believe it's 32 hours of travel all together ):  I don't know if the entertainment I've packed for my carry-on could hold for that long. Hopefully, I'll pull through. I really need to get dat rose gold iPad ): Because my iPhone can't store NOTHIN'. I've deleted all of my game apps, but I still have no room for my audible books + iBooks + tv + films series bought in iTunes :\ On the upside, after traveling, I only have to wait a few more weeks before I get to meet my husband, Jackson from Got7. I'm so happy that he speaks English because I don't know any Hanyul, and I don't think I could learn it in like 3 weeks if that were the case ; - ; Anyway, he's American-born so that would make flirting easier on both parties :D 


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