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Mari is a US-based blogger. She is twenty-six-years-old and is a huge fan of matcha. She runs a beauty and lifestyle blog that releases content every Monday and Friday. She enjoys playing with typography during her spare time. Merging this interest with beauty, photography, and editorial work, created the birth of ‘Dazed Mari.’

“Dazed Mari” is the handle that was put together to mean: a reaction after a spectacular event.  Dazed is another word for stunned. Few examples are,  watching breathtaking sunsets, a happy girl who's tired from twirling with her skirt after hearing happy news or drinking in other dazzling sceneries, and then the pause that occurs afterward. This is coupled with the blog owner’s name to complete the brand. 

That pause is meaningful to the blogger. She hopes that it will guide her content creation. To let her audience rest from daily humdrum when visiting “Dazed Mari” 

Previous handles have been "illustrious-mari," "mari-the-illustrious," and "I am Mari," named after her favorite character, Mari. The pilot for unit 005, from the critically-acclaimed animated series, Neon Genesis Evangelion --- a psychological thriller show debuting a lot of mature themes concerning struggles with mental illness. Mari's title "Illustrious" is named after the British aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious from World War II. HMS Illustrious was also a Royal Navy ship with the motto "Vox Non Incerta" which translates to "No Uncertain Voice." Meanwhile, "Mari" in Japanese is the equivalent of Mary in English. Illustrious is synonymous with great or noble but with a bit more flair. Ikari means "truth." It is also named after another female character from the Evangelion franchise and after another warship as well. It was the name of the blog when this used to be a personal blog only. 

More content is currently in the process of being added such as game reviews, film reviews, book reviews, as well as anime reviews. More series are set to be published.

In the meantime, you may enjoy a lot of her other popular posts such as the Vogue Parody she created, "73 Questions with Mari" combining questions from Blake Lively's and Olivia Munn's interviews. If you're more into romance, then relationship-focused post, "19 things I learned from Heartbreak" might just be for you. 


Skin Type: Dehydrated 

Oil Zone: T Zone

Skin Tone: Light to Medium (Olive undertone) 

Face Type: Diamond / Oval?

Eye shape: Almond 

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Black (Natural) | Recently: Bottle Blonde with brunette roots  |  Currently: Brunette with blonde highlights 


Life Path: 5
Dosha (Body Type): Catabolic (Vata)
Enneagram: Type 4  Romantic Individualist under Sexual Subtype | Wing: 4w5
Gretchen Rubin Four Tendencies: Rebel
Body Graph: Projector Type with Solar Plexus | Emotional & Investigator/Martyr Profile
Philosophy: Stoic | Nietzsche & Marcus Aurelius 
Sexual Orientation: Asexual/Bisexual  
Identity: Witch + Fairy
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Moon Sign: Cancer
Ascending: Libra
Venus:  Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac: Water monkey
Sidereal Zodiac:  Sagitarrius (Sun) & Scorpio (Mars) Capricorn (Rising) 
Black Moon Lilith:  Pisces
Stellium:  Capricorn


Beauty: brand spotlight, hauls, mini hauls, cosmetic reviews 
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Book:  book analysis, favorite quotes, book reaction, book ratings, book hauls, audiobooks 
Ex Libris: Sealed Love Letters:  (   ), billet-doux, three of swords, singularity, tetralogy 
Fashion: clothes, try on, seasonal clothing, pajamas, loungewear, style 
Film Review:  tcm, turner classic movies, black and white films, film ratings 
Food Diary: snack reviews, food rating, what I eat in a month/week/day, junk food, healthy food 
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Lost Love Letters:  unsent letters, vol i, vol ii, vol iii, lost love letters, lust and dust, the last letters, trilogy
Love Reading: sakura tarot love reading, general readings for entertainment 
Make Up Tutorial: makeup looks
Mari's Love Letters: all love letters, trilogy, tetralogy, definitive edition
Relationships: lessons, advice, stories 
Review: film, animation, television, books, games, cosmetics, skincare 
Shop:  mari's store for cute stationeries and printables
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Wish list:  gift guides, saving money, discipline, re-stock purchases, anti-haul, no-buy



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