Mari and Vader Together In: Lacanau



Beach Day was a lot of fun in Lacanau. It’s a 45 minute drive from the place we were staying at. Our aunt and step-uncle were kind enough to drive us to the beach. Me and Joy didn’t do any swimming because the water was so cold. But the Atlantic Ocean looked so pretty that day. The sun was hiding behind the clouds, so we didn’t have to glare at the sun. It was a low tide, so we had to venture out a little bit to be able to touch the waves. I picked up two shells to remember that day. One’s a pale crème shell and the other one is a black one because it reminded me of Vader. 

Beach Day OOTD: Lilac bikini / White bikini with a square neckline / Large Vader Playing Card (King) shirt as a cover up from Hot Topic / Shorts from Target / Lilac velvet scrunchy / Amethyst ring / Vader’s golden pendant / Angel wings Ana Luisa necklace / Square nude slippers from Shein ( Please don’t judge - it’s an Asian retailer that makes something in my size - American sizes aren’t that Asian feet friendly - I don't buy into fast-fashion - everything I buy stays with me since I don't care to follow trends)

We also went to the Lake but before that we stopped by to visit my step-cousin Nicolas. I like how you don’t say the s in his name at the end. I was anxious about meeting our French relatives because I keep hearing about French people hating Americans. 

But Nicolas was so nice. And he let me use his bathroom. And he closed the sliding door for me because I thought the door was missing. Brain doesn’t work so well when your bladder is full. Nicolas is a surfer so he had a lot of cool sunscreens in his bathroom. The ones I saw were called “Second Skin” and I must’ve seen that in a magazine before and I think it’s one of those expensive sunscreens. But it only makes sense that he has those because he does surfing as a job. I wish I wasn’t so shy. I wanted to be friends with Nicolas. His house has a lot of Buddhist imagery and it looks like he likes meditating just like me. Maybe we’ll become better friends the next time I visit. I like how Nicolas said “wauf wauf” because it’s the equivalent of “woof, woof” in America. Timothy wouldn’t stop barking before we left, and just started prancing back in the backyard looking so cute and innocent as if he didn’t just tried to pick a fight with the neighboring dogs lol. We all started laughing. 

So far my encounter with French people are that they were all so lovely, charming, and attractive. Maybe people are just haters because they’re so wonderful??? I haven’t had a negative experience the whole time I was there. 

There was this poster in Nicolas’ living room that I must’ve read a thousand times before: Feelings are much like waves. We can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf. I felt at ease after reading that. I sighed and it felt like my soul was less heavy. I think my that was my first healing point after grieving Vader (my gray kitten) for weeks. 

We ate sea food at my aunt’s beach house when we got back. I love the mussels soaked in white wine that she made for us. I didn’t get to ride the bike because my stomach was uneasy when we got back home. But Joy got to ride the bike after my step-uncle made sure it was working.  I wasn’t sure why my stomach felt funny. It felt like I had a fever. It was all so confusing. It was my ovulation day so maybe that’s it??? 

But I participated in Karaoke a little. My dad and step-uncle had a blast singing though. All I did was stay in Raymond and Nicolas’ old room to rest. 

Joy and I also shared stories again at the Beach House and it’s so nice to feel close to each other again. Joy said it’s fun having a sister for a week because she only has a brother. And I told her I’m no longer close to my siblings so it was also nice for me. 

Also Taylor Swift released I Can See You during my stay in Europe. I love the groovy guitar riff. 

Let me know your guess below in where I should take Vader next! I always love to hear your thoughts. Thank you so much for reading. As always, take care xx! 


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  1. It sounds like you did meet some lovely people and had a good time; I think sometimes people think the French are a bit rude but I feel like that comes from misunderstanding their culture/ways. It seems like a good time!

    1. Hey Molly! It's soo good to hear from you again. I watched one of Eva Green's interview in one of those late night shows and she address the common misunderstanding about why most people perceive French people as haughty and she explained that it's all a facade; it's just their cold exterior. I only see them as warm people though :D ! Thank you! My dad and I had a wonderful time while we were in France.

  2. I just love your site and your posts are intriguing.

    1. Love your posts and how inspiring they are.

    2. Thanks babe! Hope you're having a good December so far xx

  3. You looked like you had a great trip/weekend. Love your photos here!

    Allie of

    1. Thank you Allie! It's my favorite summer memory so far! The sea is always so healing x



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