Hello there, May



Hello there, MayHappy Weekend! Is what I would say if a rocket debris isn't being expected to reenter our atmosphere this weekend. And the article did try to be reassuring but it wasn't that reassuring at all. Oh, boy. I hope everyone stays safe.  I can't go to sleep because my anxiety med isn't doing its magic of being a shock absorber, so I thought, why not finish up this post that I meant to have published this afternoon. 

If no one replies "General Kenobi" under the comment section below, I'm gonna explode into a thousand bats and then summon Dracula from Hell. Let me know if you understood the reference in this new series. 


  • Off to a rocky start, but we (by that I mean me and my distressed emotional state) got through it
  • Really enjoyed Holo Taco Mint Mojito while I was out and about. Never been happier to see the sun. This Holo is unlike any other holos I've tried. It's like intense chrome holo. 
  • 70 Minute Premiere of The Bad Batch on Disney+ | So stoked about it. Be on the lookout for a review coming up
  • Made new pin designs
  • Got my second dose of the vaccine (Moderna)! I was pretty sore for a couple of days. I'm a bit better now. But I still get the occasional abdominal pain and headache. And it was so painful not to be able to sleep on my left side (I'm a side sleeper). The rest of my family got Pfizer. 
  • Went back to Tiger Sugar: Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse 
  • Downloaded a bunch of free books with pretty covers on iBooks
  • New lock screen: Clone Troopers | Protect my boys at all cost: Boil, Waxer, Rex, Tup, Fives, Jesse and Hardcase ; o ; 
  • Finished the Hydrangea Event for Pocket Camp. I love my campers so much: Lucky, Kiki, Lobo, Marina, Freya, Twiggy, Julian, Diana, and of course Stitches xx! 
  • Watched the Umbaran episodes and Innocents of Ryloth (Star Wars: Clone Wars) ; o ; 
  • Been working on my modules. So much reading. So many articles. My eyes definitely need a lot of screen breaks. I hope to take my test by the end of June. I self-regulate every three days.
  • Been loving two-toned nail looks. I always felt like doing your nails this way was chaotic energy, but I like it now hahaha
  • Weekly workouts are amazing 
  • Daily Japanese lessons are awesome. I've maintained my Diamond League status. Although I did forgo my streaks, because I feel like it isn't that important to me 
  • Nightly diaphragm/resonance exercises are also great progress. In fact, it helps me fall asleep. 
  • Enjoying Hot Funyun snacks. I know we're no longer in the early stages of the pandemic, but this snack feels like a hot and rare commodity. A lot of stores still don't have inventory as they used to 
  • I have this comment on YT that went viral. It has over 3k likes and it made a lot of people laugh. It's such a good feeling. And I think that maybe where most of my traffic came from for the month of April. 
  • I joined a Makeup Rehab group on Reddit lol. I thought it wasn't gonna work, but it's actually working
  • Been enjoying the private/offline life a lot. I use my private Twitter a lot for venting and it feels like a safe space to be | I don't find public posting as appealing as I did before 
  • I know it looks like I haven't been active on my blog, but behind the scenes, I was actually adding a lot of content on my drafts. I don't know how I'm gonna get them all up, but I hope I can get most of them published and polished soon. A lot of stuff is a-brewin' :3 
  • Finally figured out how to make colorful eyeshadows work on my eye shape! It's all thanks to Betty Jean's make-up tutorial where she did this blending technique where you placed the shadows in a "diagonal shape" :3! I am currently wearing ten eyeshadows on my lid from Nomad Cosmetic's Harajuku palette while editing this post (wow, who am I??? I only ever use one shadow) and it looks so striking and pretty (the eyeshadow, not me lol)! xx  
  • Found my hair shears. I cut myself a bit though . _ . ;;; Well, I fixed my bangs and I did save money from going to the hairdresser. So it's all groovy baby. I just gotta do it in the mirror sink instead of in front of the trash can where I couldn't see anything Px 


  • Weekly Bad Batch episodes; o ; I can't watch it on time though. For Central Time it gets released at 2 AM and I have to get up early in the morning so I can't ; o ; 
  • I've been working on a podcast series for my blog. I have 9.5 episodes ready. It's not truly a podcast, but more like a podcast script to talk about topics I care about
  • Season 4 of Castlevania on 5/13. So thrilled to hear Richard Armitage's voice again from the trailer. 
  • Get back into reading | I'm reading The Slade House right now by David Mitchell 
  • Finishing Delta of Venus by Anais Nin
  • Sort of revived my Nook. It's super slow though and I can't download any magazines. But the free books I downloaded there also have pretty covers and good classic stories, so I can't wait to use it more often
  • Keep using the pink wedge sponge I bought at Daiso. It's so soft and bouncy :3 And it's very easy to clean
  • Get back to practicing digital art. My blog is three years old now, and it still manages to get traffic even without me posting a lot of new things, so I can redirect more of my time to sketching and drawing again
  • Watching a lot of TCM films: Manhattan Melodrama (1934), The Merry Widow (1934), and Operator 13 (1934) 
  • Now that summer is bringing the heat, I can't wait to start wearing neon nail polishes :3 
  • The creative project that I thought I dropped is actually being picked up again. It's the extended version of     [          ]. I just need a working title to get the ball rolling. 

What are your May adventures so far? Let's chat in the comment section below. Take care! 





  1. Loved the post dear and know all the news eheh <3


    1. Hi Marta! Thank you <3 xx! I hope you're having a wonderful Saturday.



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