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Happy Friday! I hope you've been having a wonderful week and an even more wonderful week coming ahead. This is the first time I'm doing this kind of post so I'm super excited about it. So the way this works is that, if I can't greet the month on time, I'll be doing a "Goodbye or So Long [Insert Month Name Here] posts" and if I make it on time, I'll be doing a "Hello, there [Insert Month Name Here]." It's been a hot minute since I've hopped on here so let me update you on what's been going on :D


  • Got my first dose of the vaccine (Moderna) 
  • Got back into playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for their Sanrio Campaign | Went there for the PomPomPurin and stayed because of Stitches 
  • Trying to be more active on my Nin Switch so I bought four games in total to play: Animal Crossing: New Horizon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, Atelier Ryza: Digital Deluxe Edition (Not completely sure if this means Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy + Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout are merged, but I did get the game for a good price), Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland 
  • Bought a couple of cute planners and sticker's from Michael's to help me with study mode better | It's soo cute and I got a 50% off coupon for the stuff that I got 
  • Made mash potatoes with lots of black pepper 
  • Went for a car wash for the first time in my life | I know, so late to the party | It was scary but then it was sooo cool afterwards :3 
  • Fell in love with linear holos | Didn't get any good pics though because I have no idea how to capture it on camera
  • Befriended the stray cat in our neighborhood. She has the same cow pattern coating as our rabbit, Chubby 
  • Ngl, April was the peak month for me turning into a crazy nail lady . _ . ;;; 
  • Bought new clothes because my body shape is changing | I can fit into size 2 now when it comes to dresses!!! And I can wear size 6 in shoes (I used to only be able to wear size 5) :3 I like those two numbers together because they remind me of my birthday which is on the 26th of December. I used to only be able to fit Double 00 (which I kind of liked, because as you know, I'm a big fan of Daniel Craig), and even then I had to go to the tailors to have it truly fit and have that bespoke effect. So I am quite thrilled that I won't struggle to buy clothes as I did before. Not that I need any new clothes, but if I somehow messed up my clothes, I won't have to cry about having to shop at places that only make my size (Still love you, Banana Republic. You make the softest shirts. But you is essssspensive). I can pretty much go anywhere. 
  • Was able to save my current bra collection by buying bra hook extenders :3 I really didn't want to have to go out of my way to buy new bras when I found out my current bras are a lot smaller now. They never shrank on me before. I always use the special mesh laundry net thing and always air dry them. Although I did initially liked the excuse of buying new and cute pink underwear - I just don't have it in me to splurge. So  I got a set of six bra hook extenders for like $6 in a pair of blacks, nudes, and whites. Now,  I wouldn't say my cup size increased by a lot. But my bust measurements are a lot wider and there's more surface area now where my chest is, so when my bra scoops it up, with the help of bra extenders, my boobs look like two cups bigger and fuller. Which is so surreal. I never believed in a hot summer body, and now I feel like I can actually participate in it? (Btw, hot summer body is all year round for any body shape; just really surprised and happy at how my body is becoming stronger and healthier). The only time my boobs ever looked good is when I wear a sports bra for working out. So for Baby Mari who wanted big boobs so badly when we were 19, I got chu fam <3
  • Been playing with jewelry a lot more | Especially layering which is new for me
  • My little sister converted me into liking onion rings 
  • My little sister also gave me her Pikachu card from the Mcdonald's promo with Pokemon :3 It was super nice of her to do that
  • Finally completed seasonal decors for spring and summer! Which means I'm set for next year!
  • Found a subby for my chicken dippers (It's been discontinued by Jollibee ; - ; ) | It's KFC's chicken tenders. 
  • Very grateful, that I live to see the year where we finally have vaccines for everyone. 
  • Finally got into colorful palettes this year. I've been doing a lot of two-toned looks. My favorite is the watermelon look that Betty-Jean made in her Youtube Makeup Tutorials @beautbean 
  • Went crazy at Daiso. As you saw for my returning post hahaha | Check it out, here: Daiso Haul - Pink Sakura Stationery
  • Found a lot of Dollar Tree goodies 
  • I have a Hunter Tee from Heroes and Villains | Clone Force 99 merch | The Bad Batch
  • Rewatched "The Bad Batch" trailers a million times during my study breaks
  • Tried the bacon strawberry shake from Five Guys 
  • Got Amiibo coins for when I play New Horizons | No Raymond tho ; o ; 
  • Finally got my "Hedy Lamarr" palette | See my "Sephora VIB Spring Sale 2021" 
  • My Obi-Wan Kenobi Funko Pop has arrived safely | I love his beard and his General armor
  • Carbonated water helped with my tummy issues so I guess it's safe to say, I don't hate it that much anymore
  • Rewatched "Robin Hood" (2010) because of Matthew MacFadyen | Did not know he was the evil sheriff in this movie ; o ; He looks good with long hair
  • Trolli Sour Bite Crawlers in watermelon is the superior gummy worm ever known to man
  • I got that Holo Taco!!! I'm a holosexual now :3
  • Before the month ended, I got to try Tiger Sugar for the first time! And I fell in love with it | I tried their signature drink with the cream mousse in it and I've been hooked ever since | It's all thanks to @hazelrella's food review! ♡

What were your adventures that you had in April? Let me know in the comment section below!



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  1. Absolutely loved reading your adventure, Mari! It's definitely a great month for you and congrats you're vaccinated! That's a great news xx

    lenne |

    1. Hi Lenne! Thanks so much :')! It's so lovely to hear from you xx ! I hope you're having an awesome weekend!



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