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Thank you @mooneira for tagging me! This is like the equivalent of an Oscar for me lol. I finally know how Leo felt holding his first-born Oscar in his arms. Fadima is a good friend of mine on Twitter! She’s very supportive and very sweet :D We became fast friends after talking in one of the Twitter Introduce Yourself threads. My favorite post from her blog is ”Five Things That IU and Audrey Hepburn Have in Common“ 

 If you like k-pop |  vintage |  fashion | book reviews, you’ll also love her! 


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  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
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Fadima Mooneira’s Questions: 

1) What makes you interested in blogging/writing? 

The craft itself is amazing. It’s fun to be able to self publish any time you want whether digitally or via analog in your notebook or sketchbook. 

2) What is the best thing about blogging/writing?

Making graphic designs for Pinterest and Bloglovin to promote your work. 

3) What is your blog niche, and why do you choose that niche?

I chose Beauty originally. Because I thought it would be easy. After publishing a lot of lifestyle-related posts, that content became more popular than the Beauty category so I’m trying to expand my niche even more after that. 

4) What are the challenges you face for blogging/writing? 

Sometimes, I feel like the blogging tribe isn’t that united. I hate the follow/unfollow game. The lack of support and basically efforts not reciprocated in a similar manner. Which I use to tolerate but I don’t like one-sided stuff anymore. But I think there’s drama/shady biz going on in every circle you participate in,  so if you’re a new blogger, I don’t think you should let this stop you from establishing your blog. 

Also kind of hate the fact that I can pour hours and days to one post, and it can easily be devoured within minutes. And it looks like I worked on a blog post for 30 minutes, when in reality that is never the case. 

5) Are there any special tools that you use to design your blog? If yes, is it ok for you to share it here?

I use FireAlpaca a lot. 

6) Do you listen to music while blogging/writing?

Yes :) Makes the work go faster. My blogger playlist is on Soundcloud. 

7) What are the other things you love to do besides blogging/writing?

I like collecting plush, watching black and white films, and consuming any art I can devour pretty much (finding new blogs, art portfolios, ya novels, dc comic books, video games, etc )

8) Do you love collaborating with other bloggers/brands?

Yup :D It’s super fun. I didn’t think I’d mark this accomplishment within 6 months of blogging. 

9) Which brand would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Angelic Pretty. 

10) Which celebrity do you wish to read/follow/subscribe to your blog?

Hmm. I don’t want them to read my blog because I feel like they may not think it’s real blogging. 

But these are my favorite ex-bloggers of all time: Sen Mitsuji, Chiara Ferragni, Olivia Palermo, and Lauren Conrad. 

I say ex-bloggers because I feel like they’re not active anymore as bloggers, but their careers were launched because of their blogging hobby. 

11) What is your best advice for other bloggers and yourself?

Rewards don’t appear overnight. But you’ll see enough progress to keep you going and I hope you don’t give up on this craft. I hope you bloom and find your voice. 

1/ Kat @Stridefully
2/ Matthew @Matthew74704519
3/ Emily @scripturblog 
4/  Naomi @MeditativeO
5/ Ellisa @31i55a 
6/ Naomi @InchingForwards
7/ Huda @blushnbutterfly 
8/ N @justmominit 
9/ Beth @beth18g 
10/ Shaun @ShaunBeale2 
11/ Jenn @jennsgameoflife  

I’m sorry, if you’ve already been tagged before or if I couldn’t include you on the list! This was a tough list to procure. Most of the people I interact with on Twitter are part of the #writingcommunity. I’ve also seen these floating around for a while now and I feel like everyone has participated in this but me lol. These are the bloggers I really enjoy seeing on my timeline :3 If I didn’t tag you here, I’ll be sure to add you on my #Caturday list or #ff because I haven’t done those in a hot minute :3 

New Questions:

1. What’s your favorite film of all time? 
2. Do you like cold drinks or warm drinks? 
3. Is summer or spring better? 
4. What are you watching on Netflix right now? 
5. Any road trip tips? 
6. What’s your favorite song right now? On repeat like crazy 
7. Do you think being single is abnormal? 
8. How long are your creative hours? Do you use a time block or do you just do blogging/writing whenever you feel like it?
9. Make it pink or blue? 
10. How would you prepare for a zombie apocalypse? 
11. Cold weather or warm weather? 


  1. Thank you for the nomination! I will have to answer the questions after blogtober, I'm looking forward to it :)

    1. Ofc you're welcome :D And nw, I'm looking forward to reading your answers x


  2. Thank you for the nomination Mari!! OMG, I 100% get what you're saying about spending hours/days on a post, and that it can easily be read within minutes. I found quickly that blogging/writing is very rewarding, but with all types of content creation, there's a TON of work that goes into a single piece.

    I also must say that I love your beauty posts, but I also love that you're including other types of posts as well. I feel as if beauty works well with lifestyle. I'm excited to answer your questions now though!! :)

    1. KAT! :D

      Ofc! You're #1 on my nomination list! I can't wait to read your response :D
      And thank you thank you for all the compliments, Kat xx
      I love you, you're my best friend xo


  3. so happy to participate in this again! Always great to read everyone's responses and get to know the members of the blogging community better!

    1. Oh wow, I didn't know you've already been tagged before :) Thank you for participating again!
      I loved reading your responses! I think I may already have told you on Twitter but the zombie answer was my favorite!



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