Day 4 - Autumn Accessories [#Scriptober designed by Scripturient Blogger]


Autumn Accessories: Must-Have

x Nail polish
x Earrings 

I used to like vampy nail polishes so much. I have so many plum nail lacquer in my collection from about three years ago, but I don’t gravitate towards them that much anymore. And then last year I liked all the fawn and brown nude-y colors. 

For this year, I’ve been liking red a lot. I usually reserve red for Valentine’s or Christmas. But I could technically get away with it during Fall since it’s still part of the Autumnal color palette selection. Think of apple orchards, apple scented candles, Vampire blood, and gold for fairy lights. 

I don’t own any necklaces or rings for autumn, I think. I’m more of a stud earring person. Dangling earrings and Hoop earrings make me look like a pirate lol. The gold arrows and the black triangles make me think of the witchy side of Autumn. 

So the bright pop color of my nails and grungy jewelry pretty much reflects Autumn for me. It’s cool how autumn can both be bold and dark, in terms of the color range. 

#Scriptober designed by Emily 

What are your favorite Autumn Accessories? Leave me a comment! 


  1. Those nail polishes are gorgeous! That's the perfect pumpkin shade too :) Autumnal colpurs like purples and browns are great this time of year. You are not alone in feeling like a pirate when wearing hoops! Especially gold ones, i'm much more of a silver and stud person. Those stud sets are so cute! so much variety, its like having one for every day, I will have to check out Mudd :)

    1. Thank you! And hooray! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Yeah I love the opal ones too. It gives me healing crystal vibes x




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