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Paranormal Experiences

+Angel Guide (Almost got lost while I was a kid)
+ Mountain Shaman healed my upset stomach as a kid because I apparently played with fairies too much

I remember were were in these really dark alleyways. Coming home from a wedding probably. My mom wasn’t holding my hand. We weren’t very close to each other then. My mom actually disliked me as a kid, but we’re pretty good now. So my nanny was holding my hand instead. She let go of me for a second, and I almost got inside the wrong car or taxi or bus. I don’t remember which ride it was. But that vehicle gave me really odd vibes. It felt very off. I don't know know why I was so drawn to it and felt compelled to get inside. If my nanny didn’t steer me away from getting on that vehicle, I might have been one of those missing kids that you see in the Have You Seen Me posters; - ; When I was five, I always had this re-occurring dream where a witch who lives in a cottage kept butchering me limb fro limb. I don’t even remember the nanny's name anymore, but I’m always grateful to her every time I remembered that scary experience. 

The second memory is more of a magical and lighter one. I had a really upset stomach. Very intense stomach pain that my dad couldn’t stand how much pain I was in. Doctors weren’t available because it was the holidays or something. Grandma said it's because I played with the little fairies and offended them by not being careful where I was stepping.  So my grandma summoned a trusted man who lives in the mountains. He's a healer. He made the stomach ache go away after a small ritual. And all he asked for his service was food that he could bring that to his children and relatives instead of money. It was very nice of him. I’m also always grateful to this man every time I remember stuff from my childhood. 

What are your paranormal experiences? 



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