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Halloween Events In Your Area

Halloween Events Near My Area: 2019 
x Tex Ren Festival 
x 13th Floor in Houston | San Antonio 
 x Phobia Haunted House 
x Houston Scream Fest 

I was going to not disclose where I live because I don’t want people from high school/college finding out about my blog but I guess I’ll do it now for this post. And I really wanted to give you a hint by telling you that the only event I’ve ever participated in was the “Rodeo” but that’s too easy to guess lol. And I only went to the rodeo once, so I can’t even use the line “This ain’t my first rodeo” D: Ugh. Also,  I am aware that adding Geo-location helps boost your blog and ig engagements, I’m just very resistant to the idea because of what I said from earlier. It’s just one of the risks of joining an online platform I guess. 

This isn’t going to be a vlog kind of style. And by vlog, I mean me actually participating in these events. Because I only just started liking Halloween stuff this year. So the format for this blog post is just going to be a research style, I guess? If I do decide in the future to go to one, if I can grow some balls, probably never will, I’ll be ready and I’ll know what to expect. Also note, not all of the features are going to be listed below. It’s just what’s caught my eye and what I am most excited about. For more details, just click the links I’ve attached below.  

Texas Renaissance Festival Info: Things I Wanna Try 

x General Admission Tickets: $24 for Adults & $12 for children
x Tickets are available to purchase at Costco or Groupon or online 
x Parking is Free but Preferred Parking Ticket $ 15
x Group Ticket $20 
x Exclusive Ticket Offers: Royal Pass & Camping Pass 

x Mini Oktober Fest event 
x 1001 Dreams: Fairy dress-up contest event + Fiery Dragon-wing eating contest
x Pirate Adventure: Best Buccaneer Frock dress-up contest + Fish N Chips eating contest 
x All Hollow’s Eve: Halloween Custom Contest + Kettle Corn Eating contest 
x Return to the Renaissance: English noble dress-up contest + Eat like a king food contest 
x Heroes and Villains: Custom and Eating contest 
x Barbarian Invasion: Worst or Best Dressed Barbarian contest + Show off your bad table manners eating contest 
x Highland Fling: Scots finery (Bee’s Knees contest) + Haggis eating contest 
x Celtic Christmas: Holiday costume contest + Eating pumpkin pie contest 
x Weddings 
x TRF supports Houston Food Bank 
+ Over 400+ shoppes 
+ Some events are not child-friendly but they do have activities that specifically cater for little ones 
+ Locker facility: SirLocksAlot 
+ All day access. You can come and go as you please 
+ Black Forest Inn: Apple strudels, Fried Sweet Potato tots, Veggie Burger, Black Forest Cake 
+ Florentine Foods: Wood-Fired Calzones 
+ Golden Dragon: Bubble teas 
+ Italian Village Decadent Delights: Italian Ice (Sorbet), Deep Fried Mac & Cheese, Fresh Cut Parmesan Fries, Apple Dumplings with Ice Cream, Blackberry Cobbler with Ice Cream, Garlic Cheese Bread 
+ Leek and Daffodil Pub: Pickle on a stick 
+ The Lion’s Share: Corned Beef, Mediterranean Olives 
+ The Queen’s Pantry: Queen’s Bagel, Shepherd’s Pie, and other bakery + tea stuff 
+ Tea and Strumpets: Welsh Rarebit (Best Cheese Toast, apparently) + Iced Herbal tea, Hot Early Grey 
+ The Puffin: Dancing by Dauntless Dance Company + Different flavored hookahs 

Would I go: [Yes] [No] [Maybe]

I only want to go for one weekend, but it looks like I have to spend a lot more if I want to try all of the themed weekend events. But for the general admission price, where it’s at, I’d say it’s not bad, considering TRF is a month-long ongoing event.  Royal Pass is about $1,000 for 19 days, but they do say you can get up to 70 to 80% discount off if you get the tickets early. 

13th Floor Houston | San Antonio: 

x Normal tickets: $20 to $30 
x No Wait Line tickets: $60
x Bar 13 for those that are 21+ older 
x Mini Escape Games 
x Axe Class - Onsite purchase only 
x “Top 5 Most Terrifying Haunted Houses in the USA” - USA Today 
x Attractions for 2019: Clown, Necronomicon, La Llorona the Weeping Woman 
x Not suitable for children
x They have [Merch] @ Online Bootique | 

Would I go: [Yes] [No] [Maybe]

Saw this on a Youtube ad instead of a billboard sign. I didn’t know my own city could be so fun. I just never accidentally drive by these places and that’s why I don’t know them. Or maybe I should be more of a morning person and watch my local news so I’d know about these things. I wanna get the 13th Floor Tarot Shirt if I ever survive and not faint once I visit. That would be an awesome souvenir. 

Phobia Haunted House: 

x 8 Killer Attractions: Dawn of the machine, Mind Control, Genetic Nightmare, Clown Mania, Dark Institute, 
Exile Three: Darke World, Savage Ground, Contagion 
x Regular Ticket Prices: $15 per person | Group: $12 per person (One House)
x Five Houses: $50 
x Free Parking 
x No Refunds, no online tickets, cash only
x ATM onsite 
x “Experience Houston’s Killer Mega-Scream Park”

Would I go: [Yes] [No] [Maybe]
 The makeup artists who did the performers make up looks pretty good. That might be worth checking out, with my EYES CLOSED. It’s definitely cheaper than the previous haunted house mentioned. I am very interested in the Exile 3 attraction. That caught my eye. But I also like Dark Institute. It’s cheaper to go alone, but then I’m gonna die. And probably join the crew. You know what, people probably will think I’m part of the attraction lol. 

Houston Scream Fest: 

x Festival Admission $40 
x Free Drinks. All Drinks. Ultra, Budlight, and Margaritas 
x Attractions: Casa de la Llorona  &Texas Chainsaw Maze
x Warning issued: Do not wear expensive shoes. They may get damaged lol. 
x Kid-friendly. They tone down the acting. That’s so sweet :’) I guess I’m covered because I look like a kid
x Open rain or shine
x Free parking 

Would I go: [Yes] [No] [Maybe]

I love the free drinks advertisement. Because if I can’t hold my pee for being too scared, then they already got me a liquid refill. They also have the weeping lady over here. Except she’s looking for her baby. The Texas Chainsaw Maze has a chili near the exit, so that could be fun. Imagine if I die, I get to enter Chili heaven. Sick. 

Which do you plan on going to if you ever visit Houston? Let me know in the comment section below! 

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