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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you’re having a fantastic day so far. I feel bad for saying this right away but I just came back here to tell you that I’m going away again lol. I mean there are at least one hundred posts sitting in my drafts ready to go, I just can’t make any promises how many posts are gonna get rolled out. Due to me being so lazy and stuff. Um, I’ll get into it in the post later to see how we’re gonna do things while I’m offline. I am getting ready to work on behind-the-scenes stuff like working SEO to update old posts so it’s gonna look like I’m not here, but I’m actually also always here with you. Just not having new posts and stuff. I keep saying stuff. Boy, do I miss Stitches. He’s always saying stuffin. It’s catching on to me. Anyway, on to the September posts that you’re here for! There are some spoilers from films and TV shows, so tread carefully. Also just wanted to say thanks so much for reading my August post. That’s the longest post I’ve ever written on this blog. Thanks for all the love and views to my random musings/ramblings/weird ideas. 


  • Portal Time drink from Wendy’s. I need to try it o: But I don’t think they’re doing the promo in my state.
  • Evangelion Further Analysis: Anno’s wife influenced his work for the final Evangelion film. It was so fucking sweet. Also, can we talk about how the movie’s message was so profound: Hook up with your mom’s hot friend ; o ; to shed all your past Depressive episodes. And I love how Anno used Mari to break the curse of Evangelion! It’s just so fucking beautiful man. She’s the antithesis to Eva. That’s the reason why she wasn’t designed to have gloomy vibes like the other characters did, and other people don’t seem to get that :\ 
  • We’re just gonna go to Daydream land for a second. 
  • Hypothetical wedding #1: It’s gonna be in the woods. There’s gonna be an orgy at the reception. Because it’s a Capricorn wedding. It’s gotta be practical. We’re gonna do a fertility ritual for my upcoming farm life with my future wife or husband. And we’re gonna grow cabbages together until the day we die. This ain’t no weak marriage. It’s not just about reaching old age. It’s about greeting death together. Mmkay? So the caveat, if you attend, is that you can only have cake if you literally finished. Cakes are for champs. If you come up to me and be like “I’m tired, I need to go,” I’ll be like “Sir, sir, I’m sorry. Please get back in the human centipede activity” and then I’m gonna prod you with a stick. And I’ll be like “This isn’t just a ritual, it’s also a symbolic metaphor for my marriage. So if my marriage only lasts for two minutes, that’s gonna be on YOU SIR.” But if I feel really sorry for the dude, I’d be like “Okay, you can have ice cream” and then everyone else will also receive a “Thanks for coming” goodie bag. Also, this daydream is copyrighted. I’ll literally sue you if you try to have this wedding before me. And if you take this post seriously, I’m gonna laugh at you for not understanding what the word “Bacchanal” means. 
  • Hypothetical wedding #2: Keep in mind this is a Gen X budget daydream setting so I can definitely afford to have two weddings. She’ll be wearing Dior, and I’ll be wearing Prada. That’s for sure. And it’s gonna be a traditional cathedral wedding. Hmm. Pretty sure there’d be heavy bribing involve with the red-wearing cardinals. This one’s more of an Apollonian wedding. God, I miss Nietzsche. I need to reread soon. Also I’m not aligned with Neo-Volkish beliefs. His words were literally twisted around by the Nazis. Ubermensch is supposed to mean surpassing one’s self, not the Aryan race.  
  • Ending #3: It’s still gonna involve cabbages. I’m just gonna be a lonely witch growing the juiciest cabbage ever. People are gonna go crazy for it. And every time they ask for more, I’ll be like “Sure, just give me your first-born.”
  • Spooky Shopping: The deets. Car brakes need-a-fixin. That cost $1k to fix ): You remember when Jade the Libra’s air conditioner broke in the middle of summer and she’s like this threw a wrench to my spooky shopping plans, I felt that.  I’ve been window shopping around and there’s so much cute stuff. There‘s one that says “A witch, her handsome devil, and little monsters live here.” And I’m like, that would’ve been perfect for me if I had a spooky family of my own! But Alas, I don’t. So I didn’t pick it up. Don’t worry lol. I’m no scalper. There’s one that says “A witch and her spooky cats live here” I think. That would’ve been cute except, it feels redundant. A witch always has a cat familiar to accompany her so it feels a bit repetitive. And it doesn’t feel like a whole cast of spooky family unlike the other sign. There’s also Wizard and Witch stemless wine cups. But no luck spotting the Rae Dunn Jack O Lantern mugs which are still not available in my area. I’ve been checking every store like 12x. Nothing. Ughhh. Anyway. So,  Spirit Halloween. It opened early in my area! I love how they have orange baskets scattered throughout the store so you don’t have to go back to the front doors and do the walk of shame by thinking you weren’t gonna pick up anything haha. My parents used to be at my counsel table when it comes to financial matters, but lately, they’ve been slacking. They’re all like, “You’re only young once. Someday, it’s gonna hurt to go shopping around because your knee’s gonna hurt so much” or “Just get it now, because you’re gonna want it later and it’s not gonna be there.” I feel like it’s finally time to get a husband. Every time we’re at Costco, I’ll be like “Husband, do I need this?” And they’re gonna flat out say no, every time I hold up a cute item. But who am I kidding, I’m probably gonna hide my purchases from them like every other wife out there loooool. 
  • New Light Pink matte phone case. No pop sockets. Feels much lighter. I love it. I was thinking of getting those quartz/crystal backing but it’s gonna add weight and I don’t want that. 
  • I like mid-tone bright colors now. I got this magenta polish and it reminds me of a Love Potion bottle.
  • Favorite nail polish: Cirque’s Space Cowboy (nude linear holographic) & Spinel (purple jelly holographic shards)
  • Nikki Raven. She can read runes! She’s so cool! Also, she’s an olive-undertones gal like me. She’s helped me a lot in understanding how colors work. Like I didn’t know this before but now I know why certain bronzers look too red on me, and why some green eyeshadows that are supposed to be my color, look dull on me. It’s because if you’re an “orc” like us hehe, your olive-undertone skin just tends to absorb all the bright colors. Doesn’t happen with clothes though. Weird.
  • Little brother + Little sister like my herb rice :3 I’m so proud of myself. 
  • Self-work/Shadow work. Better at coping w/ bad days. 
  • Breakfasts: Mango smoothie with berries ( it comes out pink) + space waffles. Toasts with Nutella. Bagels + Cream cheese. Granola bars. I have stopped my midnight snacking. According to experts, it ages you faster. So now I’m sticking to heavy breakfasts and light dinners. 
  • Got an audiobook for Mama Bear. Dad’s a book snob and kept telling us it’s not the same thing. Until I told him that “you’re processing information all the same” and it made my mom feel better :) She’s listening to Michelle Obama’s podcast right now on Spotify. I’ve placed Matthew McConaughey’s “Green Lights” on hold for her and also Barack Obama’s “Promise Land” on Libby. In the meantime, she’s listening to Billy Crystal (VA for Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc) while drinking coffee from the Mama Bear mug I got her from Sweet Water Decor. 
  • Nail shopping is out of control ): You know how you have money in your bank account but you can’t really move it because if you do you risk having a negative bank account, and it feels like checkmate every time? That’s how it’s been lately. Money for sure is going to my little brother’s movie subscription services, cat treats, rabbit treats, and a small budget of impulsive purchases. I’m currently waiting on “Lucipurr” racerback tank top from BlackCraft Cult and two ILNP holographic nail polishes in dusty blue and lavender. You can’t just lie to yourself and say you won’t buy anything while running errands because if you do you’re screwed. So you gotta make room for your impulse purchases. 
  • I didn’t know this but cats blinking their eyes when they meow at you means “I love you” in cat language. Tommy always does that every time he meows at me! I thought it was just him feeling sleepy from his cat nap! Also, Ahsoka is less shy now when it comes to feeding time which makes me really happy. There are also new stray cats in the backyard. My mom found this kitty that has dark brown fur and he/she looks so cute!!!  There were a couple of times that Tommy scared me. He was refusing to eat his catnips and I got scared that it was his time to go ; - ; I’m not sure what I did, but I sort of put a spell on his bowl before I pour out his treats similar to Haku’s line in Spirited Away: “You have to eat, or you’ll disappear from this world.” After that, Tommy starts asking for more food! He actually comes get me inside the house, if I’m even one minute late when it’s time to feed him :) 
  • New Body Care Routine: So remember how I started moisturizing my body more often instead of just focusing skin care on my face? Lately, I’ve been doing something extra. Which is drawing hearts with the lotion on my skin. The little small dollop deposits the right amount of product to cover the entire area I’m moisturizing and it’s been a lot easier for me to glide around my skin and it doesn’t feel like a chore to keep my body soft and plump :) 
  • Having a Howl moment. You know when Sophie accidentally mixed up his hair potion and he’s no longer blonde, and he’s all like “I don’t see the point of living if I can’t be beautiful” and then green slimes start oozing out of him. Yeah, that. I really miss my long hair dripping over my boobs like it does for nymphs and mermaids. Surprisingly enough, my hair looks longer when I put it up in a twin tail. But when I let it down it looks frumpy? I have to tie it up twice though because the black elastic ties I got are kind of stiff. And they snap and break. 
  • New Pink Mystical Deck. I got it from Five Below for a Dollar. 
  • I did not like the apple crisp macchiato ): It tasted like a candle with a very superficial smell. I want my food to taste like food. Maybe I just don’t like their macchiato line. Because I remember not liking their cloud macchiato either. 
  • Target Haul:  Burberry look-a-like scarf with slits. It looks like the one Blair Waldorf sports during autumn! I finally found it :) I also got beanies and shawls from Bullseye’s Playground to match my fall cardigans that I have. I’m currently using Mama Bear’s Red Card. 
  • Marshall’s Haul: Found the pumpkin bathrobe with buffalo check print. Also using Mama Bear’s TJ Maxx card. I owe my parents so much money, but it’s kinda even for now because they used my money during summertime for repairs and I told them I was saving it up for Spooky Season so I guess it all kinda works out. I’d still prefer using my own card when it comes to accumulating reward points tho . _ . Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a real haul soon. I also got a brush with cute grey cats on it and also an Onyx acetone nail polish remover. 
  • Rick & Morty Season 5 Finale. That was sooo goood. The two crows episode is my new favorite episode. And the other side of the infinity curve episode was so awesome. 
  • Made Sales at my Shop? I only get notifications when someone downloads a freebie via the app, but I haven’t really seen any sale trickling in. But I just got an email that I got paid for this month. Maybe they paid the suggested price? But um thanks so much for the purchases! I didn’t think my shop was even getting picked up by the algorithm anymore. 
  • Papa Bear got me a Starbucks Giftcard! 
  • My relatives from Cali are refusing to get vaccinated because they think it’s the 666 (Mark of the Beast). And my dad straight up said, “Let’s get this 666” and me and my mom were wheezing over the phone lol. I don’t know why people misinterpret that scripture so much. It’s just describing different governments from different nations. It’s not that deep, bruh. 
  • My Pink Sakura Umbrella is here! 
  • Psychiatrist has refilled my meds for 90 days. My local clinic is kinda currently closed right now because all of the staff are currently helping other hospitals because of the rising Covid cases . _ .
  • Steve from Blue’s Clues came back to tell us he missed us and that we all look hot! Closure myth ain’t real. It felt so good to hear back from him again ; o ; The part where he said he never forgot about us had me bawling. 
  • Been re-listening to Lina Cavellieri’s - Mari Mari because sometimes you just need to have the most beautiful woman in the world to say your name twice. 
  • Also, that thing in August that I said I was gonna do. I did it. I complimented a girl while I was at Starbucks. She didn’t hear me the first time because I was choking on my own spit. But I did it. I’m here, bitchhhh. 
  • Been enjoying wearing my poisoned apple earrings :D ! 
  • Private Twitter | Sorry if you sent me a request and I don’t add you there. That’s the only place where I can feel stupid and safe.
  • Racism | I had old dreams about professors who were so mean to me. It still bothers me and it’s been five years already. I wish I could be cool like the rest of my family. They have like different strategies to go about it. Like my dad, he would win them over and be friends with them (Which is so annoying to think about- like you gotta prove that you’re a sentient human being that eats, sleeps, and shit like the rest of them? Fuck that noise). Same with my mom. She’ll be nice to you even if you openly don’t like her until you eventually come around. My siblings on the other hand are also very stubborn about it, but they’re able to tolerate it more. They’ll make room for it. They can expand their tolerance for bullshit. Which is fucking psychotic. Making room for racism? No, thank you. But that’s how you’re supposed to do it. And I don’t have a fucking strategy. I’m a quitter. I’ll tolerate you and your bullshit to some extent, but after that, I’m throwing hands. Fuck you. You don’t get to do this to me. 
  • Solar Storms | Please no. The internet can’t die ; o ; Build more sub-pipes in the lower equator. 
  • Sex Dreams |  Why you gotta be so slutty, my dear subconscious? It helps to think about Meat Theory. I’m not sure if I completely get it, but what it’s basically saying is that sex is pretty similar to violence and eating and appetite and all that jazz. It always makes me think about Chronos eating his own children. My favorite dreams are dreams where you’re flying or food dreams. But I’ll take sex dreams over sleep paralysis and nightmares any day. Last night, I had a dream about using portals like Rick and it was so cool. It’s the closest thing I had to my favorite dream when I was five years old where I’d fly in a really cramp space ship. 
  • Endemic Future anyone??? :[ I’m so angry about this. 
  • So the reason why we’re saying goodbye to each other again is because I’m hunkering down to finish my writing project. I made a playlist below so we can be productive together even if we’re apart :) If you’re wondering what it is,  it’s the extended version of the alchemist love letter. The recipient of the letter likes non-fiction works, so I’m doing my research and reading stuff that I think will be interesting for them to read. They got me out here reading peer-reviewed papers man. I feel like I’m in uni again. Anyway, back to reading about limbic revision. 
  • P.S. Happy One Year Anniversary to my Love Letter Series. Although technically, it should’ve been August 2 lol. 



  • Watch some more anime? I don’t really have anything on queue right now. Let me know of any suggestions you may have for this season. 
  • Dip Powder hobby? We’re dippin babyyyy!!! Just kidding. I don’t have any money right now to fund a Dip Powder Hobby. Although I am intrigued by the shimmers and glitters. 
  • Breeze app. Finish the quizzes available. 
  • Printable Bundle 
  • Freebie Bundle
  • Three more podcast script episodes | Kitsune Now 
  • A couple of haul posts from a while back
  • A couple of collection blog posts
  • Some wish list posts 
  • Publish a slew of book reviews I’ve been saving up 
  • Prepare ig photos + captions | Scrapped the earlier one I wrote. So not sure if it’s happening. I'm thinking of changing the theme of my ig to nail swatches, magical puella pink stuff, and spooky things. 
  • New General Tarot Readings | Different Questions | Cardinal signs 
  • Watch “Only Murders” on Hulu (Selena Gomez as Mabel). Oh my god, I had such a huge crush on Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place while I was in high school. I thought 💭 in the future, if I ever get a girlfriend, I want her to have her personality.
  • Watch “High Fidelity” (ft. Zoe Kravitz) 
  • Watch “The Equalizer” (ft. Queen Latifah) on CBS app
  • Download free commercial fonts. 
  • Try Buddha Bowls from Costco 
  • Stitches nail art design. I finally have all the colors for his ears. 
  • Try Procreate again. There’s a weird spot on my iPad Pro that the Apple Pencil skips over and it would always frustrate me to no end. So I quit digital art for a while. Anyway, I’m gonna try to expand my gallery because it’s where I plan to draw my nail art designs instead of just winging it at the moment lol
  • Get Halloween Funfetti baking kits so I can make Halloween treats with my little brother | But we’ll probably just pick up Halloween cupcake 🧁 from the store lol 
  • Hunt down Green Onion Sunchips ): They’re always out of stock wherever I go. 
  • Go on a picnic by myself :3 and pretend I’m a main character for like an hour. 
  • The Last Letters Playlist for the third letter. I already have a couple of tracks in mind. I just need one more song to complete it. I don’t remember if I already went over this in the footnotes but the other two letters are plain dusty blue envelopes. The third letter has the red and white ribbon tied to it as an alternative design. And the one with the white flowers and the pressed petal at the center is the final design for it. I currently have the new song attached to the Alchemist playlist, but I might remove it from there soon and put it in the new playlist. It's done. The Last Letters | Volume III | The Third Letter is now out on Spotify. If I have any missing tracks that I can't find, I'll put them on SoundCloud. Also, if it seems to overlap with the second letter within Volume III, that's because of what I talked about before. All three ex-lovers seem to be reborn from one another because the things I noticed that I liked about them are pretty similar and in this instance, it's their voice. The girl in the first letter has a very nice, deep, husky voice, for example. Sometimes, I think the second letter, actually embodies all three ex-lovers,  albeit in three separate letters. 


  • Soup Season!!! 
  • Pumpkin Cold Brew
  • Weekly Journal Spreads
  • Hourly Comics/Diary 
  • Get the digital weight from Mama Bear. The old scale is no longer working. 
  • Talk to my muse. If I don’t do this, I already know my psychologist is gonna grill me for it. I may be projecting right now (I can never really predict what she’s going to say) but I have a feeling she’s gonna ask me “Okay, Mari, let’s talk about why was this such a difficult task for you? What would have made it easier” and if I reply “I don’t know,” we’re gonna end up shoving it back to a revisit session and I don’t want that. Do you know what I’m scared of? I feel like if I text them, the very moment I sent that ping sound, they’ll be in the middle of fucking someone else lol. But I don’t really care, because I need to know the name of that book. But you know what I’m more scared of? Asking Reddit/Discord for help. There are nice people in there, sure, but there are also assholes in there. I dread the negative points and me thinking I’m standing up for myself and then feeling like a jerk afterward. I checked my GoodReads to see if I save anything there, but I only have Jung. Also, Matthew McConaughey’s book mentions this book too! And I thought for sure he was my exit ticket. But he also doesn’t remember it. He only remembers the content of the book like I did. The third thing, I’m scared about is that I forgot about their favorite book. When they told me about it, I made a promise that I’ll never forget the name of that book, but I did :\ It’s hard to pay attention to details when you’re checking out someone’s shoulders, dude. 
  • Autumn Equinox! September 22! 
  • Finish ARC from Book Sirens. I’m taking a break because of character deaths that had me grieving.
  • Continue my Spooky Tradition: Hot cocoa in my pumpkin mug while watching Veronica Lake’s “I Married A Witch” (1942) and her other noir films while wearing my pumpkin slippers and my pumpkin bathrobe :3 
  • Mend my skirts | Need to adjust the band as I grew a little bit from last year. I can’t wait to wear my grey tennis skirt and brown suede skirt this coming fall with a plain black long-sleeved top. 
  • Finishing "Rogue One" | I've partially seen it. Diego Luna is so dreamy. And so is Felicity Jones. They're like a couple of dreamy popsicles. The sexual tension? Amazing. (Just found out that Diego Luna is also a December Capricorn. I am losing my shit!!!) They say "hope" a lot in the film which is kind of tiresome but I can forgive it because it has the most badass hallway scene in all of Darth Vader's illustrious career.

What were your adventures in September? Let me know in the comment section below!  xx   


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  1. Your wedding scenarios are *chefs kiss*.

    I've been meaning to try Cirque polishes, doesn't help that I'm also a fan of holo, those shades are gorgey!

    1. Hey Ellis! Hahaha thank you :D ! I know how you feel! I just got a couple of subtle holos from ILNP (Dawn to Dusk & ASAP) and I'm already eyeing their Ultra Holo collection as soon as I have reward points available. Space Cowboy from Cirque is really great. The formula dries super fast so you can layer as many holo as you want :) And it's so vibrant afterwards. I didn't want to take it off, but I had to, so I can swatch other holo polishes. I hope you end up liking it too xx

    2. Thanks for doing a mini review on it! ILNP is another brand I'm looking at as well, cheers for giving the shades you're eyeing!

  2. I like listening to on Spotify :) Great recap ❤

    1. Hey Kinga! Me too :) I love how they started adding Lofi and other new artists there as well. And thank you! I hope you're having the loveliest September xx

  3. I know what you mean about having lots of drafts but finding it hard to get them finished and posted.

    1. Yup! Yup! I'm not sure where the picky feeling is coming from haha. I always get excited with whatever content I consume, especially if it's published consistently lol.

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Malindha! Thank you xx ! Hope you're having a lovely October so far!



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