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Hello there, August, My August

Hey everyone! Oh, fuck I don’t know what to say. This used to be so much easier when there were like three people viewing my blog. It was just me, Kat, and some random sheep from the internet that lost their way. Oh and I’m not saying that no one is welcome to my blog. I just hope that I stay small as a blogger. Which I know doesn’t make a lot of sense because I know everyone wants to grow in their platform. Um, I’m not sure what I’m trying to say. I guess I hope I can keep close to everyone as we grow along. Because I think if my numbers explode overnight, I’m going to get really overwhelmed,  and I’m never gonna hop on here again. But truly, I am grateful for all the views and love. I’m sorry I’m gonna get mushy in a second, but I am really thankful to each and every one of you! And with that out of the way let’s get on with the post! A little bit of warning: there may be a little bit of profanity sprinkled here and there. But I mean it affectionately. But if at any rate, it becomes too much for you, you’re more than welcome to stop reading. I’m a big fan of  “Fuck this, I’m out.” Never feel forced to do anything you don’t want to continue doing. So go ahead and exit out; I don’t really care about my bounce rate. 


  • I miss the sound of cicadas. I’m so happy they're back and loud. I know Blather’s hates bugs, but I love them [cicadas]. It just brings back a lot of summer memories.
  • Kat is back!!! For those of you who don’t know, she’s a really close friend of mine and I’m also a big fan of her work. She took like a six-month hiatus [I believe] maybe longer, but I was so freakin excited when I was refreshing her blog and saw a new splash/loading page as well as a new disclaimer page and link to her Tik Tok account! Kat, I’m so happy you’re back! I’ve missed you x 100000000000000000000000000000000000! And I love your new logo! I’m gonna give you guys a link to her new domain name and stuff once I switched over from my iPad to my laptop. The Kat Lifestyle | @thekatlifestyle
  • 8/13/21 I finally got to watch Evangelion: Thrice Upon A Time! Bitchhhhhhhh, I was so excited! I woke up at around 4 AM to pee, and I completely forgot that it was Friday, and my brain got a splash of serotonin when I realized it was also Friday the 13th and Eva is out!!! It was a complete treat. It’s nearly three hours long and so worth it to wait for five-six years for it to be made. Okay, I complained the whole time. _ . ;;; [internally]. 
  • I wanna talk about what I thought of the film so if you haven’t seen it, go see it. It’s on Amazon Prime. The other three Rebuild films are also up there so go and watch it if you want to catch up. We’re heading towards Spoiler Territory now so, look away and come back once you’re all caught up.
  • [Spoiler Starts] Bitchhhhhhhhhh. I know I already loved Mari before, but after watching this film, I just fell in love with her harder. I didn’t even know that was possible, but it is. It’s so cool how she was the last pilot standing and that she piloted the last Evangelion. That’s my babbbbbbbby. That was soooo fucking coool, Your Honor!  And that part where she parallel parked in Paris??? The library train????? And that part where she called out Fuyutsuki for being horny for Yui same as Gendo. Applause, bitch, applause.  There were so many Near Impacts that I’ve lost count. And the whole Anti-Universe concept shit was too much for my small reptilian brain, so I gotta go rewatch this movie, over and over again, until I can understand everything. I also called that whole Shinji x Mari ship since 2.0. I mean this confirms that Mari is bisexual, right? Because she also fell in love with Yui Ikari same as Gendo and Kozo? My favorite animated part was when Asuka became a transparent radiant ninth Angel. That was soo fucking cool. And Rei with really long hair is so fucking precious!!!! [Spoiler Ends]
  • Mys. Utada [Mystery Utada] has done it again! I’m gonna write down my favorite lines from “One Last Kiss” & “Beautiful World” (Da Capo) so feel free to skip the next couple of bullet points if you want to because um it’s gonna be a lot that I quote hehe :3 
  • “I don’t need newspapers /The important things are not printed there” 
  •  “Beautiful Boy” / You don’t know yet, just how beautiful you are” 
  • “It’s only love” 
  • “I’ve been hiding how I miss  you / Well, I guess that’s both of us” 
  • “The gears began to move that day / were an unstoppable premonition of loss” 
  • “I love you more than you’ll ever know” 
  • “Can you give me one last kiss?” / Since this taste is what I won’t forget” 
  • Speaking of songs, Happy Birthday to August! My favorite song from the entirety of the Folklore album!
  • Organized my closet. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m excited about containers. I thought they were boring before but now that I’m somewhat of an adult, I can appreciate them now? My stuff looks less cluttered and they look so nice. I got grey and pink containers for my new clothes. I also organized my shoes in dark brown containers. It’s so satisfying to put them away :)
  • I have room for new nail polishes. It’s just this hatbox container from IKEA that I got a long time ago. Anyway, I can let go of make up, but I can’t do it for nail polish just yet.
  • I found the whole version of the American Ballet Theater (2005) for Swan Lake. Gillian Murphy’s Odile is my favorite interpretation of The Black Swan. I only get 10 minutes of her, and the rest of whatever hour is left, I don’t care for very much. Why do I like some things so much, the shorter it is? Story of my life. When it’s time for the interlude and the audience cheers for her, she doesn’t break character when it’s time to bow and I love her so much for it. Heart eyes the whole time. 
  • Favorite summer piece: peach see-through lace kimono robe. This robe is such a show-stopper. I felt so cool wearing it. I got it on sale for $5 and it was originally around $20. 
  • Favorite summer beauty product: Senka Collagen Whip Cleanser. It makes my skin look so bouncy and bright and plump and healthy. I'm used to new skincare always wowing me after the first use, but this always impresses me every time I use it. The effect is still the same as the very first time I introduced it to my skin.
  • Favorite summer nail polish: OPI in My Very First Knockwurst & Barefoot in Barcelona.  
  • Went to the bookstore with my little sister for new Tarot decks. I got a herbal deck called “The Essential Oils Healing Deck.” It’s so cool because it opens like a cigarette box. I love the illustrations of different herbs and their medicinal purposes. 
  • I think I got most of the happy posts out of the way. Well here’s one more good memory: Tommy walking up to me every time I get the mail. He’ll walk halfway in the sidewalk in the cul-de-sac and he’d stop to wait for me to meet him halfway. He would do it whether it’s a scorcher outside or when it’s freshly finished raining. I love him so much for not making me feel alone. I’d pet him and meow at him. Then ask him if he wants food, and he’d respond by walking ahead of me. He has to be ahead of me, except when there are really big puddles lol. I learned from Lion Whisperer that big cats like to go on walks and to show their dominance, they like to walk ahead. I love that Tommy is the same. Tommy really likes the catnips I get for him. It’s the chicken-roasted greenies. You know, every time I pour his treats, he never eats it right away. He takes the time to say thank you to me by gently rubbing his head against my hand or rubbing his whole buddy against my legs. He’s so sweet. I’m never going to forget him. The other day, Tommy had a really big scar on his face. He got into a fight with the other cats. I thought he got laid at first lol. But Tommy’s just not as aggressive as he used to be. It’s all healed up now. 
  • Some sad stuff I’m not ready to talk about: Tommy’s terminal cancer. I just found of from my mom this past week that the neighbor who owns Tommy took him to the vet around the time the winter storm ended. And the vet said Tommy has less than a year to live. He’s been really picky with his food because he has some kind of stomach cancer. After finding out about it, I cried like five times. I can’t seem to accept that he’s going away. I can’t accept him dying. I don’t think I ever could. I’m just going to imagine him traveling when he finally goes away. He’ll go to Brazil. But Tommy's gonna be too good for all the Brazilian babes and bros out there. And when I go to Brazil, Tommy will already be gone to Tokyo. It’s so cute imagining him hopping on a boat without looking back. And that’s just how it’s gonna be. I’ll go to different cities and never catch up with Tommy. I’ll have to eventually come to terms with it, but so far the only thing I’ve been able to accept is that it’s such a privilege to be able to meet Tommy during his ninth life. 
  • For distraction, I bought some new workout clothes. I got a lot of racerbacks in plum, pale nude, and a true purple in size M. I’m doing Pilates because that’s what Richard Armitage did last year. And he said he grew an inch. So he went from being 6’2 to being 6’3 in his latest interview where he talked smack about elves. He’s like I’m a dwarf at heart and I’m not about the supermodel elves lifestyle from LOTR. And I’m like, “Sir, sir, you’re the supermodel they’re talking about.”  
  • I’m so glad I have no workout buddy or coach at the moment. Because the guttural sounds I make sound like someone masturbating to late-stage Capitalism ): No one will mistake my grunts for a sexual sound. It just sounds sad. Hopefully, repetition will help erase some of that gross noise. During my second session, I felt more comfortable around my “heightened awareness” aka pain. 
  • I’m sorry if I sound like some other content creator you know sometimes. I’m literally a Ditto. I just absorb people’s personalities. I have no personality of my own. 
  • I’m getting better at filing my nails! The way I do it is using short strokes and the moon shape or C curve is cut in half. That sounds confusing. Imagining my nail bed in half helps with the more fluid motion of filing. 
  • Trick r Treat merch of Sam is here! I don’t have a plush of him but I have a keychain of his lollipop and a life-size version of it too. It’s really sharp. It feels like it can be an actual weapon. 
  • Stole songs from my sister’s playlist: Missing Poster - Budman | Close To You - Dayglow | Little Dark Age x Washing Machine Heart - Phloohun 
  • New songs I found on SoundCloud: More than Friends by Aidan Bissett | I Didn’t Realize How Empty My Bed Was Until You Left by Roderick Porter | Bradbooks - Happy Pill | Lover Boy - A Wall (Slowed to Perfection) | Looking Out For You - Joy Again | Freaks - Surf Curse | Bella Notte - Simon Jefferis | Poomplamoose - Bust Your Kneecaps | I Don’t Know You - $YNCZ | YKWIM? - Yot Club 
  • Old favorite songs: Ghost of York by As Tall As Lions & Yoko by Pegasus Bridge (Burberry Acoustic). I used to daydream about having a girlfriend at 18, getting jealous over me lol. That was peak daydreaming for me. Also, I used to get really scared shazaming to Ghost of York but now I find it really romantic. As Lovers Go by Dashboard Confessional (Re-Record) & Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood. I love the acoustic version of As Lovers Go. And I’m celebrating Pride late with the Bisexual Anthem. 
  • Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 7: Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion. This is my favorite R&M episode ever. Hands down. They even included a little Godfather reference ; o ; Also in Episode 8, does this confirm that Rick is bisexual? I mean I don’t wanna turn everything into romance because I just love platonic love as much as the next guy, but what if he’s a bicycle like the rest of us? Wait, wait, I forgot he fucked other aliens, so I guess technically, he's pansexual. But I want him to be a bicycle too o:
  • Was in charge of balloons for dad’s birthday. I got him silver balloons with confetti inside. 
  • Plant shopping with Mama Bear. There’s a lot of good deals at Kroger right now. My mom was able to get orchids for $2 for her garden and other really pretty flowers. She got me a lil aloe vera plant. 
  • Favorite flower scents: calendula, gardenia, and jasmine. I really like faint, clean scents. 
  • Some sneak peek of my Spooky Haul: Mayor of Halloween Town Plush + Oogie Boogie. They’re huge!!! Spirit Halloween is now open! Hooray! I also got a cute pumpkin purse. I’m going to take it when I can go spooky shopping again! My other favorite pieces are Black Cat Coven Pullover from Etsy + The Devil nutcracker from the 99 cent store. I thought the spooky nutcracker was Dracula at first because of his red cape but I saw another 99er take a photo of a Dracula nutcracker holding a blood beer so it’s definitely the Devil that I got. He has a little death scepter instead of a red fork.  
  • My spooky shopping has come to a halt atm though. The kitchen sink broke and money literally went down the drain. And then my dad smashed his phone screen which cost about $500 to fix so that was my birthday present to him. I’m trying to see if 99 cents store is gonna bring back the sugar skull kitten mugs but no luck so far . _ . 
  • Been watching Buffy because I am in a Grunge mood. I’m on Season 3 so far and the writing is really good. Have to separate the art from the artist though because the creator is problematic. My favorite characters are Oz and Ethan Rayne. I would’ve gotten further if I chose to skip the Intro/Opening to Buffy. But it’s too badass to skip. And I have a crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar so that’s not happening. Also does any one else feel all melty every time Buffy rescues a girl from the evil vampires and demons? No? Just me? 
  • I got a pink motel keychain that says “Boba Society” | I’m so impatient for Book of Boba Fett. I also wanted to get a shirt that says “Pussy Pounder” from Rick and Morty so that I can get the prestige of getting laid without the actual work and clean-up process lol. 
  • Btw, New balls just dropped! It’s Mari’s! I can watch scary animatronics now without having to have Youtubers to watch it with. I like Mr. Howle. Buzzsaws and Henry Hustle also look cool. 
  • Can’t believe Covid gonna pledge to a sorority house. Dropping Delta and Lambda variant at the same time | I don’t know what it is about the Pandemic that’s been acting as a truth serum for me, but I’m about to talk about something that I thought I was gonna take with me to the grave. It’s the most inferior sex position known to mankind: 69. It’s the worst. Teabagging is better. Cry mad about it.  I’m not here to argue. 
  • I want a Ghost girlfriend. I might get one when I go to Salem. Maybe something magical will happen in Massachusetts :D A witch and a ghost in love. That would be a cool story to tell my grandchildren, right???  COME ON FLAT CHEST. COME ON FLAT BUTT. SEDUCE THAT GHOST HARDER. But what if the people of Massachusetts count their ghost population and they’re like, “You can’t just lasso a ghost girl all the way back to Texas” ; o ; Bitch, I’m gonna cry. 
  • I read this article about James Dean’s favorite food and it talked about how he loves junk food a lot and man, I’m so happy to have something in common with my favorite bisexual icon. 
  • Therapist session | Went great | I nearly cried at the end of the session. I made a list of everything I wanted to talk about with her. I got halfway through it. And yeah I could’ve taken advantage of the whole 45 minutes, but I don’t wanna unload too much on her. And some stuff I wasn’t even ready to unpack. So the last ten minutes are always gonna be a summary of what we talked about and also scheduling for the next session. I also could get in touch with her via email if needed, but I prefer seeing her in person. So I covered all of my self-work and I thanked her for not letting me feel alone when it comes to solving my problems and then I skirted around the topic that was at the bottom of my list (Not because it was unimportant, but because I didn’t wanna cry at the beginning of the session and not get through the other stuff), and how it went down was kinda similar to how Jo was monologuing with Marmee in the attic. My voice was so shaky and just had so many fucking pauses lol. My therapist was like, “Okay, let’s untangle all of the emotions you felt in this particular event. ”And then I listed it down, and instead of saying objective words like  “sentimental” or “nostalgic,” I blurted out “I miss him” ; - ; And then my therapist took a big pause. And she’s like “Have you ever just decided to reach out to him?” And I’m looking at her like “That’s against the rules??? Um sure, why NOT? I’m running a little low on Closure Juice. Let’s go get me someee lol.” And when she saw that I was clearly distraught about discussing it further, she told me “This looks like a topic we’re gonna be revisiting a lot in future therapy sessions. And before the next session, you have the option to break no contact or not.” So I have until September 20 to tell her what’s up and stuff o: I haven’t decided what to do. Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I remember downloading an app for Break Ups. It’s called “Mend” (I’m not sure if the name is still the same) but one of the healing points that were included there along with intimacy, gratitude, meditation, etc., was ex contact. Which I completely forgot about. I just can’t believe my therapist wants me to be grown up and communicate? ; o ; 
  • Little Target Haul: Handbook for Bad Days, Wood Elixir perfume, and OPI Infinite Shine in Barefoot in Barcelona. 
  • Little B&N Haul (If I didn’t already say it earlier): Pink cat Flexi light, herb tarot deck, General Tarot guidebook. 
  • I was at the New Age section of B&N and I felt so cool learning about the k in the word Magick :3 I watched a video before I got there. It was neat to know that that was a bisexual contribution to the Occult. So circling back to the therapy session. I might just do what she suggested. I’ve been meaning to ask them about this book. I’ve already exhausted my resources and I still can’t find it. I mean I can’t just show up to a book shop keeper/person and give them a really vague description. Cause then they’ll be like “Why don’t you remember the title of the book or the name of the author or what the cover looks like? Because you’re giving me a description that could literally be any Occult book.” And then I’ll be like “Um because they were naked when they told me and I wasn’t paying attention properly o:” And then bookshop person is gonna be like “Give me something. Anything.” And then I’ll be like “Oooh, I saw them IRL, and I meant to ask them, but I fucked them instead.” And Google’s also gonna chime in and be like “I can’t help you, neither biiiiitchhh” o: I might just end up referring to the book in the love letters but I really wanna read it to see if I can use it or not. I already went through old conversations and it wasn’t there ): Man, I’m fucked. 
  • Been rewatching a playlist that I made of Obi-wan Kenobi & Duchess Satine Kryze from Clone Wars. I am living for the comment section where all of us fans are gushing about how cute they are together. My favorite one is the part where Satine is half-roasting and half-flirting with Kenobi about his beard. She’s all like “I’m still not sure about the beard. (Kenobi: "Why, what’s wrong with it đŸ„ș?” )  It hides too much of your handsome face.” MA’AM who gave you the right to compliment him so adorably????? 
  • I’m sorry if some of the stuff is overlapping with the July content. I should try doing monthly wrap-ups consistently from now on. 
  • Old dream from June: Let me just say how cool 5D Mari is for turning down an orgy. She was like “Mere mortals aren’t enough for me, I need to sleep with a god.” Lilith is a god, but she’s also technically our grandmother? Step-grandma. No, wait, ex-grandma because Adam decided to bag Eve instead o: So what is my dream trying to tell me? That I wanted to bang a grandma??? What? Maybe my brain just grabbed the wrong file. Like she has to come up with new dreams all the fucking time and it has to be original so everything is fucking Avant garde o: Hmmmm. Maybe it was supposed to be a granite countertop? A granola bar??? You guys ever watch, “America Says” on Game Show Network? I feel like I’m playing that game right now and I’m trying to squeeze in a really long word and it’s probably a short one lol. Oh, by the way, I learned from this Dream Decoder deck that I bought from Target that sex dreams don’t always mean desire, although it does most of the time. It could also mean you want to assimilate a certain quality of something and make it your own. I thought that was a pretty fun fact. 
  • Stuff is going to not be in order. I just try to type stuff as I remember it lol. 
  • Bought myself a Purple Tarot Deck | Nightmare Before Christmas. I haven’t done a reading for myself in a long time. And I really liked the cards that I got. I did the Past, Present, and Future spread. Cards that I pulled were: Six of Needles, Seven of Needles, and Three of Needles (Reversed). 
  • Freed Bobby the Turtle | We found him under our car after a really heavy rainstorm. He dropped him off at a local park. I wanted to let him go by placing him near the shore but there were a lot of these big birds that looked like Pelicans and they were scavenging for food, so I thought the safest way to drop him off is in the middle of the lake where there’s a bridge. He went out in a plop. Or get home I should say. 
  • Going to descend to S Tier horror films slowly. So I won't be watching Hereditary or Candyman just yet. Also, I'm not going to be watching anything made by Stephen King. That's just not fucking happening. He should've kept his fucking mouth shut about the Texas Winter Storm. I don't care if he makes the best horror films. I'm going to check out other people's work that just gets overshadowed all the time. And on that note, I'm also not going to be watching serial killer-inspired films. There's nothing fascinating about them ): Fictional serial killers, maybe. But people who actually choose to be a serial killer as a hobby? Hard pass. 
  • Finished a couple of ARCs: True Loaf & Romancing The Holidays from Book Sirens
  • New ARC: The Forgotten God from Book Sirens | Currently on Chapter 6 
  • I got blue hydrangeas for me :3 They lasted for more than a week. 
  • I got my sister pink peonies and a soft cat paw plush because she recently went through a breakup. 
  • My little brother got through his annual health exam without having a meltdown. Hooray!
  • Put stickers on my iPad that I’ve been putting off for so long. It looks so pretty. It has holographic shards on some of the stickers. 
  • I am never going to show my therapist my blog. I don't want her to think I'm whack. I mean, I am, but I don't want to give her proof. 
  • I'm getting better at using BBQ lighters. I don't know if the first one I had was just really hard to use because it was kind of dinged, but I don't have a hard time using them anymore. I prefer using a traditional strike on box matches. Which also used to scare me before lol. 
  • Little candle haul: I got some $3 soy candles from the Bullseye's Playground. I got one in Pisces, Capricorn, and one with your letter initial. I got mine in M. They all smell lovely and not overwhelming. Don't you just love it when the candle smells the same before and after your burn it? Pisces smells like a sandy beach with faint floral scents. Capricorn has vanilla with a peppery twist. And then M just smells like coconut salt. 
  • Someone randomly messaged me asking if my name is short for marijuana and now I can't stop fucking laughing lol. Haha yeah, sure bud, a stinky weed wrote this blog post loooool. 
  • I want to watch Batman: The Long Halloween Part I & II but I don't wanna pay ): 
  • I hope I have enough money to buy Pokemon Legends: Arceus next year when it comes out on 1/28/22. I love Dawn so ofc, I'll get it. I wish it didn't look choppy at some parts tho :\ 
  • Not sure if I'll be buying Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. I just hate the gummy characters. That is not worth $60 o: I wanna be able to see my fire fits as I travel through towns just like in Pokemon X and Y. Save that chibi shit for mini games. Ugh, I'm so frustrated about other people eating it up too. Like NO. You gotta complain NOW so they change it before they release it. Can't believe I waited this long for a remake, just for it to be this terrible ):
  • I can't believe I forgot to talk about Nacho Fry Force! Taco Bell has brought back Nacho Fries for the Olympics and it came with an anime-style advertisement! Needless to say, I pigged out this month while watching Olympians go through tough courses. The world is balanced once again :3 Hahaha. I feel bad for liking the return of the Olympics though. It felt strangely normal and nostalgic for me. I saw on Twitter about the protest to delay the Olympics and I agree, it could've been postponed for another year until there's a higher percentage of vaccination from the overall population. It doesn't help that Japan is pretty conservative when it comes to the vaccine, barely approving Pfizer and giving it the green light. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it could have waited. And some people may argue that they're being careful by not allowing family members to travel with the athletes and having safety protocols, it still should have held less priority during a Pandemic. Also, why can't they just make Nacho Fries a permanent part of the menu? And while their at it, they should also bring back salsa verde o: 
  • Late to the moisturizing game but here I am | I kind of go around the perimeter of my boobs because  I have too many nerves there and it’s super sensitive. I only used to spray a hydrating toner all over my body and call it a day. And during winter, I would use gel moisturizers because it would absorb really fast and it would allow me to put clothes on faster.  But I’m actually moisturizing now and my skin feels even softer. I’m using a combination of Aveeno’s body moisturizer with lavender, chamomile, oat, and ylang-ylang (I don’t like it by itself) + Colourpop’s body milk in cucumber. 
  • Saw a bunch of Twitter users motorboating their pets and honestly same. They're so fluffy!!! Chubby just hops away tho :\ Not unless you distract her with apple biscuits and dried flowers. 
  • Raven-haired Mari is back! My hair is a bit short for my liking for now. I hope it gets a bit longer soon. It’s just past my shoulder. But I am happy that it’s all black again :D 
  • I'm trying to get used to my weight fluctuating :\ My goal is to be 110 lbs. It's hard when it keeps going back and forth between 90 -100 lbs. 
  • Watched Till Death (2021). I loved it :3 Megan Fox has my heart and soul. 
  • Discovered Studson Studio | The Ghibli project is so inspiring, it made me want to try harder in my creative endeavors.
  • David Copperfield | Audible | Currently on Chapter XIII | I love how Richard Armitage can make creepy characters like Mr. Barkus really funny and amusing. And I’m so happy he has his own narrator page now. They described his voice perfectly! "honey-voiced" & enchanting baritone :3 
  • New love letter series | I already hinted this way back in April. I just can’t decide on the envelope design and the title. So if I ever publish it and then I change how it looks and what it’s called, I’ll be sure to leave it in the footnote on what I previously called it. It should be up before March 2022. 
  • Been enjoying using my KillStar Witch's Brew Freshly Bottled & Hexed Tumblr :3 Sip, sip, motherfuckers! Happy Hydrating! 


  • Dentist | I used to be able to make an appointment that was earlier than other people. I keep forgetting to make one because I can no longer use the hack where I wake up at 6 or 5 AM to call the appointment center to get a really good one, but now they only open their office at 8 AM . _ . I know it's weird to be excited about going to the dentist, but I really like the feeling of having a fresh mouth and they put something in there that tastes like candy so I always feel good after I go
  • Get back to comments | I'm sorry if I haven't replied yet. I'm working on it.
  • Nail polish swatches | I need to sort them by colors and season and opacity. 
  • Create new graphics for new blog posts again | Haul posts are currently pending
  • Take more selcas. I haven't in a while. 
  • Saving up for a desktop. My laptop is getting old so I'm gonna have to get ready to back everything up and stuff. 
  • Going on long walks again 
  • Rewatch all of Rebuild on Amazon Prime before they take it away ; o ; 
  • Try Study Streaming | Should be fun | And still go under my ASMR channel. 
  • Cook more. I made herb rice with cilantro. And then I used tuna with Japanese mayo to create a healthy bowl of dark greens and Omega 3 fatty acids :3 | I'm going to add green onions, crispy egg, and kimchi next time. 
  • Start putting blush on my fingers. I can finally have use for cream products that I don't get a lot of wear out of. And it's gonna look great on my long nails.
  • Try being brave and complimenting pretty girls when I see them. Ahh, but I get scared most of the time. If you ever have an encounter with me and I just end up staring too hard, I thought you were pretty and I was too scared to say anything.
  • Study runes.
  • Study Lenormand.

What were your adventures in August? Let me know in the comment section below!


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  1. I've been meaning to watch Evangelion for years but I always managed to get distracted away from it, making it to only about halfway through the first season. I really should get to it but at the same time I'm afraid to run out of good things to watch!

    1. Hi Jenny! Aw, I know how you feel. I'm really missing Evangelion right now. But Anno and his team said that this might not be the last we see of Eva. I think they're setting it up similar to Gundam, where there'll be a lot of reboots with different timelines to explore. If you like Evangelion, I think you'll really like Steins; Gate. It's also a bit slow to build up, but it's so worth it when you get to the last episode :D And the films are great too. Another sci-fi anime that I loved is Cowboy Bebop! It's a bit more light-hearted than Eva but it also explores serious themes as well like heartbreak and loss. x

    2. So good that we get to see more of Eva! It's iconic for a reason. I've watched Steins Gate in the past but something didn't click with me, even if Mamoru Miyano's one of my fave VAs. I enjoyed Cowboy Bebop a lot!

    3. Omgoshh! It's always so good to meet another Bebop fan! xx ! That's cool :) I actually almost gave up on Steins;Gate before I reached ep 8. And yes, it is iconic indeed x

  2. I also love calendula❤ Great post❤

    1. Hey Kinga! Yes! It's the best! Thank you, love xx

  3. Beautiful blog! Happy Summer Mari♡

    1. Hi Mary! Aw thank you so much :) I hope you're having a happy summer too xx ♡ !

  4. Nail polish swatches, that reminds me I have mine to do as well! I keep buying but I don't even know if I already have the color!

    1. Yeah exactly! I need to get to work on my nail station. I hope I get it done before summer is over x

    2. Why are polishes so hard to resist! XD

    3. I keep telling myself, "This is the last polish I'm going to add to my collection because this last purchase is going to complete every finish I need"and then before I know it, I'm eyeing new releases from new seasonal collections lol. I've become a nail addict! I haven't bought anything in a while though which is good. Going to try holding off purchases with nail polishes like I do with make up because full sets of new releases becomes expensive really fast :O !

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, sweet ❤ I hope you're having a nice day too!



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