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 Hey my little sugar buns! Welcome to Episode 2 of Kitsune Now. I hope your week has been going great. Mine’s been good so far. I’ve been mostly offline and disconnecting from the digital world. My 28-year-old eyeballs aren’t the same as my 21-year-old peepers. I literally can’t soak as much screen time as  I did before. I hope no one feels unnoticed or neglected while I’m away. I don’t know what’s wrong but lately,  I’ve been having a lot of weird mental fog episodes and I just can’t linger on any social platforms for very long. I am going to try my best to occupy your consciousness for a brief amount of time by trying to be better with my online presence lol. 

So I’ve been in the make up world for about seven years now? I started playing with make up when I was 21. I’ve had my fun. My goal for this year is to flat line my make up spending. I’m not going to be deprived by making this decision. I have a lot of cosmetics to play with in my collection. Instead of going for a deep dive of No-Buy (it’s not realistic), I am going to do a slow Low-Buy. I have until the end of this year to have fun with something new. But after this year, I am no longer going to be buying anymore make up. With the exception of things I use up like: cc creams, mascara, and brow products. 


  • I ask myself, “Mari, do you really want to play with eyeshadows like a chore for consecutive days? Because we are not getting this palette not unless we use 90% of it.” This works every time I’m at Target and I tell myself I’ll just go look at what’s new smh. There’s a couple of Wet n Wild eyeshadows that I really want to add to my red cart, but asking myself this question always stops me from adding stuff to my cart I don’t need. It’s been about 6 months and this question works like a charm every time. 
  • Another question I ask myself, “Mari, do you like taking off make up at the end of the day when you’re ready to hit the hay? Bitch, are you? O:
  • Third question: Is it unique and is it within my budget? My budget right now is $5-$10. Palettes I’ve tried this year are actually in the very affordable range. The “Call Me Sunshine” has (1) unique mustard tone, neutral shades which I do not have or own (2) it’s within my budget, (3) has raved reviews for it’s amazing formula. So I added it to cart because the purchase made sense and it wasn’t impulsive. 
  • I joined a subreddit on Reddit under r/makeuprehab. It’s been helpful when I really am craving new eyeshadow palettes. One tip that really stuck out to me was this girl posting her own experience about wanting new make up. She said that she and her mom just go to the museum to look at pretty artwork, because most of the time, the reason why we want new shiny things is because your brain is craving to look at something aesthetically pleasing. So every time, I’m getting an itch, I just look at my favorite past runways circa 2014. Paolo Sebastian’s works are so dreamy; it makes me so emotionally satisfied that I forget about that newest palette that’s about to become old news anyway. 
  • I decided to form new hobbies that are accessible and free: (1) heel class, (2) pilates, (3) abs/core muscle work out, (4) journaling (Money Diaries, Dream Notebook, Japanese Lessons, Anxiety Journal, Mood Journal, Brain Dump Journal, Blogging), (5)finishing and rereading Audibooks in my Audible library, (6) reading books via digital or print, (7) drinking 1 gallon of water per day. 
  • Palettes are alluring because when I hold them in my hands it feels good. I’ve replaced this sensory enjoyment by playing with my rabbits instead or taking care of the stray cats in our backyard. It’s more rewarding for me than a store-bought serotonin that’s gonna last five seconds after wrecking open the new package that just arrive. 


  • Necromancy Cosmetica
  • Give Me Glow 
  • P.Louise
  • Sigma 

  • Gothic Romance Palette by Necromancy Cosmetica 
  • Stone Cold Fox Colourpop palette 
  • Cor-de-Rosa Sigma palette 
  • Sugar Cone palette BH Cosmetics

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  1. I want to check Sigma palette❤

    1. Me too! I kinda wanna swap the Ambience with the Cor-de-Rosa palette as I love the colors inside the Ambience palette more. But I love the outer packaging of Cor-de-Rosa! ❤

  2. Mari, I love your new podcast! I just got back into buying makeup, and I honestly need to control my spending on makeup as well. I did recently purge my old collection because it needed to be tossed; it was mostly super cheap/low-quality unbranded makeup that Walmart only breaks out around Christmas time or Claire's makeup, and it was old... So I'm restocking my collection with makeup that's of decent quality. It is easy to over buy though! I've picked up quite a few things because they were pretty, and not so much because I wanted to play with the product and make looks from it.

    I love what you said about how we often buy new things because they're aesthetically pleasing to look at! I think that's where most of my impulsive makeup buys came from. It's pretty to look at them, and it's nice to have them in my drawer, but do I really NEED them? Do I really NEED all these neutral/pink/gold palettes that have very similar shades? Or do I just want something pretty to look at? Personally, I'm thinking now I should look more into blush, highlighter, and bronzer because I don't have nearly as many of those... But even with those I want to think it through before I buy new ones. (Like, will this blush look good on me, or do I just like the packaging? And yes, the color is pretty, but will it actually look good on my skin tone?)

    I also love the idea of looking through photos you find aesthetically pleasing to satisfy the need to look at pretty things. I also need to get back into my free hobbies as well! I've been wasting way too much time shopping for makeup lately, and not so much time on hobbies.. (For real, I need to start making content again! Not shop on Amazon or spend the day looking through Target's entire catalog!) The serotonin from buying a new product does wear off quickly!

    Plus, I also have the goal of buying a new iPad Air... I shouldn't keep pushing that back with "OMG, that palette is so pretty and so is that one!" ... That doesn't mean I won't buy new makeup, but I do want to think these purchases through more.

    Anyway, great post, and I love this post format!

    Katherine Isabella Moon | The Kat Life | www.thekatlifestyle.com


    1. Kat!!!! I’ve missed you!!! I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to create a reply. But I was really happy to get your comment! Thanks so much for your support, Kat. Oh, I’m so excited to see your new make up collection. I got a peek from your first Tik Tok video! I hope to see more soon <33

      Yeah, I was so impressed with what the reddit user came up with to find a solution to her make up buying problem. Everything made sense after that. And exactly! I have too many repeats of palettes in my collection. So many neutrals that are slightly different from one another, but probably look very similar on the eye when you wear them.

      Another reason why I won’t be indulging in make up next year also has to do with the make up world, not being as inclusive as it should be. There still aren’t enough make up made for people with olive undertones! Reds and pinks are a nightmare for me to work with because they are never how they look in the pan or the bottle.

      One thing I’ve been trying every time I’m tempted to buy make up is buy going to places that are more friendly/safe for my wallet. Like the Dollar Tree, 99 cent store, Burlington or Ross (Haven’t had much luck at TJ Maxx). I was able to score a lot of make up that usually cost $40 for $5. Or items that used to be $15 for $1. It really helps a lot every time I get an itch lol. Especially knowing that I can’t just go to a store and buy everything in their inventory lol. And if I did, I’d have to find a place for it when I get home. I can’t just build shelves or buy containers every time I want something on a whim. This works out better for me because I’m more interested in discontinued items that were limited edition and they end up being marked down by a ton!

      I’m gonna really miss going to Walgreens or Target or Sally’s Beauty and picking up something new. It’s one of the little joys I found in the everyday. But it just doesn’t make sense to buy things to feel good. I actually found that I’m happier to buy new things, after I’ve used something up. Cuz then I feel like I earned that little trip to my local beauty stores.

      I also gotta remind myself that every time a collab is dropped that that make up only looks good, because it was specifically designed for THAT celebrity or influencer. It doesn’t translate to it looking good on everyone else. Maybe in the future, the make up market will allow for more customized stuff. Not just for lipsticks, but for foundation, blushes, contour and eyeshadow palettes too.

      After next year, my goal is to also stop buying nail polishes. I’m still not able to do it yet, so it’ll take a while to get there.

      And me too! I gotta save up for a desktop. My laptop is getting older and I can’t keep buying make up at the same time!

      Kat, I hope you’re doing well xx It’s always so lovely to talk to you. Sending you big hugs/love whenever you get to read this x

  3. I definitely always have the same problem checking out when shopping: way too many makeup products I don't need. Thanks for your tips on how to say no to products, very helpful and funny!

    1. Hi Ellis! I'm so glad you found my post helpful and amusing. Another thing I forgot to put on top of my list is the constant maintenance you have to do when you own stuff. I have to frequently dust things and make sure they're all clean and it really makes me regret my hoarding choices lol.

      You know, before I decided on this publishing this post, I already have been doing a curated collection of make up and buying things infrequently. But consciously making this decision to no longer expanding my make up collection in the future has made me feel lighter and content with what I already have. x



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