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Hey guys! I am currently typing this on my iPad because my poor laptop is finally showing its age. It wouldn’t stop fanning after just typing a few texts. Anyway, how are you guys? I hope you’re all doing very well. I just wanted to quickly hop on here and tell you about the new direction that my blog is heading towards. So two new installments that you can expect from me are: (1) this podcast series and my (2) shop small series. 

We’re going to use the term ‘podcast’ here lightly hahaha. It’s more of a term I’m going to use to describe posts that are heavily focused on text rather than photography or graphic design. I feel like often when I am blogging, I get carried away with making everything pretty and it became more about designing rather than typing out my thoughts - like a ratio of 60% graphics vs 40% text. So, we’re going to depart from that aspect of blogging for a while and just go back to traditional blogging where my thoughts are on the front and center of the show. I do technically have the equipment to record all of the stuff I have written via text but Google can’t search for audio, so I’m going to have to show you a transcript anyway, so why not publish it first? I’m gonna save up money for a better microphone and hopefully, it’s one of those nice, pink ones that have been on my wish list for a while now. Season One is already structured. A total of 16 episodes. And once it’s all published, I am going to create a Table of Content here on the very first episode, so you can check out the titles which intrigue you the most. For Season Two, I am hoping to invite guest bloggers and interview them about the inner machinations of blogging. I’m really thrilled to get started on that. For Season Three, I’m going to write about stuff that I learned in Therapy. 

Shop Small Series is going to be featuring a lot of shops that I’ve shopped from and give them a permanent place on my blog. It’s going to be just like my other regular hauls, so it’ll balance out the sea of paragraphs I’m going to be indulging in my podcast post. Right now, I’m craving a lot of spooky stuff, so if you’re into that then I got the spooky fix just for you. Speaking of spooky, this is still going to be a pink+peachy beauty and lifestyle blog, but now there’s going to be a lot of spooky content as well. I am so stoked about it and I hope you are too! 

Well, that’s all I came here to say. Just a short announcement of what’s to come. Oh, and before I go, I decided on the name “Kitsune Now” because I wanted to name it after my favorite character from “The Little Prince” which is the wise, old fox. The logo that I made has the fox talking to the moon, similarly to how I pretended to use a banana as a telephone when I was five years old. 

Ciao. Thank you so much for reading. Please leave me a comment in the comment section below because you know I love hearing from you. Sending everyone lots of love! Take care xx! 


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