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Hi guys. How's your July going so far? I hope you have been doing great. Let me know what you've been up to? :D I am currently looking for Code Orange. Just waiting for every store to have Halloween in their inventory so I can grab a lot of pumpkins! I currently have a lot of stuff on my 'Saved For Later' Cart on Etsy. A lot of them are Sam merch from Trick r Treat. I am trying my best to talk myself out of them, but so far, no luck. Because there are still seven items on my cart lol. I gotta wait until Coin Day arrives before I can make any more purchases lol. I can't wait to pick up the Mayor plush and an Oogie Boogie plush. I'm trying to find a Sam one, but he's kind of a rare item. Yup. He's sold out at the moment D: I'm so mad at myself. Why didn't I grab him last year :'(


  • Papa Bear got me a 'Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead' music box.  It's the kind where you have to wind it up on your own
  • I got my hands on the ARC I signed up for in Xpresso Book Tours
  • Late evening Taco Bell adventures: Baja Blast + Grande Nachos Box (It has the elusive salsa verde inside!!!)
  • I got a rose gold Bluetooth wireless speaker :3 
  • A lot of nail haul. Mostly from LA Girls. I also finally got a UV nail lamp. I've been doing good with not purchasing any new eyeshadows but nails stuff are still my weakness :\
  • Got a new black tee. Haha, what's new. It's a neon city-ish graphic that says PH 63. 
  • Nyx is like the brand of the year for me. I got their Brow glue product because out of nowhere I wanted laminated brows and I love it so much!!! Also got one of their chubby lipsticks in the shade Enamored (dark vampy metallic color). 
  • Finally opened Kiehl's Limited Edition Bannecker Coriander Exfoliating Bar Soap. It smells really good
  • Grunge haul from the 99 Cent Store. I can't wait to show you :3 
  • My poisoned apple earrings came in! The owner accidentally gave me an extra pair in a different color. I gotta message them about it later.
  • Being an adult means you get excited about black velvet clothes hangers
  • I love my black tee Salem Shirt paired with this comfy light gray pants I got from the brand "Caution to the Wind" | The shirt has a white cat and many faces of the moon and also the date 1692
  • I think I've finally decided on the East Coast. I don't wanna go to NY though because I feel like all I'd do there is shop. So I'm going to Boston, Massachusetts instead and then take the train to Salem. 
  • Finally watched my first horror movie alone: Trick r Treat (2007). Can't believe this came out when I was a freshman in high school. It's a really good movie. I love Sam. It's categorized under Mystery and Thriller. But I feel like it could also be filed under Slasher movies? 
  • Read "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" (2014) | All 8 issues | Hence my obsession with witchy stuff and Salem in general lol | Issue no. 8 was so fucking weird tho o: 
  • Read "Sabrina: The Teenage Witch" (2019) | All 10 issues
  • Finished two audiobooks on Audible | Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer & Meditations by Marcus Aurelius | Both narrated by Richard Armitage 
  • Reread "Snow, Glass, Apples" (2x)
  • Reread "A Study in Emerald" 
  • Rick & Morty Season 5, Episode 3: Rickconvenient
  • Bad Batch is already ten episodes in nothing has happened. So many fucking wasted episodes and the dialogue isn't even that great. There are only six episodes left D: And they did my boy, Crosshair dirty. This review sums up pretty well how I feel about it. They butchered my new favorite characters in Star Wars that I don't even know if I wanna get Crosshair or Wrecker in Funko POP. I still feel like their appearance is Season 7 is way better than the current series airing. And it's too bad we only get four episodes of the good stuff. 
  • I tried two new igari tecnhiques. I prefer Igari #2 look. It's where you put two horizontal lines under your eyes. Igari #3 look is where you place your blush vertically in the middle of your forehead and in the middle of your cheeks. So three vertical lines: forehead, cheek one, and cheek two. 
  • Sorted my pants collection. Going to recycle XS pants into dirty rags for cleaning around the house. I should have no more pants that hurt me, but a couple are on the chopping block. I'll see how I feel about it later. 
  • My nail talons are back. Currently wearing Cirque - NYFW. It's the ultramarine blue that I've been looking everywhere for. 
  • Finally became unstuck at Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout. I kept dying in this game, and I was roaming around everywhere trying to find a potion shop. And then three hours later into the game, I realized "WAIT A SEC. I'M THE ALCHEMIST. I AM THE POTION SHOP OF THIS GAME." Smh. Lol. I mean, I was only here for the dress-up games LMFAO. Finally learned how to make a scythe and my synthesis levels are up. 
  • Enjoyed Clever & Chic's Semiotics of Fashion essay. 
  • New Super Food Favorite: Mustard :3
  • Subbed to Occultish Weekly Emails for Weekly Witch tips 
  • I got a vibrator from Target. Woot woot. I haven't taken it out for a spin yet. But I love reaching for it under my pillow just to hold it. Because the texture is so dang nice. Yeah, look at us. Look at us. Me getting excited to hold hands with a vibrator lol. I know a couple of my exes have fleshlights or a collection of adult boy toys, and wow I might start being a collector too from now on lol. There was this blogger called Myrainbowdarling, and she did a review of these toys that were designed to like Sailor Moon staff and Oh my it's so pretty. But they're like a hundred bucks a pop lol so I couldn't bite the bullet to add it to my cart. 
  • I got red Secaden Devil horn clips but the one I got off Amazon snags my hair really bad so I ordered another set from Etsy instead for the same price. Can't wait for it to get here.
  • Evangelion: Thrice Upon A Time 3.0+1.0 is going to be released worldwide on Aug 13th via Amazon Prime :D !!! 
  • Tommy likes the Greenies Catnip we got him. Also, two more stray cats have shown up in our neighborhood. One is really tiny and slim, and another is bigger with the same gray striped pattern. I don't know what name to give them yet. I'm tempted to name the smaller one, Ahsoka. It's been nice with Tommy letting us pet him because our rabbit Gigi doesn't care much for petting (unless you give her raspberries - but even then she'll stare at you judgmentally while you try to stroke her fur). We got Gigi so that Chubby wouldn't get lonely after our rabbit, Bubbles died; - ; She was a black lion-headed rabbit. She was just beginning to open up to us, but then she left really quickly. _ . ; So Tommy letting us pour our affection on him has been a great help in healing our broken hearts after Bubbles. I tried to keep Tommy under wraps because I know some friends have had to say goodbye to their fur babies ; - ; So I've only really talked about him here on my blog and not anywhere else like Twitter or Instagram.
  • I don't know why I felt compelled to share this but I remember when I was ten years old, my dad got me this graphic novel called "The Courageous Princess" in one of his library hauls. My dad, I just realized, has always communicated to us via books. It always felt like he never communicated with us but he actually did. I guess Papa Bear isn't a regular dad. He's a cool dad haha :D I remember during prom night, he got me a book the day before where the cover  said "It's okay to say no if you want to." And I didn't even know that it's an American tradition to lose your virginity during prom night lol. But it was really sweet of my dad to do that. Prom night was boring. But anyway back to the first book. My dad got me that after he noticed me writing down all of my flaws in a giant wad of paper that I stuck to my bookshelf with scotch tape because I thought I was a big ball of deformity. And he asked, "What's this?" and I'm looking at him all angry-like and responded, "I'm examining my flaws." And my dad just laughed, not to be a jerk, but because I think he realized that I was growing up and becoming more self-conscious, and probably starting my emo-phase early. Anyway, the next day my dad gave me that graphic novel, and in the story, there's all sorts of different princesses: some are smart, some are pretty, some are athletic. But the main character is a plain one. She goes on this journey, and in her journey she realized that she wasn't a nondescript character that she thought she was. She wasn't worthless. And she didn't need any of those superficial atrributes like beauty or strength to complete her journey. And it only took me two decades to realize what my dad was trying to tell me: The only thing you need in life, is to have courage. And courage isn't something that you have to spend your whole life chasing, like the elusive other-half or a soulmate, it's already within you. And once you claw it out of you, life doesn't seem so scary, no matter what it throws at you. Thanks, Dad. Even though we don't talk much, you always know the important things to say. 
  • Subbed to The Witch Wave Podcast by Pam Grossman on Spotify
  • I am trying this new diet/sleep cycle where I eat and drink everything before 7 PM and then get up at 5 AM. It's working great so far. 
  • I got my little brother a Captain America Wallet and a Puma Running Cap in a grey and black. I hope he likes it. My mom got him a Drakkar Noir perfume. 
  • My therapist said I was impressive. And she emphasized it :D I was so happy on my drive back home. There was a noticeable skip  on my step too as I said bye to the two ladies at the front after the session :3 I can't wait for my  August appointment! 
  • Not Chubby choosin to be triflin' this month. She literally pulled the equivalent of "Welcome Home, Cheater" after she found out about me and Tommy. How'd she even know? We never take her out of the house? And she can't see anything from the window. Wait, she must've heard with her super sensitive bunny ears ono;;; 


  • Watch 'The Witch' (2015) | Black Philip: Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? Me: You son of a bitch, I'm in | Going to watch it on Kanopy because I have 8 credits from my local library :3 I'm slowly training my brain from being a scaredy-cat to a cool cat. Mark my words. I remember being in my early twenties and hating the horror genre. I have news for 21-year-old Mari, I like it now, sucker. Haha. She'd only ever watch horror stuff with like people she was talking to (now exes) because she had no tolerance for scary stuff at all lol. I remember making a pact with one of my exes to promise to protect me if the monster ever comes out of the screen. We'd pee together and we'd get glasses of water together. I'd only let them grope me because, I was going to sacrifice them later to the monsters/ghost hanging around in the corner of the room anyway o: I was so evil, man. I mean, it's just classic INTJ stuff though. Anyway, am I just watching 'The Witch' for the cute, black, goat? Hell yessss. Capricorn represennnnt. I swear Satan's so embarrassed by me. Imagine being born after Christmas and being scared of horror movies. The shame ):
  • Watch "Kedi: The Cats of An Ancient City" (2016) Documentary | Also on Kanopy 
  • Watch The Alienist on HBO Max
  • Finish 'The Hiding Place" by C.J. Tudor | Narrated by Richard Armitage. I am on Chapter 18 
  • Get started in finishing up the four remaining audiobooks in my library before I consider buying some more books narrated by Richard Armitage. 
  • See my therapist in a couple of days to tell her that I applied what I learned in our last month's session :3
  • Get back into cooking: Make space waffles/pancakes. I got the Capn' Crunch blue maple syrup :3 I figured I'd try something simple first before trying whisky bacon and a tofu pad thai dish later on. 
  • I wanna work out again and try to get abs. Because Megan Fox has them and now I want them too :3

What were your adventures in July? Let me know in the comment section below!

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