Empties #11



Hey guys! How are you guys? I hope you're doing wonderfully. It's been raining non-stop where I live. I really like it. Because it's like spooky weather has arrived early. Makes me think that Summerween is 100% possible. Anyway, these are my recent empties. I finally finished two mini-dry bottle shampoos (one has only 3-4 sprays left, so I included it), lip balm, a body scrub, a tub of hair balm, a bag of sponges, and a lot of sheet masks that have been sitting around for a while. As of right now, I am no longer planning on repurchasing sheet masks because a) it's terrible for the environment b) no longer really interested in sheet masks for the longest time - and I hate it when it drips down to my clothes c) they can get pretty expensive for $2 a pop - considering how you have to use it frequently. I am a bit sad though because sheet masks make such great photos for flat lay and flat lays are my favorite photos to take.

What products have made it to your Empties basket? Let me know in the comment section below because you know I love hearing from you! Take care xx 

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