Recent Target Run | What's New At Target?



Recent Target Run, What's New At Target?

Hey guys! This is the third post for the month of June. I can’t believe I met my blog goal. Woo hoo. Hooray. Basically scrambling at the end of June lol. Hi, if you’re new here. I’m Mari. I post a lot of beauty and hauls kinda content. But I’m also philosophical when needed. Podcast script posts are coming very soon.

Target trips are like Tiffany’s to me. Nothing bad ever happens there. Except for the most recent visits. A couple of times, I got shit scared because of a) a person with a ‘don’t step on snek’ sticker b) inconsiderate men following me when they were clearly leaving Target. Can’t a lil gremlin like me just enjoy going to Target? Sniffing it and looking at all the cute things? That’s all I would like. I’m gonna have to start wearing rune sigils around my shoes or any items that I carry so no one messes with me.

I didn’t buy any new books, but man, the video game section and the book section always feels magical. I go in there, personally, to sniff new books. It’s just so comforting. Sorry for babbling on. On to the content you were here for! This is a combination of online purchases and in-store purchases. 

What I added in my cart: A lot of dollar spot items. Spot’s Playground. Striped Pajamas for my sister and also Mama Bear. Seasonal Decor (Spring & Summer complete). SugarFix Bauble Bar. Had a hard time wearing it. The Lip Bar. Favorite quad ever. Monday conditioner. Fabulous. Rabbit treats. Back-ups of mascara. Right now, I love the L'Oreal Air Volume Mascara.  Hmm. I think that’s about it. Oh and also, Father’s Day stuff. I bought backup gifts in case the other order I placed didn’t arrive on time, so I got that taken cared of. 

Also really wanted to get the ‘Wood Elixir’ perfume but ended up settling for ‘Cloud Musk’ instead. 

What’s in your cart? Let me know in the comment section below because you know I love hearing from you! Take care xx 



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