Hello there, June



Hello there, June

Hey guys! Welcome back! I hope you have been doing good. Hope everything has been aligning for you and are doing well. I remember saying I wanted to be able to update weekly this past May, but I have just been enjoying my offline life a lot, so I haven't been able to hop on here. I'm truly sorry if my online presence has been largely absent. 


  • Watch out for a Target Haul coming up soon. I thought I was gonna keep it short to only the recent hauls I've done, but I ended up combining all of the hauls I've made since January, so haha, it's gonna be a long one. Also, I am still on a No-Buy, I have just been purchasing stuff that I'm out of or if I do get something that I'm craving, it's usually via gift cards or reward points. I'll talk more about it in the upcoming post.
  • Meet Tommy! He's the giant stray cat in our neighborhood! He finally trusts us to be near him and feed him directly. He prefers dry food over wet food. He likes to hang around our patio set and he prefers to be fed in the front garden. Last year, I got  a fortune cookie that said "Love is on its way" and I had no idea it was going to be in the form of Tommy! I love you, Tommy! I love it when you rub against me after petting your head and giving you bowls of food. Oh and  I just love his name. Our neighbors named him. It reminds me of Tommy from Peaky Blinders :D I'm so excited for the new season to drop! I'm so impatient! Have you watched Peaky Blinders??! Tell me if you know what I'm talking about in the comment box below!
  • I got the stuff for my dad for Father's Day. I'm so happy that my order from Disney arrived early. Because the email notification I got said that it might take 3-4 weeks before it shipped and was so happy it got to my doorstep after a week of ordering it. I got him a Darth Vader shirt and a mug to match :) The only thing left to do is get Chubby and Gigi's signature using smashed blueberries for the card. 
  • I reread "Snow, Glass, and Apples" by Neil Gaiman. This time in the comic book format. And Oh my God, the artwork is to die for. I remember taking so many screenshots on my phone. It's still as deliciously scary as I remembered it when I read it when I was 19. I remember after rereading it, I  was going to pee in the middle of the night and heard rummaging noises (most likely from my crepuscular rabbits) out of nowhere and remembered immediately engaging in fight-or-flight mode, scared that whatever was that shadowy figure at the bottom of the stairs that I couldn't really see very well of, was actually Snow White and she's waiting for me to trip over and eat my hands lol. 
  • Finished Delta of Venus by Anais Nin 
  • Bought a Handheld Mini Pink Bear Fan to fight the heatwave ; o ; It's been such a scorcher outside
  • Also got a bottle spray with a fine mist so I can put my Hatamugi toner easily on my face and whole body. It looks so cool and sleek and shiny. It's my favorite product of the month. 
  • Found a lot of interesting spiritual/personality-related stuff about me. I found out with numerology that my Life Path is a 5. This makes me super happy because one of my favorite Clone Troopers is Fives from Star Wars: Clone Wars. My Dosha (Body Type) is Catabolic (Vata). I'll talk more about the current healthy food diet I'm on in my Food Diaries. I'm an Enneagram Type 4 - The Romantic Individualist under the Sexual Subtype. I also got a wing result which is 4w5. I got a Rebel personality from the Gretchen Rubin Four Tendencies test. I'm not too sure about this last one I'm about to mention. But my Body Graph is a Projector Type with a Solar Plexus - Emotional and Investigator/Martyr profile. 
  • Fell in love with salad again. Only thing I ate for weeks. Still a burger girl at heart, but salad has my soul at the moment. 
  • Participating in Reedsy's Read For Charity. They're partnering with Room To Read - an organization that helps children in low-income communities develop literacy skills and a reading habit. For every review you publish in June, Reedsy donates $5 (Up to 10k USD). 
  • Can't wait for my hair appointment at the end of July. Hopefully, I'll have some lengths by then where I could chop off the remaining bleached part of my hair and go back to having jet black hair. It's so awesome, I can't wait. There was a photoshopped photo that I saw of Briar Rose and she had jet black hair instead of blonde hair and it looked so great. I'm really looking forward to having my natural hair color again. Going to keep it layered, and also keep the length around the shoulders for now so it will be easier to manage. 
  • Learned about how cave paintings are the earliest forms of animation and cinema. The magic happens when you used old lanterns because their flickering lights activate the motions you're supposed to see. Can't do it with modern technology. That's so neat!
  • Watched PokeToons Ep 3: Yume no Tsubomi (The Budding Dream). It was so awesome! I loved the animation style and the story
  • Captain Rex in Episode 7 of The Bad Batch ; o ; I love him so much. 
  • Found the Youtube Channel of "Say Yes To The Dress." I have been looking for this show for like for like three years now! The very first episode I watched was the one where the bride wanted to have a cape for her wedding, and her mom wouldn't let her. I was so stressed during that episode lol. The channel got recommended to me because there was a bride who wanted to look like Bella and I watched like one playlist of a Twilight aesthetic video the day before lol. And omg, I love the episode where Gok helps the bride decide between two dresses. She looked so stunning in both of them. And I also like the episode where the bride has an unlimited budget, but the whole family was so down-to-earth and so lovely to everyone. Deadass crying every time I see the brides so happy when they've found their dress ; o ; 
  • I'm stoked about doing another set of Book Sample Reviews. This time I'm doing the trilogy dedicated to Grand Admiral Thrawn. The last book isn't going to arrive until November, but I'm working on the two books that are currently out. 
  • Made new pin designs. It's supposed to mimic pink travel suitcases and I really liked how it turned out. My eyeballs were soaked for hours with screen time though. And it was so awful when something is slightly off-centered and I ended up having to redo all 250+ posts. Also regretted squeezing in a month's work into three days. That's how fast I wanted to revamp my blog. I'm so proud though and so glad it's done because I feel connected to my blog again. 
  • Finally reached three stars on my island. I got KK Slider to come over to my island, and I've finally unlocked terra-forming. Also really happy that I unlocked the upgraded version of Timmy and Tommy's shop. I still don't have panels though, so I don't know if I'm gonna get a Dream Adress just yet. Also not chasing, Dreamies, just because I feel so guilty kicking out the current villagers I have. They're all adorable and sweet even if they're not Raymond. I almost forgot, I also befriended Sable! I hope Nintendo does a patch update where she's able to wander around the island because she deserves it! She works so hard all the time ; o ;  Going to wait for Sakura season next year because I bought the game too late, but I'm pretty excited about Shark Season. Last thing I one to make a note of is that I failed at creating a Tarantula island . _ . ; Because it's out of season. One scorpion showed up tho.
  • Found a lot of songs that I liked. June Jams are lit. My top two songs on repeat right now are Plums - Parking Lots (Slowed) & DreamGirl - Teenage Blue (Slowed). 
  • I have been using this make up technique called Blush Draping and omg I love it so much. It's my favorite interpretation of Igari so far. 
  • Bit bummed out that our trip to Tokyo next year may not happen. Japan isn't ranking high in terms of countries that have been vaccinated . _ . ;;; So I might have to just do a domestic trip again. Not sure if it'll be the West Coast or the East Coast. I'll just throw darts blindfolded. Haha, watch it land where my city is lol.  
  • Re-watched PBS Kids with my little brother and Daniel the Tiger is such a wholesome show ; o ; At the end of each episode he always says "Because it's you that I like" ; o ; Deadass crying in between episodes.
  • Also finished the pin designs for Season 1 of my podcast series. It will be comprised of 16 episodes in total
  • New polish love: Hot & Hazy by Sinful Colors. I prefer it with a glossy finish. 
  • Trying to find my lost package . _ . ; It's in the house somewhere. 
  • So happy for Aisling | DramaticMac. She's a mom now! And I'm so happy for her <3
  • I've been sneezing so many times while typing, this I'm gonna change my name to Cashew 
  • I had this dream where I had sex with Lilith. No, not the hot Lilith you see in sculptures and paintings. I meant the one from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Not that this Lilith form isn't not hot, but I'm just saying, she's not in the human form most people would expect. And I guess if I was an alien, I might have a different metric of how I go about defining how hot Evangelion's Lilith exactly is. Anyway, I digress. So, anyway, I know what you're thinking? How the fuck are you gonna fuck that? Bitch she doesn't even have a complete torso? Ok, first of all, she has blobs for legs, which actually have tiny centipede feet sticking out of them. Second of all, she has vaginal dentata, so it's like her mouth just closed, and she can open it anytime she wants to ok??? OK??? Anyway, let me start from the beginning. So the dream started in this dark room. I was in bed, and this gorgeous seven-eyed lady was caressing me and I was like, "Hey I really like where this is going, but *gestures at everything in the room - a whole bunch of other random people waiting to join to form an orgy*" and Lilith's like, "Oh wow, I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were uncomfortable. I'll get rid of them." And I was like, "Aw that's so sweet of you, Lilith :'). I can't wrap my head around the fact that Adam didn't want you, and HOW COULD ANYONE POSSIBLY think you're an instrument of evil and destruction?" And she's like, "Oh stop it, Mari" and then the spoon/fork thing happened. I'm not sure how dream logic made it possible because a) she's 80 meters tall and b) she's also crucified by the Spear of Longinus so, I'm not really sure how much movement we could make??? But anyway, the dream kept unfolding and I had this really weird incoming message where my brain was warning me not to stick my hand inside her, because I may never see it again. Brain's like" Hey, hey remember in the show, she basically ate someone's hand, so maybe don't do that?" And I'm like, "Ok, brain, what the fuck do you want me to do :\? I don't have a dick to test this out, so I gotta use my hand," so I sticked my hand in there, and the dream didn't really show if I ended up with a bloody stump or if my hands were still intact, but we were at the climax, and before it happened, I was like "Wait, wait, babe let me grab a straw" and she's like "Whaaat, whyy?" and then it spurted out and I was like looking at her all disappointed, "Oh, it's white" and Lilith's like "What's wrong with white??" And I was like, "Um, I just thought it was going to be orange, like you know LCL?" And Lilith's looking at me offended like "Umm, that's my blood. My cum is going to be white just like every other being in the universe" and then I woke up. And I was like "Ohhhh, I was a vampire in that dream having sex." And I decoded the dream even further, and it turns out I was just craving Fanta juice. Nice. I know you're reading this and you're like, "Mari what the fucc did I just read? I thought you were a boring, pink blog who writes superficial stuff like make-up and skincare?" And my response to that is "You're welcome. Now you're just as disturbed as I am. Now you have some depth. Go explore it."
  • Just learned about the Grief Complex/Eternal Widow concept. It's pretty dope. I learned that because the last thing I googled was "Was Gendo sleeping with Rei?" | The final film, Thrice Upon A Time,  needs to be released worldwide because I need to see Mari or I'll die ; o ; 
  • Finally worn/swatched the new nail polishes I've collected in the past six months. Thank god for skittle manicure. It was a total of 44 but now I'm down to just ten. Which I'll do this coming weekend. Also caught up with new clothes and new make-up. This delaying of using items after buying them just clarifies my need to stop tying my emotional crisis to online purchases. Even if it does help with emotional coping, I want to try something else. See ATU-555 (Tales about Dissatisfaction and Greed). 
  • Finally watched It Happened One Night (1934). I love the parallel scenes between this and Anastasia. I love this film so much. It made me cry towards the end too. My favorite scene would have to be the scenes in the very first cottage they went to because it reminded me of when we used to go in the lakes where our family's friends would let us borrow their cabins during summer vacations. 
  • Also watched Double Wedding (1937) featuring Myrna Loy and William Powell. I remember feeling pretty low this past couple of months, but TCM always helps my soul feel happy and rejuvenated
  • Figured out how to do "Spinning" properly. I can only last five minutes for now, but I'm slowly working towards my goal of completing a 30-minute session by the end of the year. 
  • Changed bedsheet + pillowcase, cleaned my space, showered + moisturize, ate all my leftovers, and overall improved my mood by doing the little things
  • Weird fight with my sister. Not really a fight, but a small misunderstanding. It's so dumb too. It's over coasters. I gave my sister a couple of coasters that I thought were cute and then her boyfriend also got her coasters because they went to Daiso together and then my feelings got butthurt because I thought she preferred the one her bf got her. Long story short, it hit an emotional fuse out of nowhere because I was one week away from my period, and D: Ughh, there was no problem in the first place and my ovaries and hormones thought there was one. 
  • No longer mourning expired friendships? In terms of how a lot of friendships of mine ended at the beginning of the Pandemic, most likely because of the anti-Asian sentiment going around. I used to be quite upset about it, but not anymore. This also goes for any other friendships that have fallen on the wayside. I feel like the universe always has my back when it comes to these things, because any time an old friendship dies, I always seem to be able to make new friends which I didn't even expect to happen right away. 
  • Mama Bear complained about how I'm not extroverted enough o: And she hates it when I act like my dad, which is just to stay at home and enjoy solitary activities :\\ I can't help it that I'm an introvert. 
  • Need to break up with my current therapist tomorrow :\ The nurses were like, "Yeah, you gotta grow a pair, do it on your own, instead of filling up paperwork like last time" Fml. [Edit: I've decided to stay with my therapist] Just finished a therapy session this morning and it went pretty well and she also gave me handouts so we can have more to discuss for my next appointment. I didn't chicken out. I actually did like how the session turned out. I guess the first time I met her, I was new at therapy and she was also fairly new, so it kind of felt shaky but everything's good now. Which is such a relief. Although, I did feel guilty when I came in this morning because I saw a new therapist that just got hired, and it felt like cheating on my current therapist because I was looking at the new therapist, "She's gonnna be my new therapist as soon as I break up with my current one." Smh.  Where is this dumb playboy energy coming from? D: Ugh, I'm not like this.  
  • Finally got around to blocking/muting/restricting/unfollowing the people who don't understand that "No" is a complete sentence 🧹. I honestly have too much self-love and self-respect to not reinforce my boundaries when needed. Can you imagine someone feeling entitled to your fucking wallet, persistently, via unsolicited DMs, after just going through a natural disaster? The Texas winter storm was barely over, and these shitty people had the nerve to continually harass me online weeks after weeks to join their overpriced monthly subscription that I have no need or use of. I need to buy a generator that's gonna take five years to fucking repay and all the other fucking damage the storm left. Each time I would turn them down politely, and they still wouldn't listen. Now they deserve to be on full blast. No caps. 
  • Found a new Tarot Reader that I like | Eso Tarot xx 
  • Excited to create my first "Book of Shadows" | My very first Grimoire | I'm going to make it pretty and fill it up with lots of hexes and spells ☽ 🌑☾


  • Upload more blog posts | Goal: 3 new posts
  • Switch to print/analog reading | Goal: 2 books 
  • Take my mock test | Goal: schedule my exam date 
  • Buy Tommy cat treats, catnips, cat toys, and a tiny cat bed  
  • Create heart-shaped lakes in Miu Miu (New Horizons) 
  • Finish Audible Book: Heads You Win (Only 10 Chapters left) | Narrated by Richard Armitage 
  • Try to find new animes to watch | Preferably something school-life like Hyouka 

What are your June adventures so far? Let me know in the comment section below! Take care xx !


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Hello there, June


  1. Amazing adventures! Well just so you know, I bought so many things for my cat already. I hope they grow bigger and chonkyyy! Ive start reading as well after a super long hiatus. And my current is Stardust by Neil Gaiman. May your June get more fun as it goes by. Take care xx

    1. Hi Aika!!! Oh my goshhh! Chonkyyyy cats are the best!!!Hehe, Tommy is pretty chonky. I think he's able to charm everyone in the neighborhood because he's so cute when he meows for food. Oh and I love Stardust by Neil Gaiman! It's one of my favorite movies of all time. Have you seen it? Aww and thank you :') I hope your June also has a lot of fun and amazing surprises in store for you too! xx

  2. Awww Tommy is so adorable! He kinda has the same spots on his ears like my cat does. It reminds me of Mickey Mouse's ears so much haha! xx

    lenne | lennezulkiflly.com

    1. Aww Mickey Mouse ears. That's sooo cuuuute! I love that :D xx

  3. I would like to have a cat !! :))
    Would you like to follow each other?

    1. Me too!!! Tommy is still his own master so no one really owns him. We're so happy to be able to tame him a little though :)) Had to feature him for this month's cover because he gave us so much light. Already following xo!



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