Food Diary No. 6 | First Watch Brunch, Tiger Sugar, Two Hands, & More



Food Diary No. 6 | First Watch Brunch, Tiger Sugar, Two Hands, & More

Hey guys. Can you believe it's already the end of June? I'm hurrying up to post this to meet my blog quota. I know I said I wanted to get at least two posts up before the month is over. But my page is in eternal loading mode as I am typing this which makes it very hard to see what I'm typing. I learned during my food adventures that lemonade is my best friend. Especially, if you're taking any oral medication that could cause serious bloating. Hard lesson learned. Also, don't eat any trendy food with charcoal in it. Learned that the hard way as well. I can have a cheat diet with caffeine or alcohol as long as I have lemonade by my side.

Me to matcha: It's not over. It's still not over.

P.S. Really thankful for hot chocolate during the Texas Winter storm. It was one of the good things that kept us sane and warm during that awful time. We finally got to use that pretty kettle we bought at Costco a while back because a lot of the stuff in our house wasn’t working. 

So happy summer is here and cherries and strawberries are back in season :D Not excited about the heatwave though.


  1. Spicy Southwest Salad with creamy salsa dressing
  2. Buttered Beets - Best dish of Thanksgiving
  3. Earl Grey Milk Tea with sugar 
  4. Common Bond Bakery Lavender Latte
  5. Chicken Dipper - Sadly discontinued :'(
  6. Dickey's Briskets
  7. Five Guys Strawberry Milkshake with whipped cream and bacon
  8. Charley's Strawberry Lemonade & Loaded Fries
  9. Zero Degrees  Oolong Milk Tea with Coconut Lychee Jelly
  10. Mama Bear's Homemade Bahn Mi Sandwiches
  11. Mashed potatoes with lots of black pepper
  12. Yoko's kitchen (Near Premium Outlets) Takoyaki
  13. Tiger Sugar Brown Sugar Boba
  14. Fentiman's Rose Lemonade
  15. Shrimp tempura don
  16. Calliope's  ShrimpPo' boys
  17. Jack in the Box Lava Cake
  18. Ito En Unsweetened Green Tea
  19. Quarter Pounder
  20. Onion rings


  • Mochi donuts - was OK
  • Peeps marshmallows - was interesting
  • Perrier - used to hate carbonated water but now that it helps with my tummy issues, I have more respect for it

What were your food adventures? Let's chat in the comment section below because you know I love hearing from you! Take care xx 


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