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Hi everyone! Today I wanna show you a tour of my island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I bought the game over a year ago, late April. So, I missed out on the Cherry Blossom event, so I finally decided to time travel forward so that I can finally start making my island feel pretty. 

I saw a lot of people post a lot of their current favorite games like the Sims 4 or Genshin Impact online, so I felt compelled to share my current favorite game too. I don’t have any streaming capture card so I thought I’d show you just little bits and pieces of my island. 


Right now, I have three out of the nine recipes that I wanted. But so far, I don’t get lucky with the balloon catching, even when I farm them. Let me know if you have any tips down in the comment section below. I usually find them in the middle of the plaza because I’m late in running around my island’s perimeter or I just get too impatient running up and down the beach. But last night, I finally found the pattern of my island. It blows East at night and West during daytime. And I’m getting better with the timing too. Sometimes, I’ll wait until 4 or 9 or when my clock ends at 0 or 5. Sea diving has helped me spot balloon faster actually! 


The design for my island is a little bit all over the place. I wanted Miu Miu to feel like a Pokémon Town and at the same time a quaint English village, and also a little bit of Alice in Wonderland and the Classic Princess Castles in Disneyland. But let me know what your island’s main design is. I’d love to see it. Leave me a link to your Instagram or Twitter account, and I’d be sure to check out your handle. For Halloween, I’m thinking of turning my whole town into Lavender Town, but maybe it’ll be easier to just throw a glitch filter on it to make everything look spooky and dreary. 


  • Collected all of the fossils. My dinosaur bones collection is complete and I unlocked the poster from Blathers
  • Decorating the beach. This felt like such a hard task because I looked at so many inspo on YouTube but I felt like everyone had complex ideas that I didn’t feel like doing anything for the longest time.
  • Tried Pixel art! It was scary at first, but I slowly got the hang of it! I’m so proud of my boardwalk + birch walk path. And my picnic blankets. Sure, they’re not perfect, but I’m so glad in how they turned out.
  • Completed a shrine + zen garden 
  • Completed a rose garden maze | White and Red roses | This was nice at first, until tarantulas come chasing after me during night time!
  • Completed the Bear 🏰 Castle. I like the spinning wheel detail because it reminds me of Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty). Admission tickets are ten cents like when Disneyland first opened. Ya only need a dime to see the magic! 
  • Completed the camper corner. Chef Godzilla prepares meals for the visiting campers. And I like how he’s closed to the edge of the beach as if he just emerged from it. And he’s also next to the small town with a train 🚂 set with cherry blossoms 🌸. 
  • Finally used all of my Amiibos. I’m so happy to have Freya and Fang on my island. 
  • I have an outdoor cafe that goes with my castle
  • I finished carving all of the heart lakes! 
  • I have two wedding bell towers near the beach which reminds me of Pirates 🏴‍☠️ of the Caribbean.
  • I decorated the Able Sister’s exterior. I placed pink and blue flowers next to the old sewing machine that looks like my Grandma’s sewing machine. I think it was either called Sawyer or Singer.
  • Cooked a lot of food 
  • Fixed my DIY station so it doesn’t look cluttered on the floor
  • Placed all of my gyroids on top of light cubes
  • Completed the interior of my house: Dark Academia (main parlor), Harley Quinn Birds of Prey room (second room), Peaky Blinder room (vintage room on the right), and Sailor Chibi 🌙 Moon room (pink room upstairs with snacks from Redd)
  • Completed Harv’s island
  • Unlocked Happy Home Paradise shop that I can export to my island 
  • I added drums to the main plaza to complete the music/concert set up: Bubble machine, confetti machine, microphone 🎙, and the ice cream corner surrounded by Cherry blossoms. 
  • Got to hear Stitches sing Animal City ; o ; !!! 
  • This took me a while to figure out, but I finally got to register all the songs in all of the music 🎼  🎵 players that I’ve collected. I just kept hanging them in my room as part of my decoration lol
  • Played card games with my villagers. I feel like the 2.0 updated made them a little bit extra clingy lol which is kind of endearing in it’s own way
  • Expanded Nook’s Cranny. Only selling stuff to Timmy from now on as he gives me more money lol
  • I have lots of hyacinths! I love all of the blue and pink flowers that I have in each of my villager’s houses because it reminds me of Sailor Moon
  • Was stuck in having 4 stars for the longest time but I finally got 5 stars.
  • Unlocked The Lily of the Valley flower!!! I think it used to be called Jacob’s ladder. I currently have three.
  • Was nervous about time-traveling but I finally got the hang of it. 
  • I have a carrot garden with white rabbit statues all around it.
  • I have all of the basic ingredients for cooking. I’ve placed all of my farming stuff at the back where my Halloween/Fall villagers are. 
  • Slowly getting the hang of the Stalk Market lol. 
  • Built a lot of bridges and inclines 
  • Unlocked the golden watering can 
  • Visited Star Fragment island 
  • Found rare money islands (Both trees and rocks)


  • Pay off my 1.2 mil bell debt
  • Expand my house for the last time
  • Pay another debt
  • Look for Orange trees
  • Look for Pear trees
  • Collect more cooking recipes
  • Decorate my villager’s interior? 
  • Unlock more rare islands from Kapp’n 
  • Look for dreamies and invite them with chocolate 🍫 to create their own HHP if that’s allowed?
  • Catch a turtle. Keep him as a pet and name him Kevin. 



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