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Hey guys! Welcome back to another overload post! I don’t know know why I’ve been getting bursts of creativity lately, but I’m really happy that I’m back here and spending time working on my blog. It’s been about two and a half months and I have not picked up a single make up! This No-Buy has been really going well! I’ve really surprised myself too. I’ve walked inside Target and Walmart looking at make up and admiring it, but not adding anything to my cart! With nail polish (it’s another story). 

How much do you think is this whole, curated wish list worth? Anyone wanna guess? If I could hazard a guess, probably $10,000 lol. So I’m guessing, I’m saving that much? That’s just a wild guess though lol. And that’s not including the variation of different color schemes of palettes that I opted to leave out. 

Some of these are really new, like the smoky nostalgia collection from Kaleidos. And some are old, and discontinued like the ABH Prism palette or some holiday release I didn’t get wind off until it was sold out. I still think about these make up products a lot. Just putting this post together made me realize that make up can still be a lot of fun, even when I don’t participate in buying it! And just looking at them all next to each other reminds me of glossy, magazine pages of catalogues of catalogues of make up. I also included a little bit of skincare, polish, and merch in this post because it just went with the whole aesthetic of the page. 


Also, I tried looking for the Blooming collection from Wet n Wild, but I have yet to see it pop up online yet. I didn’t decide to buy it because I know the pretty packaging will eventually wear off the plastic. And I have the Sakura palette from Violet Voss and it’s made with cardboard, so it won’t rub off like the ones from the Blooming Collection. But if you like the release from Wet n Wild, you should still definitely pick it up! This is just me, talking myself out of a unnecessary purchase, because I already own something similar! 

The Kaleidos lip product is only $12! You should definitely give it a try because of the cute packaging and the price if you’d like to treat yourself. I don’t think you’ll be breaking the bank with this little treat. I’ve just decided that I won’t be buying this because I’m not a lip person (even though the pretty lavender and sparkle packaging along with the price tag, is SO SO tempting). I have chronic dry lips. The only thing my lips really like on top of it is water lol. It’s fickle when it comes to lip balms too. 

Anyway, that’s it for me guys! I hope to see you guys in future posts. I finally caught up with my readings so, I should be posting a couple of book reviews and book samples. And then we’ll switch gears and review some audiobooks I’ve been listening to! A new make up tutorial is also in progress! Until then! Later guys! Take care xx 

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