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Hey guys! I guess you’ve noticed that I’ve been popping in more often on my blog. I guess I’ve really missed actively blogging and not just posting minimum posts. Today, I’m showing you a little tour of my Pocket Camp! I finally unlocked Dobie and I’m so happy I got to dress him up and everything. This’ll be a short post as I have to get up early tomorrow morning and it’s already kind of late. Tommy says good night to everyone! I hope everyone’s doing alright. 

Favorite Event(s): Love Letter from Stitches during Fall & Best Friend Heart Chocolate Event during Valentine’s 

Favorite Item(s): Red Devil Horn headband, Jack O Lantern headband, Queen of Hearts Crown with curled twin tails, Purple Cat sofa, Alice in Wonderland tights and light blue dress, Mushroom Umbrella, Miko priestess uniform with red fox tail. 

Favorite Campers: Stitches, Dobie, Diana, Marina, Fang, Lucky, Lobo, and Kiki. (Okay, I love all of them. But I get super excited when I get to talk to these campers the most) 

Theme(s): (1) XXXholic manga with the purple arched windows for the first floor of the lodge/cabin, (2) Pink Sakura Classroom for the second floor of the cabin (formerly used to look like a Korean apartment from Asian Dramas I used to watch lol), (3) Simple anime kitchen for the first floor of the camping van, (4) Sanrio PomPomPurin bedroom + couch for the second floor of the camping van, (5) Main Camp is a mix of everything - Shrine, Clock Tower, Flower Shops, Kotatsus, Gachapon machines, Old Hollywood bathtub area, Waffle 🧇 & Pancake 🥞 tables, diners (sorry I can’t find the screenshot, but it’s currently at storage because there’s a 100 item limit display), and lots of hydrangeas and dessert/sweets furniture.  

P.S. I love the giant Sakura tree and how it glows at night. I’m really pleased with it as it reminds me of the color scheme for “Stars vs. The Forces of Evil.” I’ll make a pin 📌 later! 


  • Pretty designs. The developers really went all out in each item inside the fortune cookies. Sometimes I wish they’d allow for some of the items to be available in New Horizons too 
  • Playable in both iPad and iPhone 
  • Occasionally, there are free fortune cookies in Timmy and Tommy’s shop which is nice. I was able to unlock wigs that I didn’t have to pay for using their subscription services (now taunting three - with the journal diary installment)
  • I like that you can decorate your camping van on the inside and outside and add a second floor! 
  • Your campers greet you during your birthday and they also check up on you if you’ve eaten your breakfast, dinner, and snacks. They also ask why you’re up so late if you stay up too late, which is really sweet. It’s like a nice habit tracker that’s included when you play the game
  • Great for when you’re waiting at the Doctor’s or the Dentist’s office. I remember playing Pocket Camp last year while waiting to get my first dose of the vaccine. And it was quite a long line. 
  • Fishing Tourney 


  • Loading time when you first open the app takes a while. Wish it would load much faster
  • Gacha pulls can become easily expensive if you’re not careful. I also feel bad for kids or parents who don’t have a big budget to be able to access the fun parts of the game, which is decorating your camp. I wish Nintendo would release more freebies. Three leaf tickets per week are really unfair. _ . 
  • The Leaf Ticket map takes 10 million bells before you can start using it 
  • This goes back to the gacha pulls again, but the leaf ticket prices are just way too pricy in my opinion 
  • Way back when Pocket Camp first came out, a lot of cute villagers are introduced to the different camping grounds without having to use the ship/trading export option. I wish it still operated that way because I’ve been using it for a year now, and I still can’t find Raymond or Zucker. 
  • This sounds repetitive but the “play to win” aspect stops me from enjoying the game at times. If the developers could just be a little bit more generous with the leaf tickets, I think everyone will feel a little bit happier. And I think to play for even longer. I tend to close the app, once I feel like I’m starting to get tempted to spend money on cute, pixels.
  • Wish there was a way to choose displays of the different levels of amenities you unlocked. I quite like the lower levels of most of the amenities that I capped out (Lvl. 5) and sometimes I wish I could go back to how it looked at (Lvl. 3) or (Lvl.2). 
  • Some of the items that are really big feel like it’s too big to fit on the screen. I would visit other people’s camps and feel like I’m always running into a wall and can’t see everything because I’m always being blocked by something. I wish they’d fix it where you can rotate the angles of the camera so you can view everything that the user is meant to display. 
  • More varied dialogues and fortune cookie lines

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