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Welcome to the parody of people posting “My biggest Sephora haul yet!” Dude, I could never post something like that. I’d just feel guilty if I did that. I think the first time I got into makeup, I returned $500 worth of purchase because it just didn’t feel right to throw away that kind of money. But no judgment to anyone who splurges on what they love. It’s just for me, personally, I can never take that plunge. 

The egg-shaped cap got me. I don’t know why I’m feeling Easter 🐣 this year, but I decided to go ahead and give these nail polishes a try for only $5. But when I got them from the mail, as cute as they are, I don’t think it’s worth it. They’re only 5mL. And nail polishes usually come in 12 mL - 18 mL. However, I did go ahead and pulled the trigger because I’m on the hunt for this perfect mid-tone dusty blue. I picked up a couple of bottles last year that look like they were gonna do the job, but they’re lighter in the bottle, but once you swatch them, they become a touch darker which is really disappointing because it’s a completely different color from what you picked out. It’s kinda like how the colors in the pan look different when you put them on your lids. Which can be a nice surprise sometimes, but often frustrating if you had your heart on that exact shade and it just looks different once it’s swatched :\

I haven’t gotten the chance to swatch them, but I’ll edit this post later and give you an update if the hunt is over. For now, I guess we can look at how cute they are all together. Comment below if you’ve tried them, and if you think they’re worth it. Bye! Love you lots. Take care xx. 

Names of the Polish: Winter Spirit, Summer Nostalgia, and Faded Walls. 

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