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Morning guys! I'm back with posts I should have published last year, but didn't. I was gonna use this for my grey bullet journal, but it was too pretty to use. It's the same commitment with using stickers ; o ; I hope to do more Shop Small later on in the year. I remember wanting to go back for more during fall (purchased January 2021), but I just didn't have enough wiggle room for the extra expense. We had to help my grandma buy a new house because her house had been damaged by the typhoon. But I don't mind helping my grandma out. I just remember a lot of stores popping up, and I had to put everything on a wish list and do window shopping because I don't have a fat bank account lol. It's nice to look back in these small hauls from when I had gift cards to use during No-Buy. I always get scared that my gift cards will expire if I wait too long, so I try to use them up within the year that I got them. Does anyone else have that fear

Anyway, I really love the whole aesthetic of this shop. It's like being able to touch props for the period dramas from films that I love, like Pride and Prejudice and I guess most movies where Keira Knightley is in lol. And I know people look down on shopping all the time (because being excessive is a sin etc), but there's just something so magical about holding tangible proof of your favorite things. Like when I look at these vintage stationery pieces, I feel like I'm inside one of Carole Lombard's films. It restores my soul. 

Do you guys know how to use a stationary piece right away when you plan layouts for your journal? Do you just know intuitively how to use it? I always get stuck. And I feel like I'm the same way when I plan designs for Happy Home Paradise or other creative projects. And when I get stuck, I'm really stubborn about it. Like I just get stuck in a rut, because I can't let one idea go. 

Thanks for joining me in this short post. I hope you guys are having a lovely morning! Take care xx 


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