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Hey guys!  Welcome to another post. I wanted to do "A Day With Mari" post but I just ended up going with spending the week with me instead. The only things spicing up my life right now are nail polishes and desserts lol. As you can see on my March Vlog on my main Instagram account (more like snippets of days like this one). I also recently got into using widgets (I know I'm super late). But I couldn't find any cute ones. Right now my favorite is the pink sticky note app called "Irogami." I finished putting out fresh, new sheets. Everything pink. Including Tommy's blanket. I also got a lot of empties out of the way. I'm hoping to do a full manicure soon, but I always end up doing a split or skittle mani. 

I finally got Dobie in Happy Home Paradise! And I only have two Sakura DIY recipes left: Sakura pile and the Sakura umbrella. My island looks better with the bunny foliage holding the golden easter egg. It goes so well with my rose hedge maze garden. I want to pick up some amiibos later in the year for NPCs like the Able Sisters, Timmy and Tommy, Tom Nook, and Celeste. I'm so happy that I have 7 lily of the valley flowers on my island!

I'm gonna try and make roasted with potatoes for dinner. Currently waiting for my nails to keep growing. I'm glad they're growing again because it felt like they were never gonna grow back after trying pressed on nails.  Also trying Audible Plus this month for free and I've been listening to Poirot and poems narrated by Richard Armitage. 

How's your week going so far? Comment below! Thanks so much for reading this post! Take care xx  


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