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I know people are gonna think this is a terrible time to post this. I honestly feel bad that the seller just happen to live in Russia. I mean I know how they feel. Like my state does dumb fucking things all the fucking time. I would hate for people to think that I'm complacent to everything that goes on here, just because I live here.  And I saw another post, where if in every war crime, a regular law-abiding citizen is punished for it, there would be no Americans left. 

Anyway, this was meant to be my December birthday present for my 29th birthday. I've always wanted to try Tammy Tanuka's formula but I had no idea how to get her products without paying customs. Until Nikki Raven linked her Etsy account in one of her videos. 

I love this because it's so small and regal. It also reminds me of my favorite animated film of all time, Anastasia. I got into cool tones last year and found a lot that was flattering for my skin and I'm glad that I can finally have a travel palette that's cool-toned because that's rare in my collection. 

I got the yellow/citrine/light neon green single pot shadow for free and it's so cute! The pans may look small, but I heard a lot of reviewers say that the depth of the pan makes up for it and it lasts for a really long time.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. I love you, guys. Take care xx 



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