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Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well. If not, it's okay. I hope your day or night gets better soon. Just hang in there, babe. We'll get through this together. I have another short post for you guys tonight. It's something I picked up back in December. 

Not gonna beat around the bush, but I'm just gonna say that I was downright disappointed by the formula for the mattes in this palette. They just aren't buttery as my other Colourpop palettes. The shimmers are intact though. But there are only four of them, so that sucks. They're the ones that sit in the middle row. 

The outer packaging is definitely the major reason why I picked up this palette. If you're new here, you already know, anything nostalgic has me on a chokehold. The pink carousel aesthetic with the little pinwheel design jutting out in the background with the lights framing it at the top reminds me of the roaring twenties vibe. And that got me to purchase it. There are no eye safety warnings. And there are a lot of raised details and shiny metallic finishes that make the palette really nice to hold. I also like the huge mirror and its heavyweight. It kinda reminds me of Alter Ego's packaging (it feels lux). 

I wish the people that did the reviews of this (before I decided to pick it up at Ulta), were a little bit more brutal in their review. Because they all just kept saying it was "meh" instead of directly emphasizing that the mattes were subpar and unlike the usual CP matte formula. I know they got it as a PR, so maybe they were a little bit gentler with their review, but I would've felt a lot better purchasing this product, knowing that I only went in with the packaging. Because cardboard packaging has never disappointed me ever. As in never. And this is the first time it's happened.

Anyway, I'm glad I didn't pay for this full price. Thanks to Fetch Rewards, I only paid $4 for this palette. Originally, it was $18, but I was able to get it down further thanks to my Ulta Reward points. I got a $10 gift card from Fetch Rewards that took three days of wait time to redeem (They have to verify stuff  that's why) If you guys wanna give Fetch Rewards a try, I'll link down my referral code below:

Mari's Referral Code: GT3VDT 

That's it for me guys. Thanks for using my referral code if you do. Both of us get points when you use it and it helps both you and me to unlock rewards faster. There are a ton of other stores and places that you can choose from. I just happen to chose Ulta at the time. Love you guys so much. Take care xx 



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