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Hi guys! We haven't talked about gaming in a while. I'm hoping to add more gaming content once I have every screenshot organized for Happy Home Paradise. For now, I'm too busy enjoying the game to capture everything going on. 

I started playing Illusion Connect at the tail end of 2020. I think I've posted a little bit of it in one of my favorites posts. I'd like to get this out of the way before continuing: I'm not aware of any dramas connected to this game, similar to Genshin Impact. I've seen a few problematic threads pop up on Twitter and Reddit, but I didn't really read too much of it to know enough of what's going on. I think several people boycott games, once they find out that one of the game developers is problematic. But I haven't been able to confirm anything, so I won't be able to say anything on that part. 

I'm only able to tell you about the game itself and not the history of developers (I feel like they're too faceless and just a small cog in the whole gaming system to worry about their wrong opinions), so that is what I'll be able to discuss with you in this post. 

Right off the bat, my favorite character is Beatrice. She's only an SR, but I don't care. I honestly like most of the skins and designs for the SR more than the SSR's even though they're technically more powerful and better at clearing levels. I don't care about all that. I care about enjoying the game. 

 My favorite line from Beatrice is: "Come closer. I'd like to get to know you. In the Biblical sense."Girl, what does that mean? I don't even care. It sounds hot. 

I like this game a lot because 1) it doesn't depend on ads and it doesn't slow it down 2) it doesn't harass me to spend IRL money and 3) the story, the artwork, the aesthetic, the VAs, the generous in-game currencies, the soundtrack (babe, the soundtrack!), the background art (is to die for), and the mini-games are all so thought out well that I hardly have any complaints in playing this game. 

I recently got Selena. I've been waiting to pull her for so long. Also, the skins that I've unlocked, I got for free. Haven't spent a cent on skins. Beatrice has the Tea Party skin right now. 

There's also an option to date your weapon of choice. But I don't wanna do that because I don't wanna say the wrong thing and have points deducted. So, I just skip that part of the game. It's there if you want it though. 

There's a lot that this game has to offer but I never feel overwhelmed with any of the new stuff that they add every week. Everything's just laid out so nicely that it's easy to navigate around, and I'm just a casual player. 

I remember in one of the threads that I visited, where the player has decided to quit the game because of the issue with the developer, he (or she) couldn't leave the game without praising it first. And I think that's a testament to how well they made the game for the gamers. It really is nice. The fact that they were thoughtful in trying to make the game enjoyable instead of just trying to make money off of you, it's nice. That's kind of rare, in this monetization era. 

There have been new games that's been added within the game since I've put together this post, a couple of months ago. And I wish I could add it now, but that would just make the post lag. I highly suggest you download the game and see for yourself the amazing graphics and overall stunning game that Illusion Connect is. 

I've only ever dropped $7 for this game because I was impatient during Thanksgiving Break. But I never felt any regrets about letting that money go, unlike other in-app purchases from other games. Especially Gacha games at that. 

My id and username are added below. Let me know if you plan to or ended up downloading the game. I'm on the US Server. I think I chose the fourth one. I'm gonna double-check and then come back here to edit this post. 

Check out all of the radiants here: [ Official Illusion Connect Site]




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