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Hey guys! Welcome back to another monthly post lol. I thought for sure I’d have regular posts rolling again by now. Well, I hope you are all having a lovely October. Mine’s good so far. I’m trying to get Tommy to come and sit on the bed so I can have company while typing this, but he prefers watching with my dad and little brother lol. The weather is overcast right now which makes suppperrr happy. Before I hopped on here, I did make a list of what I wanted to talk about. There’s about 50 things I wanna talk to you about! Some of them, I feel like are made specifically for my therapist lol. Don’t worry. I marked those with a ☾ moon emoji, so you know which heavy stuff to skip over. The internet used to actually be my grand therapist, believe it or not. It was like a primordial void that I could just throw whatever at, but I understand, it isn’t like that anymore. So for my fellow empaths, I got chu fam. The rest of the stuff I wanna talk about should be pretty light. I’ve also included alternate covers for this month’s post towards the end. Sam won though, because he’s the Pumpkin Prince! He’s the Pumpkin of my eye :)


  • My therapist broke up with me ; o ; She’s leaving the clinic. Our last session was this past September. I’m so sad about it . _ . ;  I’ve been super emo about it lol. I mean I turned all my chat conversations to Vanish mode. Which I thought was rolled out for Halloween, but um, upon further investigation, it’s apparently made for scandalous reasons lol. (Frodo voice: Keep your nudes.) I was just trying to be spooky and matching my ig with my black lipstick lol. I might turn it off soon, since I’ve been feeling okay again, lately. But I kinda wanna keep it, all year round. Anyway, I hope I like my new therapist. My appointment is near towards the end of the month.
  • Is the love letter for the extended version of Alchemist gonna be on hold? Yeah, probably indefinitely. (Edit: I take it back. Why else would I stay up from 2 AM till 6 AM to get some writing done, if it wasn’t important to me? So no, it’s not gonna be dropped) 
  • Finally found a podcast I can sink my teeth into. I just finished listening to The Witch Wave: Retracted fairy tales episode. It was great for me because it made me understand Shadow work more and it was also great for introducing me to Jung. 
  • I want a book wheel. The original tabs. 
  • For Halloween, I’m going to be an evil scientist/alchemist as you can tell from my love potion set below. I’m never gonna get left on read again! I’m also Dark Alice since my hair is black again :D
  • Dec 29th | Book of Boba Fett is out!!! 
  • I’ve been doing really good with my make up addiction. I haven’t bought anything new. I’ve been playing with my Least Used Shadows and it’s been going great. I know my collection a lot better now. And I talked myself out of a lot of new releases lately. So, I’m really proud of me :) 
  • Doing Pilates in the early evening with just candles and lamps for lighting is such a mood. Haven’t felt relaxed in a while until I changed up my work out session. 
  • My little brother likes Ghibli films! He’s currently rewatching Howl’s Moving Castle and Kiki’s Delivery Service over and over again. So it’s kinda hard to introduce him to other films like Porco Rosso, Secret Life of Arriety, and Spirited Away. He won’t let me touch his iPad lol. 
  • RIP to my favorite titanium scissors that’s been with me since forever. Glue killed him ): Rock, paper, scissors, glue should be the name of the game. I got another replacement which is a brown scissor with like a red and purple shift to it on the blades. Which is so cool. It feels very witchy. 
  • Completed the Konbini level in Aggretsuko.
  • Reached Level 50 friendship with Stitches! 
  • I can’t eat Uraro cookies anymore with my current med ; - ; 
  • Picked up pumpkin + mushroom furikake to go with my miso soup 
  • Went bowling for the first time! It was so much fun 🤩 
  • Xpods are here but WiFi still acts disconnected at times which sucks :(
  • The autumn moon/harvest moon was so pretty. 
  • I watched Free Guy with Mama Bear and brother bear. They both liked it! My little brother was laughing and my mom was swooning at the end. I really enjoyed it and I’m kinda surprised at the weird ratings online. 
  • New favorite polish: After Party by Ella + Mila. It’s this rose gold, scattered holo with pink hex all mixed together perfectly. I couldn’t get over how pretty it is. 
  • Favorite new top: Racerback from Black Craft in Lucipurr. 
  • New fave dish: pompano grilled, with calamansi and rice. With mango and shrimp purée for dessert.
  • Spooky shopping hasn’t really taken off because we’re currently getting a new house for my grandma. Labor + gathering materials has been delayed because it’s monsoon season over there. It sucks because I can’t really go spooky shopping until that’s done :\ 
  • Went on a coffee date with Hazel and Naomi. I’m trying to find the Kofi button for Kat, Harumi, and Fadima but they must’ve taken it down temporarily?
  • I cut my right leg during the storm ; o ; It’s all healed up now, but there’s still some area that bruised around the scar. 
  • So excited about the announcement 📣 of Aggretsuko Season 4 to be released in December.
  • Cheynna wrote a post about kaleidoscope glasses on her insta story and it really moved me. I have a screenshot of it and it helps me get through some of my bad days. 
  • ☾ My painful period episodes are back. I felt like I was being chewed up by a crocodile. Crunch crunch crunch o: Blood, blood, dead tissues, blood. I used my vibrator to massage my ribs and chocolate as natural pain reliever. Anyway, after burping from the vibrator, I felt like a baby being patted in the back to get his burps out and it felt so nice :) 
  • I am a part of Nikki Raven’s Halloween band. I’m playing the triangles :) 
  • Some sad stuff that’s happened: Dollar Tree is dead ; - ; and the earth is losing it’s shine. 
  • I missed out on the Sandy Liang witchy dress. I think they released it early around my period and I just couldn’t be bothered to get it. I was completely out of commission. 
  • I changed my ig picture to something slutty for this month. It’s Rilakkuma licking an ice cream. The other icon is him eating a banana but I thought that was too much for some people. So, ice cream it is.
  • Mama Bear got me $2 succulents from Kroger. They are so pretty! And the pots they came in were so pretty! 
  • I wanna collect the Blue Dahlia (1946) posters. I finally watched it and also This Gun For Hire (1942). So bummed out that The Glass Key (1942) is not available to stream or rent though . _ . 
  • I’m looking over my notes like, “Dam bitch, why you got so much to say?”
  • Re-listened to Pogo’s Bloom. It’s such a nice little time capsule. To see what has transpired within the last ten years. It’s still as magical as I remembered it. My favorite part is where Princess Jasmine does her little head tilt while listening to Aladdin. 
  • Currently reading “Dunwich Horror” (1928). I finished reading “The Alchemist” (written 1908, published 1916) & “Call of Cthulhu” (written 1926, published in 1928). 
  • If I ever mention problematic figures in my post, 90% of the time, I already know about it. I’m just separating the artist from their art because I don’t know how else to go about it. 
  • I finally got around to returning some YouTube comments on my ASMR videos. I’m sorry, I only saw it now. I swear YouTube has been hiding comments from me because I didn’t get any notifications about it. Anyway, it was really sweet that a couple of people wanted to show my face for new video ideas and just staying subscribed even though I’ve neglected that platform for about a year. 
  • ☾ Finally got around to watching The Witch (2015) on Kanopy. I loved it. 10/10. I know I’m supposed to learn the emotion “distressed” after watching this film, but we rolled “misplaced arousal” instead lol. I loved that ending. After all the tension that’s been built up, we get this sliver of comfort from the devil. He’s like “I will guide thy hand” in that dreamy dreamy voice ; o ; Ugh. I just about died swooning at the ending. I wanted to fuck everyone in that barn. Anya, Daniel Malik, Black Phillip O: ! Everyone! 
  • ☾ So you remember how we were talking about weddings last month? Um yeah it’s cancelled now. But if it were to continue (the wedding daydreams), I def want to make some changes. First off, I’m gonna bring a sword to my wedding. Also, my vow is gonna consist of this line “When I saw you by the trees of cherry, I knew you’d be the one I marry.” Also no more orgies. That really brought out the Bridezilla in me and I didn’t like that at all. Besides, I think it’s better if I modeled the wedding after Black Phillip’s coven. I mean there’s campfires, dancing, and singing and it’s all cozy.  And you get to fly above the tall pine trees and kiss the moon. It’s very chill. I like it. 
  • I got a celadon nail polish for free because Ulta had this promo of $10 off coupon. So I used it and got the nail polish "Express to Impress" from the Expressie line along with an EOS strawberry lip balm and only used $2 for the whole thing. Someday, I'll be able to talk myself out of polishes, but not right now. 
  • Tommy and Ahsoka have both been winking at me lately. And I looked it up and it means a handshake or a hug ; o ; I'm cryinggggg. Also, Tommy keeps rolling over at my feet showing me his belly and he fell asleep like that on me twice while we were watching The Game Show Network. He looked so cute and when cats do that, apparently they trust you a lot. And it's the equivalent of a bunny flop. I'm in tears. We got him a bed but he doesn't use it. And also a scratch post and a ball of strings. And we have everything ready for hurricane season. 
  • I've been getting lots of emails about branding and making me #1 on Google, and I'm just like, there's no way in hell you'll ever be able to market someone as weird as me, bestie lol.
  • I finally got three of the cats in Cats vs Pickles that's been missing from my collection: Alva (lightbultb), Touch Down (Football), and Zombie cat (She's so cute with just one ear). 
  • I have this weird sudden urge to collect signed movie scripts of my favorite movies 🎥 🍿 
  • I always salute the bisexual meme whenever I see it on my timeline lol. You know the one where the boy is crying in the last panel because no one likes him left or right because nobody wants his ass for real. It’s a whole mood. 
  •  I got some Pumpkin King pajama dress with matching socks 🧦 I love the purple and the green. And I love how Jack’s in the middle and it says “What a Wonderful Nightmare.” 
  • I got a taco truck for my campers in Pocket Camp. I think I have 6 amenities left to complete and after that I would’ve unlocked everything :D 


  • Look for my Hunter boots (it’s somewhere in the garage). Rainy + Overcast weather here we go!!!! Gloomy days are the best. 
  • Watch the new Pokémon film on Netflix. I forgot what it’s called, but it’s the one with Ash and Pikachu’s adventure in the jungle. I gotta watch it before they remove it. 
  • Get Tommy’s pooper scooper because I forgot the last time I went to Target. And also pick up another grey tray for his toilet upstairs. 
  • Try to look for a cat tree on sale that’s not too expensive. 
  • Finish reading the CoC handbook. 


  • Pick up some horror anime that I dropped a long time ago? I got too scared to finish it before, but I think I’m ok now. Get some cardio in lol. I’m on episode 3/22 of Shiki. I was only really there for Kirishiki Sunako but she took too long to show up. If it gets too scary like last time, I’m just gonna pull up Animal Crossing and talk to my villagers and campers non-stop lol. 
  • Watch Krampus or save it for December? 
  • Get some spooky posts published from some stuff I picked up during summer time. But I’m too happy enjoying spooky season to be bothered posting, so no promises for now. 


  • Finish reading “Poison for Breakfast” by Lemony Snicket. I got a 40% off discount so I got it for $5
  • Watch Classic Horror. I finally know the difference between Jason Vorhees and Mike Myers. 
  • Fill up my Trick r Treat notebook with Sam in the cover. He’s sooo cute. I’m using this notebook for my CoC character/investigator profiles. I should’ve picked up another notebook for Volume II, but maybe next year. 
  • Maybe order two more set of dice for my Call of Cthulhu rpg. I only have one in ancient copper (I got it for $11). But I didn’t know that in DND you have to have at least three for when you roll and stuff. I might pick it up in the same color, but I kinda also want a different set of colors. Preferably in a turquoise and red. But being a broke bitch, I’ll probably just roll the same die, three times lol. It’s gonna be a lot of fun watching my characters spiral towards insanity lol. 
  • Greet Kat, happy birthday 🎂 🍰 🧁 
  • Use my ghost mug with the iridescent finish for my purple hot cocoa + green hot cocoa. 
  • Come back to Spirit Halloween and use my $6 coupon before they close ; o ; There’s like eight things I want to come back for, but I’m trying to narrow it down to two. I thought I was done! Those blind boxes for NBC and TRT are calling my name though. 
  • Wear my Trick r Treat bracelets, necklace, and earrings. My two favorite jewelry to wear at the moment is the Hollie-ho chocolate with a razor inside and the bitten Jack O Lantern lollipop bracelets. 
  • Wear holo on my nails from ILNP. Diablo is my favorite from the whole set I got. 
  • Wear my spooky socks
  • Use my spooky blankets. I currently have three. One is a haunted house silhouette with a yellow moon. Another one is Mr. Skeleton wearing top hats, a mustache, and a monocle. And the last one is a reversible blanket of Sam. 
  • Play more of “Layers of Fear” on Switch. I’m still stuck at the foyer. It gets too dark to play sometimes (literally, not figuratively), so that kinda makes it hard to navigate around. 
  • Watch Jade the Libra’s Vlogoween. 
  • Waiting for my newest Tarot deck to come in. It’s pink with the triple moon goddess and it has prism-like shifts that’s so pretty. 
  • Watch “No Time to Die” in theaters. Ahhhh! I miss Daniel Craig so much!!! I’ve been binge watching the GQ interviews like there’s no tomorrow! 
  • Do more Tarot readings for myself. I’m doing a single daily card + three card spreads. 
  • Watch “A Ghost Story” (2017). 

What’s your October like so far? Send me a list of your favorite things this month. Take care xx 


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  1. These are all sound good, Mari! You sure have a lot of exciting things to look forward to and I'm so happy just reading them! Hope you have a great week xx

    lenne | lennezulkiflly.com

    1. Lenne!!! Hiii!!! Haha yeah, I do. Thanks for being happy with me :) That means a lot, thank you xx ! I hope your October is filled with lots of exciting things too x



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