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Hey everybody! This post isn't going to be too long, but I'm back!!! I'm typing on my new raised keyboard with long fake nails. I hope you appreciate this post because it has not been easy. But how are you guys? I hope you're having an enchanting night or morning or afternoon so far. Mine has been going pretty okay :) Venus is in Capricorn!!! Are you guys excited for it? What are your plans for November? Me, I'm just super excited to feel the November wind again. 


  • Tommy has been my Disney+ buddy! He always looks so cute curled up in his blanket.
  • Participated in my local election. Look up the propositions in your area before you go. 
  • Current Wish List: Cuckoo Cloud Land & Lovecraft book with gold edges (Books I saw at Costco that I wanna go back for) & also multichromes in magnetic and platinum from FUN Lacquer ; o ; I can't pick them up yet because my nails are nubs right now and they're misshapen. Currently rocking fake nails. Maybe six months from now, I'll be able to get my hands on these items.
  • Mini Rant: The Blossom nail oils that I've been using has changed the scent of Jasmine. It feels like it's missing, like they forgot to add it, and it's really bumming me out . _ .; Also, H razor brand is dead to me. They're like a one-time use now ever since they've done influencer collabs o: It pisses me off so muchhhh ughhh. I found a cheaper and better replacement though, so that's good.
  • I met my new therapist. I found a couple of green flags and the first therapy session went pretty well. I'm gonna see her again at the end of the month.
  • Mini Self-Care: Strawberries + Audiobooks (I'm half-way done with my David Copperfield book. Only 19 hours left)
  • I watched "Ron's Gone Wrong" and it's my new favorite movie. 
  • Current Eyeshadow Palette: Salut, Paris from Essence. Been wearing a lot of matte light, nudy pink and grays. I call it my Nina Sawyer palette lol. It's helped me say no to a lot of new palettes. I'm trying to find more dupes for the Of Quartz palette. I think its really closed to my Pixi palette in Natural Beauty and my Baroque palette as well. I hope I find the third dupe, and that way, I don't cave in to buy it. 
  • Current favorite food: Lomi & Mami from Mama Bear's kitchen 
  • I tried the newest holiday drink from Starbucks. The Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte. It was ok. It was very comforting while I was running errands, but it didn't blow me away like the PCB. Maybe I'll order it in a cold brew and see if I like it.
  • I was able to do a lil bit of spooky haul at the tail end of October which makes me very happy. I posted what I got on my main IG. 
  • Favorite new clothes: Inky blue tops. I've always felt like I wasn't good enough for the color blue but I'm really into it now. So my aunt (my mom and dad's friend) has given us hand-me-down clothes because she's clearing out her wardrobe and I always get excited when this happens because she has a great sense of fashion. Clothes that she picks out always look amazing. So there are two tops that I took from the giant bags she gave us. My favorite one, I'll try to describe it to you. It's cut in almost like a bat-wing fashion but it doesn't flare out. It's just a regular 3/4 sleeve with a faux turtle neck and it's textured with gnarls and it's striped! And it's giving me, "My husband is cheating on me, but I'm too cute to care." And the second one that I love is this deep blue one with a simple white grid that looks like a flannel but not really. It's giving me "I'm a french maid who lives in the countryside with her seven husbands." We love it, babe!!! 
  • Current new song(s) I have on repeat: Table for Two by Abel Korzeniowski & Flightless Bird, American Mouth & Table for Two by Kali Uchis
  • Ahsoka cooed at me when I gave her her food. She also meows at me now to greet me instead of running away like she usually does. I'm so happy she's no longer scared like before :)
  • Tommy has a twin. He was wounded when he came to us, but his wound is all closed up and healing now. Mama Bear is really attached to him. There are always new cats that show up in the backyard. It feels like playing Neko Atsume IRL. A couple of days ago, I saw a yellow tabby.
  • Finished an inventory of my collections. From make up to nail polish, stationery, jewelry, and hair accessories. It felt like punishment when I was starting out, but I slowly got the hang of it. Anyway, that should teach me not to buy so much stuff o: 
  • Learned a valuable lesson and it only took me six years to process it! It's a strange homecoming, but I welcome it. 
  • I have two new incantations to add to my affirmations
  • I need to start wearing bras again because Tommy lets his claws out when it's cuddle time. I know it's love scratches but they still hurt. I still love him though!
  • I have a new desktop! It's from Mama Bear with love. Tommy was here to unbox it and helped Papa Bear set it up.
  • Do you guys get nightmares often? I do. Along with sleep paralysis. I can always manipulate the dream or force myself to wake up. I guess it's just the Capricorn in me that likes to command control and place structure in a dimension that always chooses violence AND chaos lol 
  • Tommy currently has a cat cold and I'm super worried ; - ; I always miss him when he disappears off somewhere
  • Real conversations I've had with Tommy: /Me: Tommy, where were you? I've missed you. Where did you go? /Tommy: I'm here now. 
  • Story Time: Some dumb shit I did at Target. Went to Target one weekend to pick up cat treats, rabbit treats, and some body care (after watching lots of showertok) and I think this happened right around the Gabby Petito case. So, there was this dude, that was following me around the skin care area and where the cute mini stand is. I wasn't really wearing my glasses, but I guess he looked cute. He looked like he was nearly 6 ft tall and he had a beard, and he was wearing nearly the same blue top as me (see the second top I talked about above). I feel like the normal thing to do would've been to give him my number. I feel like that's what a regular American girl would've done. But because of the news that week, my already existing fear of men just climbed to new heights. Like this dude, I thought I lost him, but he was right next to me at the self-checkout counter. I was freaking out at that point. I couldn't even pause to sanitize my hands, maaan o: And I was walking fast towards the exit and I dropped my keys so loudly, everyone stopped what they were doing. __ .; How embarrassing. Anyway, I got to my car and quickly locked the door. And then I was like "SAFE. Wait, did I put my cart away properly?" And that's when I knew, I would not be surviving any horror movies. My ass getting eaten and not in a good way. He probably just wanted to say I had a nice shirt. But it's better safe than sorry O:
  • I'm no longer chasing single people. Not that I'm into relationships right now, but I felt the need to announce this. Single people are messy. They can't act right. They always be doing sneaky shit that annoys the fuck outta me. Married women, on the other hand. Let's just say, Imma be chanting "Divorced captions, divorced captions, divorced captions," over and over again as part of my Manifestation Ritual. Y'all be safe tho, hahaha!
  • Also, it was soo cool that the Astros won and that they're going to the World Championship!
  • If I'm still not cuffed by December, Imma adjust my goal. And just go for engaged people. I think that's easier to break.
  • And no don't ask me about married men. I don't think they're gonna be worth stealing. Real men understand this. Fake men can't take a hit. They gonna be whining and crying when they read this post O:
  • Car almost tilted while I was driving ; o ; I hit a curb, and I wanted to go home and pee, but I had to stop by Taco Bell first. Anyway, I made it out alive, and I can't believe the universe ATTEMPTED to erase me before I can get my hands on a new compliment (It's been a while, ok?). The girl at Taco Bell said she liked my nails and that they're gorgeous. Normally, I'd pull a reverse uno card and compliment the girl back, but I just had a near-death experience, so I only squeaked out a small, thank you ; o ; 
  • Things that made happy: Eating persimmon and sweet potatoes! And Tommy waiting for me outside the door when I go use the bathroom and when he sleeps over or takes day naps ♡.
  • Favorite chocolate for period days: Bark Thins Dark Chocolate with Almonds. It's sooo gooood. 
  • Donated to Friends of Unwanted Rabbits. I'm so glad Butterscotch is doing a lot better! 
  • Book of Boba Fett trailer has dropped! The King has returned! 
  • Potato soup is no longer a part of Panera Bread's menu. This planet can go to hell. 


    • Get aonori. I have parsley flakes at the moment, but I want to have extra garnish at hand for my garlic roasted potatoes
    • Get new black panties (boyshorts) from Gap. The ones that I had grew legs and left me. It was like *Tik Tok voice* "You're done. You're done."
    • Pick up winter snacks. I know I'm skipping right over Thanksgiving, but I can't help it. I'm feeling the holidays this year 
    • Return a product from Amazon at a drop-off location.
    • Go to Walgreens to see if they have any Cats vs Pickles holiday release 
    • Continue my Tarot lessons with the Labyrinthos app. 
    • Need to find an app that has a Daily Moon calendar 
    • Level up Beatrice to 140 in Illusion Connect. Haven't played this in over a year. She looks so good in her new skin (Tea Party as the Queen of Hearts). Her lines are god-tier, outta this world. 
    • Get 120,000 stardusts at Pokemon Go. Need it for special trades (Detective Pikachu & Explorer Pikachu). I currently have 80,000 stardusts. 
    • Finish filling out the pink Notion template. There's also a mocha, lilac, and sage green. 
    • Update my Disclaimer page in regards to ARC


      • Winter snacks: pink marshmallows, white tiny marshmallows, oreos with red fillings (So I can make DIY Disney snack), peppermint candies, and candy canes!!!
      • My temporary tattoos from Spirit Halloween's 70% off sale. I also got a Movie film clapboard!
      • I may be picking up the Happy Home Paradise DLC. But I'm not 100% sure just yet. I still have to save up for the Arceus game. So stoked for ghost-type Zorua ♡.
      • Try and make a mood board for the first time? I prefer collecting them rather than making them. We'll see. It's really helpful when it comes to helping me stay focused when finishing my online modules. 
      • Research Byzantine Empire 
      • Read up on kitten parenting because a black/ grey kitten is going to be joining us pretty soon!
      • Finish reading "Sorcery: The Invocation of Strangeness" by Thomas Sheridan. Need to get more writing done by December. 

      What’s your November like so far? Send me a list of your favorite things this month. Take care xx 



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        1. I'm loving my November so far! It's my birthday month so I'm pretty excited every time it's November. So far, I'm loving Red Taylor's Version Album! It's all I've been listening to! Anyway, loving all these pics Mari! So pretty <3

          lenne | lennezulkiflly.com

        2. Omgoshhh Happy Birthday Month to you Lenne! xx My friend loves the extended version of All Too Well! She said to get ready to cry when I listen to it. Aww thanks, Lenne <3 xo

        3. Dark chocolate with Almonds is great❤



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