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Hey people! Guess who’s come back to life? As always, ☾ means some heavy stuff I have to disclose or just possible spoilers. Let me know of any festive plans you are planning to have this month. I'm not sure I have any. Except to take care of the chubby bunnies and the cool cats. And hibernate lol. 


  • Tommy and I watched Anastasia together 
  • Happy One Year Anniversary to my Ex Libris: Sealed Love Letters Series 
  • Been enjoying watching Season 3 of Succession. I need to tune in on the podcast once the last two episodes are out. My favorite line from this season is from Shiv when she tells Tom "I may not love you, but I do love you." It's sooo goood. Actually, there's more. Like Rome's "dance of the sugar plum failures" and there's also Logan and Ken insisting on checking their "cultural temperature" lol. There's also this line from Matss and he was like "Sure, I like to get in bed with people, but I also like to share it." The subvertive dialogue in this show just reaches down to my core and stirs my soul as if it's a tiny spoon whirling away in a dainty espresso cup and saucer.  I know you're like "lines this, lines that," Mari are you on coke? I might as well be. That's how good this show is. If you liked "The Borgias" ( Pope Alexander Sextet is the original Sailor Moon, square up and fight me) and if you've read "The Prince" by Niccolò Machiavelli or just into the Dark Academia lifestyle in general, I think you'd really like Succession. ☾ Adrien Brody is in this season!!! Oh my god, I lost my goddamn mind when he showed up. I love him. I love him so much. 
  • Speaking of Dark Academia, I have a haul coming up soon for some winter clothes that I picked up. I moved out like 5-6 items out of my closet because they no longer fit, so this haul wasn't impulsive and it's gonna be a part of my capsule wardrobe for years to come. I don't know if I'll do a try on or just show you what I got. We'll see. Also, they are mostly pants, because most of my pants no longer fit me. I'm in between sizes, so any S/M sizes are perfect. I thought that Size 4 was the highest sizing I could fit at the moment, but I can also fit size 6 now :)
  • A Miniso opened up in our city. Which is awesome because now I can pick up cute Bare Bear stuff and also Disney and Marvel stuff. There are some other cute plushies too, but I'm not sure if they are licensed to sell that. From my art Twitter, there's a lot of artists that are pissed off at Miniso for stealing their designs which is so damn heartbreaking. So I tend to stick to the licensed stuff. Also, lately, I've noticed that a lot of the stores that I go to that carries affordable stuff, always has that dumb P65 warning, and its gonna cause cancer, etc :\ I couldn't pick up any Marie or Dumbo merch because of that :[
  • I got the free frosty jr choccy milk drink for a year from Wendy's. Baby Yoda would've been so proud. The keychain that it comes with looks so darn cute. 
  • Finished "Skull-face Book Seller Honda-san." This is my Anilist account so if you have any anime recs that are short in length and episodes, I'd be much obliged :)
  • I wish I had an Advent calendar to open every day, but I just couldn't find any that were good enough. A good idea is to carry that through the months of every day next year. Everyone deserves an everyday treat.
  • Asked my psychiatrist to lower the dosage for my meds because I've been having some serious bloating issues. It's going great so far, except I get a massive headache if I take my meds three hours later than I'm supposed to
  • I watched "Ghost Busters: After Life" with brother bear and Mama Bear. I liked it. Mostly because of Paul Rudd hehe. I watched other people's reviews of it and not a lot of them are very happy with it. I'm glad I was able to enjoy it first before I had the chance to see the angry people from the internet's input on it. Not that their criticisms aren't valid. But you know, it's just nice and it's one of the biggest perks of what being offline is like. 
  • I have this feminine urge to get a complete set of charcoal comforter, pillow set, and sheets but I like how my room is as of now
  • There was an emergency that happened in November and it kinda ate all of our extra money lol so there aren't going to be any gifts or sales that we can participate in. There's only enough to pay the bills. 
  • My hair growing longer and I'm so excited. I can't wait until I can do heatless waves with it again by doing space buns before I go to sleep lol.
  • My second therapy session with my therapist went really well. She's helped me a lot in reframing negative thoughts and keeping a neutral ground when things become escalated and emotions run high. I've been really appreciative of everyone lovingly correcting me when I'm wrong about something. 
  • Most Recent Dream: There was this guy that happened to be in love with me and he made me my favorite vegan dish (Basmati rice, steamed broccoli, sprinkled with nutritional yeast) and in the end, I couldn't love him back. I was pining away in the dream because they weren't who I wanted. The game shifted to a mission inside a game arcade, but in between dreams, I was trying to summon my person. And when I have a vague shape of them materialize, that's when I stopped sobbing in the dream world lol. I've never pined for anyone before, but I did in that dream.
  • My Audio Aura: According to Spotify, it's yearning and happy
  • Current Wish List:  On a Whimsy & Ticket to Dreamland by Colourpop. I only have one gift card so I can only pick one. _ . ;
  • Blast this lingering headache []: It's like a combo of weird brain fog and staring indirectly at the sun too long :\
  • Got to chat lots with Kat and I'm so happy and grateful whenever I get the chance to talk to her on Instagram. 
  • Favorite Makeup: Elf Baked Shadow Trio in Peach Please & Dome brush by Real Techniques
  • Favorite Top: Feather Yarn Pullover in Mauve XS by Stars Above
  • Favorite Bottoms: Flared capri pants that are flowy and the edges look like scalloped or capped. It's so cool. Mama Bear got me a couple of these and it always looks and feels nice because she always has an eye for fashion. I'm hopeless when it comes to clothes.
  • Went back to Windows 10 because Windows 11 kept crashing and rebooting 
  • Been having lots of ovulation cravings. Forgot my store had a deli area and took a while to find potato salad 
  • My Mr. Mayor plush keeping me company while I do my makeup and in my head he's like "I can't choose an eyeshadow, Mari! I'm only an elected official here!!!!" hahahahaha. 


  • Call appointment for Booster shot & flu shot. I hope I get Moderna but I think they only have Pfizer for my clinic
  • I keep getting calls about auto-payments on my student loans being discontinued and I have to look into it, and check if it's a scam or not. Because I never stopped paying my loans and the maturity date is coming up in March so that's another chore I'm not looking forward to doing 
  • Pick up Isopropyl alcohol & pill cutter at Walgreens. The old one we have is rusty.
  • Back to journaling. I've been behind. 
  • Finish updating SEO on old posts (6-month update)
  • Try to do blogmas for 12 days? Meaning 12 new posts from me :D
  • Put reindeer antlers + red nose on Mama Bear's car 


  • Make devil eggs. I'm gonna see if I can see a really simple recipe
  • Rewatch Krampus (2015). The original one, not the sequels.  I wish I could post a photo of Il Klown at the bottom of this post, but I don't want to scare anyone with his layers and layers of teeth. But he is hands-down the cutest clown to ever exist!!! He'll probably make it on my IG stories though, so no promises on completely hiding horror content. 
  • Rewatch The VVitch (2015) because Capricorn represent!!! Anyway, since it's the devil season (aka Black Phillip's month) does this mean JC himself is a Cappie as well? It kinda doesn't make sense because he's the lamb of God and it's kinda Goat season (you know, the destructive motherfuckers are kinda reigning over here) soooo???? Help a bestie out? I mean I know we got his birthday wrong. He's supposed to be born around springtime because there were clearly animals present inside the fucking barn? You know I think it's more accurate if he's a Pisces. Because then all that walking on water and the many fish analogy just makes a whole lot more sense. Can't believe we're taking this L. Like, I was hoping there'd be more famous Capricorns on our team, and join the Devil energy in Tarot, BUTT someone just had to be born during springtime O:
  • Finish my holiday reads
  • Wear lots of festive red
  • My birthday! I'm turning 29 :) 
  • Try to decide on the names of the two grey kittens. I wanna name them Vader and Grand Daddy Palps (Palpatine) so they can be my Sith babies but I also kinda wanna give them ordinary names. Because ordinary names can become endearing once you love someone. 
  • Book of Boba Fett ep 1 
  • Envelope design.
  • Come up with a title.
  • Make a mood board for the Alchemist letter. You'll see it around the second week of March. 
  • Watch "The Family Stone" (2005) because Rachel McAdams. 


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  1. It's so hard to believe you're turning 29 because you don't look like a 29 year-old! You are the definition of baby faced! Anyway, praying you will get your booster shot sooner and it'll be a breeze. Have a fab December, Mari xx

    lenne | lennezulkiflly.com

    1. Ahahahaha thank you, Lenne! That's so nice of you to say. Baby Face is one of my favorite films, so that's such a great compliment to get. Thank you, again. And yup, I hope so too! I hope you're having a really amazing December so far, Lenne xxo!

  2. December has its own vibes. We can feel that as well.

    Love: Mariann Yip

    1. Hi Mariann! December is definitely magical x

  3. Replies
    1. Yup! They were brand of the year for me last year xx

  4. Beautiful roundup! Happy Birthday month to you!

    1. Hello Lovely! Thank you so much, doll xoxo I hope you're having a lovely December, Lovely xx



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