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I was kindly tagged by @SunburntAloe for this awesome mega autumn tag! Thank you :D! Please check her out here! 


1. What signifies the start of Autumn to you?

Crisp air 
Lots of rain
Tea + reading 

2. What are you most excited about for Fall?

Weather becoming cooler
Lots of cute coats/outerwear
Haul-i-days lol. Bank account is not amused tho. 
Autumn nail polish colors (taupe, greige, gold glitter, orange, brown, red, bright green, grey)

3. Name one place you want to visit this Autumn.

An apple orchard
Pumpkin patch

4. What is one item on your Autumn Bucket List?

Eat different kinds of pie in one sitting. 

5. What is the best way to spend a rainy day?

Read a book on Kindle + drink green tea
Binge watch a show
Pull up Fire Alpaca and create typography designs
Watch favorite films on Apple TV 
Sketch on iPad Pro + drink green tea

6. What gets you into the fall spirit?

Sweater weather
Wearing lots of fluffy sweaters 
Seeing Halloween decorations wherever I go 

7. Describe your ideal fall day.

Running errands while listening to Audible
Enjoying rainy weather | cold winds while wearing toasty jacket 
Eating lots of comfort food

8. What TV show are you most excited about this fall?

Hmm. I don’t think I have any. But I’m super curious about 
the new season of Rick and Morty. Because it’s been a couple of years waiting. 

9. What are you being for Halloween/What were you this Halloween?

Mermaid with blue hair.
Although I did a poor job dying it blue. 
So maybe more like a Care Bear? 

10. What is the Fall weather like where you live?

Drops down to 50, 40, and 30s. 

11. What changes do you look forward to in Autumn?

All the cozy vibes. 

12. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

I think I tried it once?
It just tasted like ginger house bread.
Not really a big fan. Because I’m not really into cinnamon. 

13. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Autumn?

Crisp air, don’t care. 

14. What is your go-to an autumnal beauty product? A must-have staple.

Muted eyeshadow colors | Current Eyeshadow ♥ is Iconic Division by Make Up Revolution 

15. Do you have any Autumn traditions?

I do! Please check out my post about it here! 

16. The moment of truth, is Autumn your favourite season?

It used to be in high school. 
But now I think every season is my favorite. 
She’s always gonna hold a special place in my heart though :3 

17. Do you decorate your room/home for autumn?

Yes :3 I also made a post about this and you can read it here.

18. Do you have any fall pet peeves/something you dislike about fall?

Blinking traffic lights after too much rain. 
Takes longer to get to places. 


1. What is your favourite Autumnal Colour? Greige (Lilac, brown, grey)

2. What is your favourite Fall Scent? Apples

3. What is your favourite Autumn Candle? Apple lol

4. What is your favourite Fall Fashion Item? Fluffy, giant, unstructured sweaters

5. What is your favourite Fall Accessory? Nail polish with autumnal color palette/story + Crystal Earrings (See Autumn Accessories) 

6. What is your favourite Autumn Lip Colour? Brown | Favorite is Nyx lip liner in London 

7. What is your favourite Fall Nail Polish? Greige | Red | Nudes 

8. What is your favourite Autumnal Drink? Earl grey, matcha cream tea with herbal jelly, and green tea with jasmine 

9. What is your favourite Fall Treat? Sugar cookies decorated with bats, pumpkins, or any with green and orange sprinkles 

10. What is your favourite Fall Flavour? It used to be pecan pie but now I’m really sure what flavor I like. 

11. What is your favourite Thanksgiving Food? Corn :3 | Mash potatoes | Steak 

12. What is your favourite Halloween Candy? It used to be Kit Kat but now it’s Hershey’s cookies and cream 

13. What is your favourite Fall/Halloween Song? Anything by Arctic Monkeys is a good fall song 

14. What is your favourite Fall/Halloween Film? This is Halloween by Tim Burton | Also Corpse Bride :3  

15. What is your favourite Autumn Makeup Look? I have a lot that I’ve been playing with lately. You can’t go wrong with the same fawn shade and gold glitter underneath | A make up look I’ve been doing all year lol 

16. What is your favourite Autumn Beauty Trend this year? The only beauty trend I spotted was the “fairy look” which was basically using any colorful shimmer as highlight in any part of your eyeshadow look. I liked that one. I don’t have a favorite eye look trend this year though. 

17. What is your favourite Fall Fashion Trend this year? Hmm. I’m more of a classic, timeless pieces kind of gal. So I haven’t kept up with any fashion trends. 

18. What is your favourite/Most Worn Sweater/Jumper? San Diego Life Guard red hoodie & Shy Wolf Sanctuary Hoodie 

19. What is your favourite Autumn Memory? The one time I hung out with my mom in 2008 | It’s one of the brightest memories I have | That I should probably pull out of my belt when fighting dementors. I made a post dedicated to it here

20. What is your favourite photo you’ve taken in Fall? Hmm. I don’t live in a scenic place. But I like taking photos of food I’ve tried. 

21. What is your favourite Autumn activity? Be a couch potoato 

22. What is your favourite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? I’m a cat every year 


1. Apple Picking or Pumpkin Patch? I’m bad at these games. Most of my answer will probably be both. So both. 

2. Football Games or Nature Walk? Nature walk 

3. Halloween or Thanksgiving? Halloween

4. Bat Wing Sleeves or Cat Eye Eyeshadow? Both lol

5. Dark Lips or Winged Liner? Both lol

6. Apple stuff or Pumpkin stuff? Apple dumplingssss 

7. Cinnamon or Pumpkin Pie Spice? Neither 

8. Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa or Apple Cider? Coffee and Tea 

9. Jeans, Leggings or Skirts/Shorts w/Tights? Leggings and shorts with tights 

10. Beanie or Hair Scarf? Hair scarf 

11. Infinity Scarf or Body Wrap? Body wrap 

12. Booties or Knee High Boots? Knee high boots 

13. Flats or Wedges? Flats 

14. Flannels or Jumpers/Sweaters? Both 

15. Hair up in bun/ponnie tail or Hair Down? Down

16. Fairy Lights or Candles? Fairy lights 

17. Scary Movie or Haunted House? Scary movie | Like Scooby Doo 

18. Apple Bobbing or Making Apple Pie? Apple Pie 

19. DIY Halloween Costume or DIY House Decorations? Decorations 

20. Pop of Orange or Pop of Yellow in your wardrobe? Both. I like mustard and rusty orange tones 

I tag:

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  1. This is great! I did one similar but on a much smaller scale. There are some great questions here and brilliant answers.

    I love Autumn x

  2. Yay! It feels good to meet a fellow autumn lover! :)

    Thank you for stopping by :D I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me comment x




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