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Blogging Advice

Three tips for old and new bloggers: 

x Rest. It’s been 3 days of editing, don’t lie to me :o Take a well-deserved nap or simply do nothing but stare at the ceiling
x Take it easy. It’s okay to let go of some ideas or if that photoshoot didn’t go so well. You’re a one-man crew. It’s okay if you can’t get everything done or everything publish. Just go with the post that makes you feel the most excited! 
x Blogger envy or more accurately Blogger comparison should really be re-channeled as inspiration. When I first started blogging, I would always get sad at the amazing quality post and I felt like I could never reach that level of blogging. But, I try to catch myself every time I do that. Those bloggers worked hard for those views, those graphic designs, those promotions, and I should really be celebrating with them instead of being a downer. I’m always on support-mode for everyone 90% of the time, I just happen to have those episodes sometimes, where I want to isolate myself because I don’t think my work is good enough. 


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