Day 5 - Autumn Wardrobe [#Scriptober designed by Scripturient Blogger]


I got most of this at the kid’s section lol. Turns out my other friend also does the same thing and most of her hauls are from Zara. We both struggle to get our right sizes in the adult section even though it comes in small, xs,  or double zero. I feel like most companies just slap on labels carelessly most of the time because I remember watching a Youtube video about a girl trying to find her size in different double zeros or XS from different companies. Anyways, if you’re a petite person like we are, this hack is for you. Just go to the kid’s section and try to find their XL and it would look like a tailor-fit! 

Sorry, I don’t have the receipt to put the prices on each item, but I remember getting a lot of 20%, 30%, and 50% off on all the items which came to a grand total of $75. 

My wardrobe is a can’t go wrong type as well as a capsule type so there isn’t a lot to show you. But I like everything that I got and I can’t wait to wear them once the weather gets colder! My favorite is the once that says Team Spirit with a bunch of cute ghosts because the sleeves look like bat sleeves and those look the most flattering on me! 

Old Navy Haul: $75 

x Team Spirit in XL 
x Leopard Pattern handkerchief 
x Leopard pullover in XL 
x Black cut off shorts in L 
x Rusty Double Ribbons in size 6 

What does your Autumn wardrobe consist of? Leave me a comment! 

#Scriptober by Emily 


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