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October Fest - Beer Fest with a German Twist

Sorry, I’m not going to disclose my location. Plus, I think this festival is available  all over the world anyway. So,  I’ll just let you guys know what my town has to offer. Maybe you’ll be able to guess where I’m from :D I didn’t get to participate for this event sadly. The name’s a misnomer. It actually happened at the end of September. Because that’s how it’s traditionally done in Munich. I wonder if I can actually pretend I’m 15 next year because they get in for free instead of paying $20-$30 entry ticket. Question is would they let me consume alcohol within the premise if I say I’m under 18? I may also just volunteer because that’s another way of getting in for free. 

What I’m looking forward to next year: Beer Fest 2020 
+ Dirndls! I’m going to wear one from Angelic Pretty or other lolita brands just like Chii from Chobits. They have a best-dressed contest! 
+ Learn Polka music? Maybe. 
+ Try a lot of German drafts/brewery. I wanna get that merch from Snow White and the Seven dwarves. I forgot what it’s called, but I’m pretty sure they’ll have it at the Beer Fest. I just looked it up after writing this post! It’s called 1 Liter Beer Stein with pewter lid! Oooh, I can’t wait to get one! 
+ Beer Pong Tournament. I’ve never played this game, but I think I’ll enjoy being a spectator :3 
+ VIP ticket is $60: If I get it, I’ll be able to taste the finest Sauerkraut in the land as well as potato salad and giant pretzels! 
+ I don’t know what Brat Tossing but it sounds like something I’d like to watch along with Barrel Roll
+ Giant Jenga! We used to play this game with family friends when they invite us over to their cabin. And losing was really fun because you’d get to eat something blindfolded with whatever the winner makes in the kitchen. I’ve had ketchup on a biscuit :P 
+ Donate to one of their charity which is helping unwanted dogs finding loving homes! 
+ Bring a picnic blanket :3 

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