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I tried to get this post up before or around Juneteenth, but I was busy running errands etc. It’s up now and I hope you guys get to enjoy it :D 


I found this tag from @AshlyKlaty’s YouTube channel. I think she also did this in collaboration with other YouTubers as well. In her description box, she also included a lot of resources for anyone who want to help amplify the voice for #blacklivesmatter. I want to thank Ashly for creating these questions and showing her allyship and using her platform for solidarity. I appreciate everyone who contributes to this movement in their own, unique ways. 



I have paused my content for about a month now. I didn’t want it to interrupt the important movement that is going on. I am currently working on being active again on Instagram. I hope to get a BLM highlight soon. And I’ve forgotten how to use Instagram for a while. But I promise to share more things in there soon. I have been heavily active on Twitter. So if you would like any resources on books, pdfs, threads, podcasts, petitions, and donation sites, I have retweeted a lot on my public Twitter account. I don’t want this to be buried even after people have resumed to post-normal content. I don’t want this to die or just be a trend. That would be awful. 

I was lucky enough in college to learn about anti-racism materials while I was a student. It’s kind of sad that instead of this being required classes, they just get tucked into liberal arts classes.  Most of it is from my anthropology classes and I’m very thankful that it really helped me un-learn a lot of damaging stereotypes and opened my eyes to how everything is saturated with whiteness. You can see this everywhere, in makeup, films, television, fashion, and other sectors that encompasses all our lives.

I remember one of my professors asked us, “If you replaced your favorite film’s main actor, would you still like the movie”?  

The first movie that popped into my head was ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s.’ Of course, to me, Audrey Hepburn is irreplaceable. But if I could cast any POC to take her place, I’d like it to be Nicole Fiscella. And then there’s also the amazing Candice Patton who is an amazing Iris West for the Flash. 

I thought everyone else agreed. But clearly not. An ex of mine (I thank God every single day, I’m not with this person anymore), was visibly upset that his favorite Ginger from the comic book flash got replaced by a ‘Black girl” :( I was uncomfortable when he complained about that. And after that, it became more visible that he did not like Blacks being represented in the media. (I digressed, but you can see how the “All Lives Matter” mantra doesn’t include blacks and is, therefore, false because the representation of black people bothers other people so much. )

I think a lot of the other people in the class had to grapple with this question that was presented to them. 

I think that’s ok (only in the cognitive dissonance stage) to be uncomfortable because the first step is unlearning what you’ve been taught your whole life and then re-learning what you need to do to save your humanity. 

Being kind doesn’t cost anything to you. 

What matters is that you’re aiming to become a better person. 

Always check if you’re being a performative ally or a true ally.  

I’m glad a lot of things are available now to open your eyes. 

The second question I’m going to leave you with is “Do you value the cultural products more than the people who produced them?”

Translation from the $1000 course I had to take for Uni : Do you only love rap, jazz, gumbo, and other contributions by black people but not care about black people themselves? Do you say to yourself “I’m not racist,” because I like the cultural products aka cultural contributions by black people, but look down on black people? If you say to yourself, "I’m a fan of Kobe and Drake (and other black artists), there’s no way I’m racist." You need to examine yourself more. 

Shed the old beliefs that doesn’t help you be kind. 

I was lucky to be able to take these classes when I was in college. Not much is taught in elementary and high school except for the fake diversity thing that doesn’t really address any of the important questions I have mentioned at least two above. 

I wanted to add more from the other classes I’ve taken, especially in anthropology, but perhaps that would be for another post. 

Please be on the lookout as I try to put together more resources. And now on to the tag! 


The Black Beauty Tag Questions: 

1. What is your favorite Black-owned beauty brand? 

I like all three brands that I’ve tried equally: Pat McGrath, Fenty Beauty, and Juvia’s place. This question’s really difficult. I love them all! All of them are hits. And I remember last year, I was starting to fall out of love with makeup. Like, I was just gonna pan all of the stuff I already had and just never keep up with whatever’s new with makeup. But I went to Sephora one day, after studying at Barnes and Noble, because it was right next to it, and I saw the mini versions of the stuff that I have been interested in trying. I’ve been out of the loop for a lot of stuff, so I didn’t know that minis existed. And I am so happy that I decided to purchase them. Like if I passed on them, where would I be right now? The formulas were so good, and it was worth the $25 splurge. 

2. What are your favorite products created by Black beauty brands?

Hmm. I’d have to say the eyeshadows, definitely. Because I think the introduction of warm palettes is what changed the make up scene forever. Back then when I was a makeup beginner, and I was just new to the world of makeup, I always end up paying for overpriced cool-tone palettes. It never looked right on me. And I paid $60+ for makeup products that weren’t designed to be used by a POC, like me. So I really like how when Black Beauty brands launched, they were the first in the industry to be more inclusive. And it was only when that started that you could see big make up giant brands expand their shade collection. So, I’m very grateful for Black beauty brand businesses that allowed for people like me (I’m Filipino, and I’m naturally tan // only lighter now because I am a homebody and also Quarantine) to enjoy makeup even more. 

I know I don’t own a lot, but every single item that is in my collection is memorable. My first Juvia’s palette from my Allure Beauty Box last summer was the mini version of The Nubian. I love this eyeshadow palette so much. It makes me happy every time I use it. I mostly use it for single shadow looks. I remember when I wanted to do a makeup rotation collection so that I could control spending too much money on makeup, it was so hard to rotate it out because I wanted to use it every single day. 

Juvia’s Place Official IG | @juviasplace

BLM, Blacklives Matter, Juvia's Place, Black Owned

And my most favorite, ride-or-die, single shadow is Pat McGrath’s Angel Dust Crystalline Prismatic Pigment. I don’t have words for how stunning this single shadow is. I used it for my Glittery Summery Make Up Tutorial.  I used it right below the fold of the crease area close to the lower brow bone area and it’s what made that look I put together, on an elevated level. I think a lot of my answers are going to overlap with the next questions, so I’m sorry if I keep repeating myself. But hands down, I would repurchase this as soon as I am out of it. The anchor link is just to see this bad boy in action, and not really a self-promo kind of thing. I know it seems that way, but it’s the only archived post that I have right now that features it as a brand spotlight. I should do a solo review on this, which I should get to work on next. Anyway, sorry for rambling. 

And the last one I’ll mention for this question is the Pat McGrath Ecstasy Kit palette. I love every single shade in this palette. And if I find anything too light or too dark for my lids, there’s a pale shade on the upper left corner (the very first shade) and it lets me adjust it, however, I like it to be. And my most favorite part of this palette is the purple shadow (last shade in the lower right corner). It’s so rich, blendable, and pigmented. I watched Frozen II and I love the heck out of Elsa, and I wanted to copy her purple eyeshadow looks without caving in to buy every purple eyeshadow palette that’s out there. And I have to say that this palette, which I already have within my collection, doesn’t tempt me at all to try other purple eyeshadows out there. She’s the one. I don’t ever feel like I’m missing out on another palette when I have the Ecstasy palette. 

3. What are your most repurchased Black-owned beauty products?

I haven’t hit pan or ran out of any of the products that I currently have, but I know that once my Fenty Mini Bronzer in Shady Biz is out I’m going to repurchase it again! It’s the only bronzer that has worked for my olive-undertone. The ones I have tried are either too red or it doesn’t show up. I think I’m still going to get the mini instead of the full-sized one because I just love how small and petite it is! And I love how I can throw it in my purse as a mirror wherever I go. You can see more of it in action in my What’s In My Prada Bag? post. I have fond memories of this beauty product because I would carry it with me when I go run for errands, or study at a cafe, pre-Covid times. 

4. Which Black beauty brand inspires you the most? 

I think it’s a tie between Pat McGrath and Fenty by Rihanna. I just love their designs so much. I love the gold lips and the shiny hexagon shapes. It makes me so happy every time I look at their collection. 

5. What are some Black beauty brands you would like to try or have more products from?

It’s been on my Wish List for a long time to get the full-sized product of Pat McGrath. I just haven’t decided Mothership palettes that I really want. It’s always narrowed down to ten lol. And I want to expand my collection of expensive makeup, slowly. So yeah, it’s always hard for me to pick just one Pat McGrath palette because there’s a shade that’s always in another palette that I like. I know that for either my 28th or 29th birthday, I do want to own at least one Pat McGrath palette :3 So I’ll be saving up for it and purchase one this coming December. 

Also, I love the Beauty Bakerie! Every time I used to go to Ulta, I would circle around it and I keep coming back to it just to stare at the display. I’ve really wanted to try their dry shampoo. 

Pat McGrath’s Official IG | @patmcgrathreal 

Fenty Beauty’s Official IG | @fentybeauty 

Beauty Bakerie Official IG | @beautybakeriemakeup

6. Who is your favorite Black makeup artist? 

Sir John. I found out about him through the Limited Edition Disney Make Up collection for Lion King. I was curious about him after finding his name on the lipsticks. I didn’t know he was Beyonce’s make up artist. The Luminess x Sir John collection is another rave review for me. It hit home run. It was long-lasting and the formula was really creamy and super nice. The products were also unscented which is so great. I remember liking Lion’s Mane a lot and Pounce, I remember mentioning that it matched my lips so perfectly that I couldn’t tell if I had lipstick on or not. It’s very good for no-make make up days. Anyway, I liked Sir John’s collection a lot. The packaging was so beautiful. I love the lion eyes standing out from the other gold engraving and it’s also magnetic. So every time you close it, you can hear that satisfying click at the end every time you use it :) 

Sir John’s IG | @sirjohn

7. Who are some of your favorite Black Beauty Youtube Creators? Favorite Black IG creators?

Favorite Black YouTube Creator(s): @Ergojosh && @Marques Brownlee

Favorite Black Twitter Illustrator(s): K && Abelle && Jackie && Michelle 

Favorite Black Lifestyle Blogger(s): @NicoleFiscella @sunnylarue17 && @Charleigh

Favorite Black IG Creator(s): @yrsadaleyward && @alexelle && @vegantastesgoodatl && prince.mikoto

Favorite Black  Beauty & Fashion YouTube Creator(s): @Luxeaudrey && @SweetHime && @OneikaTraveller

&& @GloriaAtanmo

Favorite Twitch Streamer(s): @storymodebae 

I have one more recent creator from IG that I love but I can’t remember her handle. She does fitness & yoga. I promise I’ll add her here as soon as I can find her again. I’m so sad, I could’ve sworn I already followed and binge-liked her account D: 

Also, I’m sorry if my Beauty list doesn’t include a lot of popular YouTubers. I really tend to gravitate towards smaller Youtubers. 

Who are your favorite Black Creatives? Let me know in the comment below :D 

(Also please note that any rude/racial/discriminatory comments will not get approved and it will be removed and reported) 

If you would like to participate in this tag, I have attached the unanswered questions for you: 

The Black Beauty Tag Questions: 

1. What is your favorite Black-owned beauty brand? 

2. What are your favorite products created by Black beauty brands?

3. What are your most repurchased Black-owned beauty products?

4. Which Black beauty brand inspires you the most? 

5. What are some Black beauty brands you would like to try or have more products from?

6. Who is your favorite Black makeup artist? 

7. Who are some of your favorite Black Beauty Youtube Creators? Favorite Black IG creators?

Ciao! Take Care! 

P.S. We’re still in a Pandemic so please don’t forget to wear your mask, keep social distancing, and stay positive! 


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