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Local Urban Legends

Local Urban Legends: Houston
x Batman, spotted 

I thought this was really funny and that it warranted attention from the news. So the details were kind of vague but apparently, someone was dressed up as batman and was spotted in one of the skyscrapers in Downtown Houston. I’ll try to link the article below. But this was on the top ten list from the Houston Chronicle I believe. It’s just so weird how out of all the characters you could pull out of the hat, it was Batman. Like, I was expecting aliens, because hello? NASA is here? 

Fun fact: NASA in my language means desire. So every time I see NASA, I always see slutty astronauts in my head lol.

Also, if you didn’t read “Batman, spotted” in Kristen Bell’s voice similarly to the pilot episode where Serena got off Grand Central Station, I’m judging you.  

[Houston Press]

What are the local urban legends in your area? 



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