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Monthly Update

Let’s See All The Stats: October 2019
x 8k+ views
x 60+ views on a couple of posts. The rest were still scattered and are below 50 but that’s ok because a lot of posts were rolled out. 
x 800+ followers on Twitter. That’s pretty awesome.  Climbing up to 1k seems closer. 
x 66 followers. So I gained 10 more followers on a fairly new ig. I also take that as a win. 
x 47k monthly viewer | 66k total viewers on Pinterest 
x I beat my highest monthly viewership of 800+ | My view for October was 1300+ ! 

I don’t think I reached any of my goals, but I did move closer to it which I am very thankful for. I appreciate your readership and viewership. Thank you guys so much. I honestly thought that the numbers would become stagnant this month or decline even. So, I know I sound like a broken record, but thank you again so much for stopping by my blog. 

Take care, 


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