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Autumn Make Up


x Jill Stuart - Eternal Couture Collection in 04 Cashmere Velvet Palette $48 
x Jill Stuart - Eternal Couture Collection in Lip Blossom 02 Baroque / Dark Rose $25
x Too Faced in Ray of Light Prismatic Highlighter $30 
x Canmake Cream Cheek in 16 [Sorry there was no name] $9 
x Maybelline Snapscara in Black Cherry $5 


x Kikumasamune Toner $13
x Daiso Cotton Pad $1.50 
x Laneige Original Lip Sleeping Mask [Allure Beauty Box] [$20]

x The Browgal in Medium Brown 04 [Allure Beauty Box] [ $23]
x UZU eye opening liner in black [Gifted] [$15]
x Wet n Wild Stippling brush $5

x All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF45 by Missha $11
x One Heck of A Blot Primer by Soap & Glory $11
x Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Super Charge $12
x Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation in Golden Beige $6

x So Natural Powder4Room Make Up Powder Fixx in Natural Yellow $16 
x Pony Effect Original BB Cushion in 023 Buff $25
x Suppin Club Powder $25


x It’s Skin Babyface Petite Mascara $3 
x Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar $7
x Dolly Wink Quad $15

Autumn Make Up

Autumn Make Up

I don’t know why it’s so hard to list makeup items :( I always forget you can’t copy and paste an image to words lol. I appreciate and respect Beauty Gurus linking everything down below the Description box even more now,  every time I have to do this for a beauty post. And sometimes, I’ll look at the photographs I shot, and the label is nowhere to be found, so I have to get up again and rummage through my collection when I’m already sitting down ready to edit :\ 

[5000 hours later...]

This is my every day Autumn Make-Up. It’s what’s been sitting on top of my vanity for the past couple of months or so. I think I’ll roll out makeup tutorials in November because like I said, it feels like it’s getting harder and harder to list makeup products :\ This used to be my favorite part of blogging a year ago. I don’t know know what’s happened. It was all about swatch parties and writing every little down, like a little typist from the 1950s,  but now it’s become a little bit harder. Does every beauty blogger go through this? 

I’m sorry about my little rant ; o ; ! I still do love make up. I’m really ready to talk about the products now.

[1000 hours later…]

I quite like the make up I’ve curated to be featured in this post. I like the floating eyeballs in the purple Maybelline mascara, the vampy colors of the Jill Stuart lips and the nice terra-cotta color for the blush. And the peachy highlighter and eyeshadow remind me of peach pies, which I know is more appropriate for summer, but I think it also transitions well into Autumn. 

Autumn Make Up

Autumn Make Up

Autumn Make Up

Autumn Make Up

I’ve made dupes and alternatives as well in case you guys were looking for more options to try :D 

P.S. I shot all of these using my iPad Pro (not the newest one), and I have to say, it always looks more stunning than the iPhone X. The quality of the iPhone X varies. Like it starts to look like a lower iPhone quality like the 7 or 6 after a couple of months. Which is why I’m not so keen on purchasing the iPhone 11. It frustrates me so much. The only reason why I’ve upgraded my Apple products is because of the dying battery. Anyway, that’s the last rant, I promise. But do you guys have this problem too? 

What’s in your Autumn Makeup bag/vanity? 

Autumn Make Up

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