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Fall Home Decor

Minimalist Mari: Fall Decor 2019

x Sandalwood incense 
x Fairy lights 

Fantasy Fall Decor 2019:
x Lots of hydrangeas 
x Lots of cats
x Lots of marigolds
x Lots of baby pumpkins everywhere 
x Lots of weighted blankets/grey throws and orange pillows 

I feel so bad. I don’t have any Fall decor even though I love to claim how much I love Fall. How ironic. I honestly am very happy just flipping through magazines, scrolling through other people’s blogs, or going to grocery stores and seeing all the displays. I’m a big window display lover. So, to be very truthful, I actually only have a sandalwood incense that I use to mark the coming of Autumn. I did list what I would like to have in my house every year if the economy would allow it lol. I think I'll have more stuff for you for Day 19 because I do have more Halloween-y stuff than Fall stuff. 

 What are your Fall Decors? Let me know in the comment section below! Take care! 


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