Day 2 - Fall Bucket List [#Scriptober designed by Scripturient Blogger]


Hi, I’m sorry, I’m late! I wasn’t feeling too well this past couple of days. And I’ve been surprisingly extra productive + resting a lot as well, so I didn’t have time to tend to my blog. If you’re not familiar with #scriptober, it’s a blogger challenge that’s been made by my good friend, Emily. I made an intro on [Day 1]. You can also check it out after you’ve finished reading this post! 

Fall Bucket List: 2019

x Go to a Pumpkin Patch with someone
x Cozy Hygge: watch horror films by myself + read a book preferably when it’s raining  
x  Carve a Pumpkin 

Hmm. I have a lot of items in my Fall Bucket list, but I’m gonna stick to the big three that I’ve been wanting to do for so long. 

001. Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Fall Bucket List
unsplash-logoDonna Godsell

I think I may be able to actually do this, this year. I made plans with a Hinge date, and apparently, there’s one near our area? I’m not really sure if it still actually exists tho. Because I never see one driving around. I hope it’s a nice one, and not a fake one - _ -; The only patch I know that exists for real in my area is the strawberry patch, and I think that opens in November?  

002. Cozy Hygge: watch horror films by myself + read a book preferably when it’s raining  

Fall Bucket List
unsplash-logoRicardo Gomez Angel

I already added stuff on my Netflix Queue as well as my Kindle. This should be ready to go. Just waiting for grey, inky weather to match. 

P.S. I’ve never gone into a full Autumn Mode, and I’m trying to be better this year. Usually, I celebrate autumn by getting the fairy lights up, wearing flannel, and putting my white pumpkin decor on my window sill and I call it a day. Butt, I’m gonna be better this year. I’m going to also light candles, eat pies, and binge watch Halloween classics like ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ with my  Halloween squishmallows (only have the corn candy and red fox so far) and new horror movies that I haven’t watched. 

003. Carve a Pumpkin  

Fall Bucket List
unsplash-logoBeth Teutschmann

 If I don’t get to do this, I’m gonna get a store-bought one and say I did it :3 I hope I don’t cut off my finger. I think scooping the inside is going to be a lot of fun because it's gory. Just my cup of tea. 

What stuff is in your Fall Bucket List? Leave me a comment or a link to your blog! 


  1. Getting cosy, Hygge, pupkin patches and carving- you have excellent taste Mari! I'm so looking forward to this month and seeing what we all do for other prompts :)

    1. Thank u so much for the compliment! Haha yeah, I've been following the #scriptober tag to see a lot of what other bloggers have been doing too :3

      Mari xx



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